Tuesday, February 18, 2014

SuperWoo Radio - Episode #22

It is with great pleasure I announce Super Woo Radio Episode 22 “Grand Cross of 2014” with special guest Emma Stow, is now available at www.superwooradio.com.au .  

Emma Stow is an intuitive astrologer, writer and speaker.  She is passionate about spiritual frontiers and the opportunities for humanity in these historic times. 
Emma's first love was music, but she became an astrologer after some powerfully life-changing experiences that took her path in a different direction. The star wisdom of astrology led Emma to explore the energetic foundations of our lives and our relationships, both with each other and also with the planets, the stars and beyond. She spent many years researching these connections through her astrological sessions as well as through questing in sacred land in the United Kingdom, running events in the Glastonbury Zodiac where the constellations are physically reflected in the landscape. 

Her first book, Revolution of Being - A Guidebook to Living in Times of Change has been described as "a treasure trove of insight and very deep and personal wisdom" and explores how we can ‘change the world from the inside’. 
Emma's focus remains living by love and the reclamation of our divine humanity.

Topics discussed in this interview are: 

  • Our astrological environment currently and in our near future
  • Surrendering to the transformation
  • The emerging human divide
  • Embodying Soul
  • Loving our bodies and having an open and conscious relationship with our bodies
  • The discarnate condition
  • The Grand Cross of 2014, one of the most dynamic astrological alignments in recent history
  • The de-construction and even destruction of our inner and global structures
  • The greatest fear of all
For further exploration of Emma’s work please visit www.emmastow.com .

This is a most deeply inspiring and insightful conversation as Emma helps us to traverse the astrological landscape of 2014 and beyond.