Monday, February 17, 2014

Satanic Cult Murderer Caught - Will they find out which cult the suspect belongs too?

I suspect this story should go deeper than just some serial killer lady.  She claims she is part of a satanic cult. Will the police dig deep and find out the source of the cult and the leadership of the satanic group?

SUNBURY, Pa. (AP) - A Pennsylvania woman charged along with her newlywed husband in the murder of a man they met through Craigslist admitted to the slaying in a jailhouse interview with a newspaper and said she has killed more than 20 others across the country, claims police said they are investigating.

In an interview with the Daily Item in Sunbury, Pa., 19-year-old Miranda Barbour said she wants to plead guilty to killing Troy LaFerrara in November. She also said in the interview that she has killed at least 22 other people from Alaska to North Carolina in the last six years as part of her involvement in a satanic cult.

"I feel it is time to get all of this out. I don't care if people believe me. I just want to get it out," Barbour told the newspaper for a story published Saturday night.