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Searl Effect Technology and the SEG

This "clean" energy technology is set to be the cost effective
future of renewable energy generators.

It is now nearing final development stage to deliver clean renewable energy to the planet.

Our planet needs economic, environmental and social change. SEG Technology will help us to achieve this: a true "paradigm "shift in technology that will make polluting power plants obsolete and power our vehicles without refuelling or recharging costs. SEG Technology promises to be one of the greatest inventions in human history and a window to a new world of possibilities. A SEG will generate electricity without external input such as oil or natural gas, producing economically sustainable clean energy.

To date, alternative means of generating "green" electrical energy have power generating limitations, huge manufacturing time lags, and exorbitant costs, preventing them from gaining a larger share of the energy market.

And now, with the high cost of energy and global CO2 problems, governments are generously funding the manufacturing and development of these "clean and green" alternatives to achieve carbon reductions.

SEG units can be designed for almost any requirement and are set to revolutionise the move to eliminate air pollution, solve our looming energy crisis, and support the unprecedented economic growth of a new industry based on energy conversion with coherent technology.

15KW SEG for domestic use

The average household in Australia at peak usage time needs between 25-35KW per day. Because the SEG can operate at 15KW per hour continuously it will easily cope with that demand, and the surplus electricity can be fed to the grid as "green" electricity at all times, assisting users and leading to faster achievement of Federal and State Governments' "green" objectives.

The householder will never have another power bill. In addition to this benefit they will receive income from the utility company or Government for the "green" supply to the grid, the cost of the SEG paying for itself within two to three years.

SEGs can be wired up in tandem to generate unlimited Kilowatts enabling small businesses to do the same. This includes Blocks of units, clusters of townhouses and villas, low rise buildings, clubs, hotels, every business across Australia.

1 Megawatt SEGs for industry use

These larger SEGs, too, can be wired up in tandem to generate unlimited Megawatts of electricity for use by larger factories, high rise buildings, industrial estates, commercial operations, and eventually cities, through joint venture relationships with utility companies, all receiving similar but far bigger benefits.

Low cost electricity

Costing significantly less than other renewable energy alternatives, the smallest SEG (the 15KW unit) will be more than adequate for domestic use. In addition, the surplus clean electricity it will produce (estimated at least 330KW per day) will be reimbursable in real dollar terms to the user by the utility company or Federal/State Government. Because the SEG's moving parts do not come into contact with any other parts the unit has "unlimited" life, so there are no on - going costs for repairs and maintenance. All SEG users will benefit from this technology, including factories, shopping centres, resorts etc.


SEG health and environment benefits

Searl Effect Technology (SET) "fits" with nature perfectly because it is mostly derived from a "natural" product, the air. Experts believe that the technology will assist to eliminate many types of respiratory illnesses and other diseases that affect our health and shorten our lives.

The SEG operates in a "healthy state" for humans by producing negative ions which kill bacteria, viruses, and dust in the air, causing it them? to fall to the ground for easy cleaning. Current electrical energy produces a "negative state" environment for us with neutral or positive ions which circulate in the atmosphere and adversely affect our health.


Farming, food and additional health benefits

The resultant cleaner air on the planet will also benefit soil. Food products will no longer be seriously affected by the current pollution generated from coal power and fossil fuels.

The uncontaminated food and clean air will ensure better health for us all, which should reduce the need for medical services, hospitalisations and drugs — creating huge cost savings for us and for Governments.


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