Monday, February 3, 2014


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I found that my blog has been shared on different popular sites and that is exciting. I am glad my work can be read and shared by many. I offer Gratitude to those that have been sharing this blog with other sites and friends and family. Thank you to those sites that have posted my blog. 

I have been reading comments and came across some that were accusations that I was something I am not. I want all to know that I am a mother of 2, on disability, and at home most of the time. I spend lots of time on the internet, and being’s I am at home all the time; I wanted to do something to help wake others up. Hence the blog! I live in the West Coast area and I have a wonderful husband who supports everything I put my heart and soul into. I can guarantee from my end I have no affiliation with anyone or anything that others might deem as evil or bad when it comes to these writings. I can’t convince anyone who I am or what, as people will think what they want to think and believe, and that is totally up to you!

My husband and I have been learning Common Law and how to fight these crooks at their own game. In doing so I have learned so much information it’s unbelievable. In my second blog post I gave information and forms on how to stop the IRS from taking taxes from you. You can read that blog by scrolling down to the one titled “NEVER ASK QUESTIONS”.

Today I am going to discuss the main reason their system works. I hope that this information reaches as many people who may not know anything about this. So share with your friends, and family that still might be asleep to what’s really going on in our world.


Many people give birth in the hospitals and it just seems like the natural way to do things these days. I know I did, both times. I also followed all the procedures after giving birth by filling out the papers for a Social Security Number and a Birth Certificate for my children. Never did I ever stop to ask “WHY” they needed these things. We are raised to believe we have to have these things to do anything in life. When we get a job we have to provide proof of identity, fill out all the required paperwork which includes the 1040 and other such IRS information. Not very many of us stop to ask why we HAVE to fill these papers out or provide such information to strangers we don’t even know.  >

Did you know that in the old, old day’s people used to write their children’s birth information in the back pages of their family bible? There was a section marked Family Record for families to enter the date of birth and information of the delivery of their children. A picture of one of those pages is to the right. There never was any such thing as a Birth Certificate then. So if they got along just fine without it why do we have to use them? When you find out the answer to this it’s actually quite startling.

We are PAPER SLAVES from the day we are born. THEIR entire system depends on us "NOT" knowing that we are paper slaves, and pretending we are the entity they claim we are; that is listed upon your Birth Certificate. We are also a number that is linked to that Birth Certificate. We also have a special number from the Social Security Office, your Social Security number. This is almost the same thing as giving us each a UPC label accept it’s just not done in little lines, so of course we don’t see what it really is. We are given information in school of what these things are and they explain what they’re for. The thing they forget to tell us is the mere fact that these are the reason we are PAPER SLAVES. They don’t tell us the real reason why we have these things. So I will take a moment to introduce to you, the Paper Slave process.

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