Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Mountain Goat Update - March 19, 2014 Why a Delay?

Hi Everyone,

Today I can see the warming even greater in the mountains. Over the past weekend I made the first of my Spring hikes up my familiar mountain. As I climbed I was reminded of my hikes last Spring and how I thought this GCR would never, ever make it to next Spring. Well….. here we are it is spring once again.

My only hope now for all my readers is that what you have witnessed through this GCR stalling process will remain with you as you continue post RV.

I sincerely hope you have learned something about the corruption and dishonestly of your government. This is just not about these aspects of USA government but of all government and leaders of today.

Remember that governments are run by people (human flesh) and we can make a difference at the voting polls.
As I try always to instill good values and morals in Meine Kinder I realize that this is all I can do for my part of raising a family. The rest is up to them to take action in their lives and to make a difference in the world. We can all make a difference and become part of the solution rather than the problem.

I come to you today to bring my weekly news letter. As always I hope this is my last letter. It is a long news letter today again as recent letters have been.

Today’s Intel

There is so much news once again this week pouring out of all channels however much of this news is false and I know it is just propaganda. I know this for a fact since these events have already occurred or been completed. So why do they continue to give us these repeats of articles and these lies?

They continue this because they (the Iraq GOI and the parliament) must save face and demonstrate to the people that they are still in charge of their government. They are stalling for time.

The real truth is however they are not in control and this stalling will continue (as bizarre as it may seem) until the USA and the IMF stop playing puppet with Iraq and let them have their currency go international.

This is now in the desperate stages since Iraq’s economy needs this to happen and to happen as of yesterday.

Most of us have heard on many calls the delays that are postponing this final rollout, however we do not make the association to the overall big picture. I am telling you this RV has already occurred and has an official date of December 1, 2013.

We are just awaiting the completion of the rollout to the exchanges and the general public. I can tell you specifically what the delays are however if I do I will not be allowed to any longer publish my news letters (at least with some information) , as I have been strictly reprimanded already in this matter.

So what can I tell you is holding up the RV rollout?

The final process of the rollout is a matter of timing. What the heck does this mean? - you may all be thinking. This means that the process is a 48 hour process of checks and controls once they “pull the trigger”. I can tell you that the process is a series of checks with the CBIs for the new rates beng populated , then the CBI must push the new rates down to the local banks.

The CBIs must then report back to the IMF central coordinator that the rates were successful. As part of the process also there are the global exchanges that must be updated. These exchanges include many varying platforms and so the process now gets complicated. There are conversion jobs and intermediate processes that ultimately loads software that displays the new rates and allows the day-to-day transactions as the broker firms.

There is also feedback to the central coordinator in this process as well. There was an effort last summer to clean up these processes and much was done to the entire timeframe could be done in a much shorter window, as the 48 hours now reflects.

It gets complicated real quick

To continue the explanation of the process let me say that if for any reason while running this rollout process, a bug or an error is found, the process is halted while they find a solution and implement the fix.

So when the process gets stalled for any length of time it allows those that object to the GCR to come up with yet another reason to renegotiate and conduct yet another backdoor deal to better their position.

I have to tell you if you only knew some of the lame reasons for these delays and how minor and picky they have been you would be very upset and angry, as I am and many others are.

In our position we can all see how this GCR will benefit the entire world’s economies as well as our financial positions once we exchange. So why would anyone not want this GCR to occur?

There is a small group of individuals. We can say they are personally and financially motivated not to let this GCR rollout occur. They will be giving up, in some cases, enormous amounts of power and future financial gains.

You see this GCR is way overdue. In part it is a leveling of the playing field in the financial sectors and in the political game of control over the worlds’ resources. I can tell you that if much more of this lame negotiating takes place the intent of the GCR will be so “watered down” so much that its impact will not be manifested in it’s original intent.

Some say this is what these people want and only then will they no longer cause this stalling and we will then see the GCR.

The IMF recognizes these stalling tactics and so has make provisions (or a study) on the impact of once again separating the IQD from the GCR and allowing it to process seeing that Iraq desperately needs this so badly.

Could this happen?

I am hearing they have a cutoff date and will separate if needed on this date. The VND revaluation also will then go along with the IQD at this time.

About the Iraq Bond situation

As I have said and will stick to my intel on the Bond situation that the clearing houses have completed all underwriting for these instruments weeks ago. We also now know that, by these bonds, a minimum rate is established that any revaluation of the IQD must meet in order for these Bonds to be successful in funding their intended programs. Thus the purpose of the bonds.

The bonds did begin selling on last Thursday 03/13 and since these bonds were only sold within the country of Iraq to be used to support the revaluation of their new currency and the new in-country RV rate of $3.71 in IQD now finances these bond holdings.

There are always ways to work around issues and so when looking at benchmarks to force the international GCR one must be careful and not put all your intel (or eggs) in one basket….lol…..

Foreign Labor Force in Iraq

As many know many Iraq citizens and businesses (especially hotels and services) hire outside help. Egypt and Saudi Arabia are two of the main sources of labor for Iraq. Paying this labor force will have no impact of forcing the GCR to occur since the laborers can be paid in IQD when in- country.

It is only if they had to exchange currencies between countries that could be impacted. Again do not concentrate on these cross border labor issue when looking for pressure to force GCR to occur.

It is a minor nuisance if even that. In the short term there are always solutions. It could however become a major issue if this stalling the international rollout of the IQD should continue much longer.

We are now seeing many articles on the situation with the rollout of the new Iraq coins. I want you to remember a couple things with these news coins. First the CBI tried to rollout the new coins in the past and were not successful.

What happened is since the provisional currency (the 3 zero notes) was hyper inflated, as we all know, the holders of the coins soon realized they could get more value in melting them down on the black market for the value of the precious metal than for the face value. So this is what they did and soon the market was depleted of the coins.

The project was a failure and the CBI realized they had to wait for the complete international RV to roll these out again. The timing was not right since these coins must be rolled out to coincide with the lower denominations.

Secondly remember that they are just giving excuses now to the Iraq people to justify why certain scheduled programs are not taking place. This recent article on the coins is just another example of this.

If you read the article carefully you will understand it makes absolutely no sense, absolutely none? They given a date for rollout to coincide with the aftermath of the elections? Why? There is no real apparent real why they would do this other than to tell the citizens a future timeframe since they are thinking this stalling may in fact go beyond the elections timeframe and they don’t want to have to tell the people yet another excuse for holding up this program like so many others.

Could the GCR happen prior to the elections?

Yes it could and in all probability it will. In recap it is a good thing that we are now seeing articles on the coins and this demonstrates to us the urgency to get them in circulation as well as getting the new paper lower denominations.

Project to Delete the Zeros

By now most know what this project is and how it was supposed to work. For the newbies reading this news letter let me say that this project is not the RV but rather the taking in the remaining 3 zero notes back to the CBI especially from the foreign countries. They must to this to ensure all of them are out of circulation since part of the RV is to bring out an entirely new set of paper currency and coins.

So here is how the process was supposes to work. Banks around the world were seeded with the 3 zeros notes. We all know this happened in 2011 thru early 2012. This was supposed to increase the value on their banks sheets. Then later the revaluation and GCR occurs, the IQD value significantly increases in value and these banks now holding dinar in reserves are now funded to meet the new Basil III compliance standards.

The new banking laws keep the banks solvent going forward. The world’s economy improves and hopefully begins to pick up momentum and finally is back on track.

So once the GCR occurs these seeded 3 zero notes must now be retrieved from the banks and from any public holders of them, thus get them out of circulation (or delete them). This is the project to delete the zeros.

My question now is can you see that this process is being hindered by this stalling of the GCR?

Can you see how desperately the CBI wants and needs to complete this process. They already had an in-house RV out of desperation to calm down the riots. These international banks have the seeded IQD now for over 1.5 years but can not do anything with them until the GCR occurs.

This part of the process when it occurs will allow the currency’s new value to be recognized globally, thus the GCR would bring about the international rollout to completion as I have explained above.

So now that you know the process and the hold up once again lets not all get hung up on articles on this topic. We now know the process, where we stand in the completion of the process. These articles that come out of Iraq on this topic are confusing and I suggest you ignore them since they are just there to tell the Iraq people, once again that they are in control of the process (but in reality we all know they are not).

Iraq Budget

Once again I will cover this topic and once again I hope I can put it to rest. From everything I am hearing the Iraq budget is completed and signed off by all parties. It is waiting in the wings for publication in the gazette, this should have taken place last week. This did not occur.

They are stalling this cause they do not yet have the GCR. We know that once it is published it will become official and fully implemented. So without the GCR happening how could they open the budget and begin spending the money at the new rate?

Much of the budget is tied to reconstruction and the RV. So now once again they stall by telling the people that they are going to have the first reading on 3/18, then this too is postponed.

Come on people you don’t yet see the trend here? Can you not see the stalling tactics once again to save face with their people?

How many first readings are they going to have on the budget? Are you going to believe all these phony articles they are now publishing?

The fact is all the readings have been done and the budget is passed and is just waiting in the wings for full implementation, once the GCR occurs. So I ask you now can we put this budget issue to rest?

Can we now say the GCR has the impact on the budget implementation and not the other way around.


I know this news letter is very long today but I needed to cover many important issues. I hope I have made you much more comfortable as to where we are in the GCR process.

Many articles an intel news are now coming out of Iraq and most just don’t make any sense. If we listen to them we will just be chasing our tails in fruitless waste of our energy. This false information is nothing more than a massive cover up for the Iraq people.

Do you like what you are hearing? I would suspect you answered my question with a “absolutely not”. You have a right to feel this way and I understand and sympathize with you.

This process has gone way too long and is now creating a mess for Iraq, the IMF in the global reset and our lives too. It is time for this rollout process to end.

This political gesturing and greed has gone on long enough. In the future no one entity is going to rule the world and its resources. Power will have to be more equally shared as the population now reached close to 10 billion people.

Powerful groups will certainly always try for yet more control as many have done in the past. Now that we too are awakened to Agenda21 and other plots we will and must ensure that it does not succeed.

If nothing else we have learned our lesson in knowing about the facts of the mess they have caused in this GCR process. We know about the dishonestly and the corruption. Imagine living in a world where total control is in the hands of like people.

The planet belongs to all the people who live on it and all its resources should be fairly and honestly shared and brought to market. Government leaders owe it to the people to ensure they govern with fairness, justice and honesty.

People owe it to themselves to stop complaining about unfair government and to do something about it. If you can summarize now why we are in this global financial mess one can say it is contributed to greed of the people attempting to manipulate the financial process - pure and simple.

We see it first hand in this delay of the GCR rollout. We are witnessing it each and every day this is stalled.

There is enormous pressure from everyone involved to see this GCR through to conclusion and do it now.

Peace and Luv To Ya All,
Mnt Goat