Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Trilateral Commission | the ugly public face

The Trilateral Commission | the ugly public face

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The Tri Lateral Group Bankrupting America and hard realities you need to know. Who is destroying your futures and why?

Much has been written about the Tri Laterals. Without doubt, they have adversely affected the democratic processes of America's development as a society, and have materially affected its loss of all Constitutional rights and processes.

As they have controlled the candidates and MSM information flow for the last 50 years, they have, in effect been the de facto government, the Shadow Government which has brought America to its knees. Their abysmal judgment is to blame. Unelected Kingmakers of Mediocrities. A flawed council of unelected, mediocre men abusing power.

This started as a deeply ingrained Zionist / Communist plot, funded by the Rockefellers, using a front academic Brzezinski and his henchmen, whose theories necessitated the emergence and domination controls of a Totalitarian State to succeed.

No doubt, they have been effective in subjugating America's electoral processes, and their greatest coup was Barmy Barry, their Manchurian Puppet on string. But at what costs now as it comes home?

Yes, they have successfully controlled and contaminated the US Electoral processes, but in turn, their own fundamental lack of true Industrial and Commercial awareness has left America bereft of true quality Leadership for half a century, and allowed racketeering Bandits like Bush, Cheney and the Zionist Mafia to loot the economy with impunity, and to take mounting control of the entire Judicial and Law Enforcement process.

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