Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ken's Blog: The Globalist Agenda in Ukraine

The Globalist Agenda in Ukraine: color revolution begets cash crunch begets IMF control (and Russia is helping)

The true purpose of a color revolution is to eliminate pockets of resistance to the New World Order and its accompanying Beast Financial System. Once a targeted nation has been destabilized and weakened, it is pressured into the arms of globalist entities like the IMF which demand "structural changes" to make the nation compatible with the New Order.

So while everyone is watching Putin barge through Ukraine's eastern door...

...no one is noticing the Lizard Lady slinking through the western door...

There are two kinds of people who are likely confused by the unfolding situation in Ukraine:

1) Those who believe it is the result of nation-states pursuing their differing interests.

2) Those who believe there is a real conflict between Russia and its G8 buddies in the West.

Just consider what has happened in Ukraine...

> The Russians, who could have backstopped Yanukovych with covert force, suddenly pulled him without a fight on the Masonically-significant 22nd. They did this despite the claims of some alternative commentators that "there are Spetsnaz in Kiev and they will crush the demonstrators if they don't back off."

> The Russians seem content (so far) to take Crimea as a spoil and leave their gas pipelines under the control of a supposedly hostile and Western-leaning regime in Kiev. If Russia was operating according its own nation-state interests, why would they ever allow that?

> The Russians are actually pushing the Ukraine to accept an IMF bailout. If they were truly in conflict with the Western banksters, why would they deliver Ukraine right into their hands? Yet they are:

1) According to an ABC News article titled Russia: Ukraine Should Seek Bailout Loan From IMF...

"Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said Sunday that Ukraine should seek a loan from the International Monetary Fund to avoid an imminent default, but would have to meet demands for difficult structural reforms."

[What do they mean by "structural reforms," you ask? Here is my definition: structural reforms - changes to existing constitutional, legal, economic and social standards that will render a nation compatible with the emerging New World Order system.]

2) According to a Reuters article titled Russia will take part in talks on IMF financial aid to Ukraine...

"Russia will take part in discussions on an International Monetary Fund (IMF) financial package for Ukraine and will not stand aside, Andrei Bokarev, head of the Finance Ministry's international relations department, was quoted as saying."

3) And according to a Russia Beyond the Headlines article titled Russian president seeks Ukraine financial aid consultations with IMF and G8...

"Russian President Vladimir Putin has instructed the government to continue to work together with its Ukrainian partners in order to further promote trade and business ties between the two countries, hold consultations with Russia's international partners, including the International Monetary Fund, concerning the issue of financial assistance for Ukraine..."

The mainstream press has offered a rationale for why Russia is doing all this. They are portraying Putin as a sly fox for "leaving the West to clean up the economic mess in Ukraine," and they are spinning Russian cooperation with the IMF as coming from a "don't dare try to do this without us, IMF" motivation, but all this is is spin. It doesn't change the fundamental reality that Russia is helping deliver Ukraine into IMF bondage, just like a globalist co-conspirator would be expected to do.

Of course, Moscow is not alone in pushing the Ukraine into accepting IMF "aid" and "reforms."According to this New York Times article...

"With a financial catastrophe unfurling alongside its political transition, Ukraine is in desperate need of billions of dollars — and quickly. Its economy is shrinking. Its government treasury is empty. Its foreign-exchange funds are low. And its banking system is fragile.

That has left policy makers in Brussels and Washington rushing to prepare a financial rescue package for the country, with the International Monetary Fund planning to take the lead on a package that will almost certainly include tens of billions of dollars of new loans."

As the quote suggests, both Brussels and Washington are making their own aid packages contingent upon Ukraine's acceptance of an IMF loan and IMF conditions. According to this Reuters article...

"With acting President Oleksander Turchinov warning that Ukraine was close to default and 'heading into the abyss', the United States and European Union said they were looking at how to help Kiev.

Both, however, indicated that any comprehensive package was likely to take shape only after elections in May and in coordination with the International Monetary Fund, which is likely to demand painful economic reforms."

And what are the specific "painful economic reforms" the IMF is demanding? According to this Reuters article...

"The fund has three main concerns: to bring down Ukraine’s exchange rates; to get Kiev to embrace a flexible exchange rate regime; and to end the subsidies for gas prices."

Ending subsidies for gas prices will hurt Ukraine's poor and allow the prices to be set by the (heavily manipulated) "free" market (the globalists don't like nation-states interfering with their price manipulation schemes). And floating Ukraine's currency on the (heavily manipulated) "free" market allows the nascent new global financial system to more easily revalue the hryvnia relative to other currencies. This is necessary as they attempt to "properly weight" the hryvnia relative to their new "basket of currencies" reserve system.

Continuing on, if we go back to the previously referenced New York Times article, we find a golden nugget that explains why the color revolution was pushed to completion in the Ukraine...

"Even once the money is flowing, a lending program is likely to be accompanied by demands for a necessary but bitter pill of government cutbacks, higher energy costs and structural changes that previous Ukrainian governments found impossible to swallow."

So previous Ukrainian governments found it impossible to stomach globalist "structural changes," eh? This would explain why it was necessary to take down the government and replace it with a puppet regime. This is not about "Russia versus the West"; it's about forcing the Ukraine into globalist assimilation. Narratives of conflicting national interests are used as cover for the real agenda.

And according to this Euronews article, the new puppet regime is more than willing to dance to the IMF's tune...

"Ukraine’s newly minted central bank head and prime minister have said they hope to receive international financial aid soon and right now they have enough foreign currency reserves to cover their debt repayments.

Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said he has spoken to the US and the EU about credit and additional foreign currency.

He told reporters at a news conference at the central bank that the interim government is determined to make the reforms called for by the International Monetary Fund in return for loans: 'A key priority is resuming the programme of collaboration with the International Monetary Fund. And we will fulfill all the conditions, I repeat, all the conditions, that are necessary for this loan, and Ukraine’s parliament and the coalition will vote for the laws that are necessary for receiving this money.'"

All this being said, we can now see the full globalist template for dealing with nations that don't toe the NWO line:

1) Stir up a color revolution to pressure a resistant nation's government to implement globalist structural changes.

2) If the existing government can't be pressured into making the changes, overturn it and install a client regime.

3) Have the client regime invite in the IMF to solve the economic crisis created by the "peoples revolution."

4) Float the nation's currency on the (heavily manipulated) "free" market, cut social services and subsidies to the bone, and make changes to the nation's constitution and laws so it's NWO-compliant.

Needless to say, Ukraine is not the first nation to be subjected to this assimilation template. The globalists used it in the various (Operation) Arab Spring countries too. And with Operation American Spring already scheduled for May, one wonders what the they have in store for us. A nation experiencing Ukraine-like political upheaval can't possibly be trusted to run the world's reserve currency any longer, can it?

As for the alternative media talking heads who are still trying to sell the public on a real conflict between West and East (Anglo-American Establishment versus the BRICS alliance), they fall into one of two categories:

they're either blind...

...or they're sell-outs...

In Part 2 of this entry, I'll show how the globalist assimilation template unfolded in the Arab Spring countries of Libya and Egypt.

Till then, love always....