Monday, February 3, 2014

The Soul Trap: Hijacking the Point of Attention (Update 1)

a resource for the awakening human: The Soul Trap: Hijacking the Point of Attention (Update 1)

The Soul Trap: Hijacking the Point of Attention (Update 1)

Imagine a theater that has been constructed amidst a beautiful garden. As you walk through the garden, you are approached by a ticket hawker. "You simply have to come in and see the show," he says, "It's called 'Good versus Evil,' and it's absolutely thrilling. You'll love it!" Persuaded by his enthusiasm, you enter the theater to watch the show.
For the first two hours, you enjoy the stage play...
...but it just keeps going and going and going.

Growing tired of it, you get up and start to head for the exit door. As you approach it, you see another door that is open with all kinds of lights flashing inside. Someone standing at the door says, "Come on in and join the party! All are welcome!" So you wander in and see a fabulous celebration going on.

As you mill about the party, someone comes to you and says, "You look tired from watching the play. Sit down here and I'll guide you through a relaxation technique. You'll feel totally refreshed!" So you sit down and the person hypnotizes you, and the next thing you know, you are back in the theater watching the play. You have no memory that you already saw it or that you went to the party afterwards.

After watching the play for two hours or so, you grow weary of it and head for the exit. Then you see an open door with flashing lights inside....

In this short tale, true reality is represented by the garden. And the theater, an artificial construct, reflects the trap in which we find ourselves. It is not a trap that keeps us locked inside; it's a trap that lures us to remain inside by hijacking our point of attention. First, you are enjoying your walk through the garden, then your attention is hijacked by the ticket hawker who draws you inside. Once inside, your attention is hijacked by the stage play. And upon trying to leave, your attention is hijacked by the open door with the flashing lights. Then you find yourself back watching the show, over and over and over.

At each step in this process, you are not held by force; you are lured to make the free will choice to remain within the artificial construct. And your "hosts" make sure that you find both the stage play and the party so compelling that your attention is held and you remain in their theater.

A few years ago, I read a book called Journey of Souls. It was written by a hypnotist that did hypnosis channeling to find out about our "lives between lives." On the surface, it sounded positive and beautiful, but as I read it, I had the feeling I was reading about a prison. As I went from chapter to chapter, I thought "here is the yellow line they make the prisoners walk," "here is the cell they hold the prisoners in," "here are the prisoners' cellmates," "here is where they let the prisoners play in the yard," and so on.

At the time, I upbraided myself for being "negative." "Why am I such a jackass?" I wondered, "Everyone else thinks this is great. What is wrong with me that I feel this book describes a prison?" Eventually, though, I realized there was nothing wrong with me; it was just my core giving me a heads-up about the "astral" prison to which "the light" leads us after we physically perish.

One of the things that gave me confidence in my interpretation was that I wasn't the only one. I came across others who had the same perspective, and one of them, Wes Penre, offers this illustration of the prison...
...So after having our attention held by the dramas of earthly life and the grand battle between "light" and "dark," we encounter a welcoming light that hijacks our point of attention and leads us to a "false heaven"...
...Even by the sympathetic account offered by Journey of Souls, certain memories are erased and our attention is kept focused on how to "do better" in the next life. Then we are motivated by a combination of peer pressure, authority pressure, and the desire to "correct our karmic imbalance" to come back to the earthly slaughterhouse.

All this being said, when you hear accounts of our world being a hologram, this might describe the nature of it. It is an artificial construct within a natural construct, and it is run by a rather unsavory bunch of characters. This points out the need to avoid being led around by the nose by others, whether in this human life or beyond.

And with that, I'll call it a day. I've got to get ready for Sangria Night.

[Update 1 - 1 February 2014]

A reader asked me, "OK, so what's the answer?" Since I don't like telling people what to do, I always try to be understated with any suggestions I offer. And when I said "avoid being led around by the nose by others, whether in this human life or beyond," I was offering the suggestion to take conscious command of both your living and afterlife experiences. But let me be more concrete about it....

If memory serves, Wes Penre suggests that upon physical release, one should avoid "the light" and seek out gaps in the grid. And my personal strategy is to avoid being guided by any automatic processes or by the hands of others, whether seen or unseen. If any force tries to pull me in a certain direction, or if any loved one or "spirit guide" tries to lead me anywhere, I will command them to stop and to get out of my way. I will then poke around to get the lay of the land while maintaining the focused intention of going home to my true soul and my true source.

Once I'm out of this physical body, I imagine that I will be in a very elated state because I'll finally be free of all the pains associated with being physically alive. And I imagine that I will feel the strong pull of loved ones who are caught in the grid, and that I might feel a strong love for my personal "spirit guide" (prison guard) due to all the experiences I've had with him/her over the course of my many lives. These bonds will keep me here if I don't resist them, so resist them I shall. And as I fumble about for guidance on how to get home, I will listen to what comes from within me rather than what comes from an external voice.

In the afterlife, the "guides" we encounter can appear to us as gorgeous angelic beings, and they know how to make us feel good using what I call "vibrational crack." But not all that glitters is gold. I will remember that as they try to lure me back into the fold.

All my love....