Friday, March 7, 2014

Neil Keenan Update - March 7, 2014


It is rare that one gets the opportunity to take part in a live event that almost compares to any of the James Bond movies or even maybe Mission Impossible, but thanks to Neil Keenan this was about to change into a Mission Possible.

On Monday, 3/3/2014, Neil Keenan very kindly invited me to go with him and Jo to visit Nelu in prison here in Jakarta and gave me the privilege to interview him.

The prison was very hot and humid and after some 30 minutes Jo and I managed to find a table for Nelu to join us after Neil had collected him.
Nelu Behind Bars

Neil Keenan first went into the hospital section of the detention center to rendezvous with Nelu and hold his own private meeting.  After some time Neil came down with Nelu and joined us.

My first impression was of Nelu’s lovely warm smile despite the hardship he had endured over the last few years.  He was wearing his Hospital Blue Uniform, and all in all, he came across as a wonderful and sensitive person.

My first quest was to establish how things had developed prior to Nelu’s arrest and how this all turned into a fiasco of unbelievable proportions and resulted in his imprisonment.

Obviously Keith Scott played a major role in what I would only describe as a WMD (Weapon of Mass Deception).  This eventually led to Neil Keenan’s falling out with Scott in which Neil literally took the rug from under this 500 lb. moron when he learned that Scott was attempting to go behind his back by doing a deal directly with Rockefeller/Wagoner and the Heritage Foundation.

Neil caught Rockefeller/Wagoner and Keith Scott going directly to Neil’s connections who at all times remained totally loyal and advised Neil as to what was going on. Nelu said Neil was clever enough at this time to advise Rockefeller/Wagoner that Keith Scott had all the connections to do his deal.  Meanwhile, Scott told Neil that he had not gone behind Neil’s back and that he was being misled.

Unbeknownst to Keith Scott, Neil had received all of Scott’s communications by another person associated directly with Neil who was the catalyst and the head of a major foundation.  Consequently this led to Rockefeller/Wagoner and Keith Scott’s demise, thus eliminating any possibility of their carrying out any transactions. Nelu went on to say that Keith Scott did not know that it was the foundation that did the due diligence on Keith Scott which led to the finding of a 3-inch Federal File exposing Keith Scott’s nasty proliferation of abuse.

This dog fight led to Neil Keenan meeting with Jean Haines and also Drake Bailey after Keith Scott, Rockefeller/Wagoner and Winston Carmichael attempted to take Neil Keenan down and who had indecently contacted Jean and Drake.  Meanwhile, David Wilcock and Benjamin Fulford were asking what the hell was happening.  David was literally pulling his hair out while in the meantime, Jean Haines contacted Neil Keenan to see if he had his own side to this story.

It was at this stage that Neil Keenan very cleverly put Jean in touch with the foundation that Keith Scott had been communicating with behind his back.  This then also resulted in Neil putting Drake Bailey in touch with the head of that same foundation who again found out about the Federal File on Keith Scott.  Neil then had David Wilcock speak directly with the same foundation which confirmed the same information.

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