Monday, February 24, 2014

RTS: Mysterious polio-like illness...Polio in a New Dress

This headline on CNN this morning literally made my jaw drop so hard I thought I'd dislocated it.

Mysterious polio-like illness found in 5 California children

By Ralph Ellis, CNN
February 24, 2014 -- Updated 0945 GMT

The lies that have been hammered into the public about the Polio vaccine for almost 70 years have been pushed so thoroughly that they've created a world wide population of people who are incapable of even Considering the idea that the Polio Vaccine didn't save the world.

With the exception of the current mass drugging of North Americans with anti depressants and anti psychotics, there has never ever been a more successful campaign to brainwash the public with medical mythology than the Polio Vaccine.

Now, there are those of you reading these harsh words above who are about to close this article down and refused to read any further. To those who are still reading and seething inside about this crazy "conspiracy theorist" who's spreading lies about the glorious Polio Vaccine, I would ask your patience- Before you slam your lap top shut, please take a moment to consider all of the information below.

We have been conditioned by our own conditioned parents, family, friends, society in general and through one of the most successful media campaigns in the history of the world, that to even Question the validity of the Polio Vaccine victory in "eradicating Polio from the face of the earth" is almost on the same level as treason.    We have a medical society so steeped in misdirection and lies that most of their own doctors have bought the polio story hook, line and sinker.  To be truthful, it isn't all their fault.  When Pharmaceutical companies are allowed to "fund" medical schools and write medical journal articles based on their own products, you cannot possibly expect unbiased opinions.  This would be like allowing a tobacco lobbyist to write research papers on lung cancer.

I am going to show you where Polio has disappeared to and I am going to start by giving you information about some very well known diseases.  Please read them carefully.

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