Sunday, March 16, 2014

Remote Viewer Courtney Brown's "The Most Important Announcement Ever Made"... The Great Pyramid of Giza

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The time has come. The Farsight Announcement will come out in three important phases. The first is the release of a free 40 minute video that explains the Farsight Planet 2014 Disclosure Campaign. It also introduces the new project just completed at The Farsight Institute on The Great Pyramid of Giza. The reason this project on the Great Pyramid is so important is because we have completely changed the way remote viewing is primarily done, from primarily a paper and pen process to a process recorded live on video that is theatrically interesting. You need to see it. It is now impossible for any reasonable person to deny the reality of remote viewing. The implications of this are greater than anyone can imagine. This alone will change everything. The issue of disclosure is part of this, since disclosure really has nothing to do with the authorities or the elites. Disclosure is only about what you know, and now you can have disclosure.
About The Great Pyramid of Giza, this is probably the most important remote-viewing project ever done at The Farsight Institute, and it is fitting that this project is the one that highlights our disclosure campaign. Now everyone can see that remote-viewing results are more valuable than many of the nutty ideas that are championed by a great many mainstream scientists about human slaves building the great pyramids all by themselves with only manual labor and crude tools. We can set the record straight, and tell the world that human consciousness truly is nonlocal at the same time. Moreover, the pyramid story involves extraterrestrials...big time. You need to see it to understand how important this is.

Many will scoff at our results in the beginning. But in time, the release of this project will be seen as the event that changed the direction of thinking on this planet in a major way. Without this change, who knows how our species could thrive in the future? With this change, a change of realism, we have a chance to a great destiny, a destiny in which the entire universe one day looks in our direction and says, "If the humans could awaken on Earth, with all the limitations they have with respect to consciousness, then anyone can do it." We will give hope to beings elsewhere in numbers difficult to imagine.
Please watch this video from start to finish. It is 40 minutes long. Here is the link.
You can also find this video on the home page of The Farsight Institute.
Courtney Brown, Ph.D., Director
The Farsight Institute

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