Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Transformation Is Coming Blog - IS SWISSINDO NWO?

Now I am not putting anyone at all down in this article. I am raising important questions that ALL should be asking. There are some out there who claim that OPPT and SWISSINDO has total transparency. The fact that most of the world does not even know what SWISSINDO is, let alone have never heard of it, means there is NO TRANSPARENCY! Transparency is something the entire world should know about, not just the many few that are following the Global Reset information in these many online groups. 

Personally I have my own thoughts on what the OPPT could have been trying to do and who is behind it. I COULD BE WRONG but it is just a theory as well. So here goes it.

I am sure everyone remembers hearing the story about Hurricane Sandy flooding the vaults and that all the bonds were destroyed. These bonds are Birth Certificate bonds that each and every person on the planet has, that has filed for a Birth Certificate in any fashion. Whether that story was true or not remains a mystery and one that no one can actually verify that I personally know of. If you can, please leave evidence in comments or email. Unless you are keen on following Channeled messages as FACT! One month after that story ran around the internet, OPPT comes on the scene in December of 2012. The minute I read the papers I thought they were well put together. Being me, I ALWAYS listen to my gut. My gut was screaming at me to NOT get involved with this and see how it all played out.

So what IF and I mean what IF the entire OPPT thing came on the scene from the Bush cabal or another cabal wanting to claim ownership over the people. Thus putting in place a “KING”! So if the OPPT really was able to release all these bonds as they claim, who now holds them or were they destroyed? The fact of the matter is, without the BONDS no one in the LEGAL sector could legally go about doing any type of legal actions. Why? Your BOND or ALL CAPS NAME BIRTH CERTIFICATE is the FICTION in which they are playing out their dastardly deeds. It is the ONLY thing that connects you to their system through ignorance. They can’t create a new bond in your all caps name without that original bond to create off of, right? Unless they somehow get you to agree to a new one. So does that mean that the bonds were really not destroyed, or is the system just continuing to operate as normal without the bonds at all?

Then I come across this video which explains a whole lot about it. The problem with a lot of the people that are following this new game being played is that they believe in it so much, they are unwilling to question it in any way shape or form. That is called, “BLIND FAITH”! It does seem that all the sudden OPPT came out of left field and was just magically put on the scene one day. The same came about with SWISSINDO. I for one am going to make sure that I totally understand the entire system, not just the bonds, UCC, Financial and Religious (Vatican Law) before I back anyone or anything up. Maybe OPPT was compromised by SWISSINDO? This video is very interesting!


I have not met Mr. Seno, nor do I even know who he is. Has anyone following the OPPT and SWISINDO stuff met Mr. Seno in person? Do you know what his objective is? Does he state he himself is some type of a, “KING”. Does he see himself as having authority over this entire process and the final say? I read a letter from someone yesterday which I can't find now who stated they were resigning as a delegate with an entire list of reasons, most of which included insinuations of being part of the NWO; and disappointments with Mr. Seno himself. If anyone has that letter or link to it, please post in comments for other readers. It is right that you cannot just wipe out a system and start a new one overnight. It would completely cause havoc on the entire planet and the way the system works. So when I see photos of the SWISINDO guys signing $2 Federal Reserve Notes, it sends up a HUGE RED FLAG for me. Isn't the Federal Reserve who everyone wants out of here anyways? Here is another video. I do not know who it is in the video but there are some very good points made in it and verifiable ones at best if you are willing to do your research.


Also when I watch a video of the SWISSINDO who is claiming they are tied to the United Nations, like in this video

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHnMtIIYxFE .

I start to think things are a little fishy.
If you look closely at the UN logo behind him it has been changed. It has a Star of David overlaid on it. If you want to see the REAL United Nations logo or Flag you can find it here.


So they are claiming to have some sort of ties to the UN, but when you go poke around at the UN official website you cannot find anything at all about it. When you ask via an email they reply and say they have never heard of it. That video looks like he was strategically placed in the center so most people would NOT notice the UN logo was changed. Why not stand on the left of it if you are claiming something that official. Why try to use a fake UN logo to begin with? Most likely because the logo is yet another symbol that has been burned in our sub conscious mind. If you watch normal UN footage you always have the logo in PLAIN SIGHT! So was this done purposely to mislead the many that get excited before examining all things? Personally the UN needs to go bye bye to!

I understand that in today’s world where Media outlets are owned by the Opposition/Cabal or whatever you want to call them, being Transparent about a Global take over is not as easy. Yet for those that are listening to this stuff they are still not getting complete and total transparency in my humble opinion. You are yet again just getting nicely wrapped stories with lies. So what I see here that MIGHT be taking place, is two factions, (Bush Cabal/Vatican Cabal) fighting against each other for a Global take over, and neither one is one I would want to root for in the dugout. Again I could be wrong.

So why is HUMANITY itself not part of the decision making in what is BEST for all of us! We should be governing ourselves and not waiting for a savior. Who is freeing us and from what? In order for that to happen and for Humanity as a whole to understand what has been done with them, the takeover of MEDIA is going to have to happen. A few million people in the world, is still nowhere close to 7 BILLION. Although you can send lots of information through the net and get it out there, you still have the sleeping ones who take it all as BS or crazy talk. Their too lazy to look into it and enjoy their lives as they are now, no matter how much they see this crazy world is turned upside down. No matter how much common sense is thrown their way to make them questions. They still bury their heads in the sand. We all want the same thing. Peace, Abundance, Happiness and the needs of all to be taken care of. The real problem is that all of these people want to offer you a, “FISH” instead of teaching you how to, “FISH”!

So stop following and start taking action yourself. I do believe there are guys working to fix this mess, but in the end it will be up to you to decide how you go about it. There will be those ready to take you for every penny you have. So be careful and don’t sell your soul to the devil. When more and more information is released, the more confused one might get. The opposition is trying their best to remain in control, no matter how much fluffy puffy unicorn farts they might paint in the storyline they are offering you. It is up to each and every one of us to take responsibility for ourselves. You can best believe that in the world of those awakening to the truth of the deceptions, there is controlled oppositions strategically place to throw you all off and into their web of lies. I for one say, let them play their own game against each other and wipe each other out. They are best spotted when they start doing their personal attacks on people or groups. Instead of giving valid information, evidence or answer questions a counter attack is usually taken, even if done in a nice loving manner. When people want answer's why not just provide them, unless one is not able to!

No matter how much I do KNOW things are changing based on many things taking place, I am not going to sit around and “WAIT” for it to happen. I have a life, no matter how much crap is going on in the outside world. I also have my sanity to keep and I for one don’t want to end up in a padded cell, smelling like a cross between moldy cheese and BO with frizzed out hair as a few stale Fritos dangle from the ends, rocking back and forth in the corner saying over and over again, “It’s coming, it’s coming, it’s coming, 2 WEEKS!” So I choose to remain in my happy place and in those times that I might feel down I regroup my thoughts and find my center again. This play is going to play out whether you are watching or listening to every little bit of intel that comes in from whoever it is you choose to listen to! So keep your sanity and take a break from it all when you need to!

I am sure that because of this article my comments will most likely be filled with those that disagree. Just remember if it's coming from those following the OPPT stuff, when you show your true colors all that Love & Light or DOing and BEing seems very fake and hypocritical. So please disagree with integrity! I for one am not stating that this is truth, what I am stating is that so far the evidence is NOT speaking for what is being SOLD!
If this is legit, and for the betterment of Humanity then I will be the first to publicly apologize!

As always, PLEASE do your own research and don't rely on others to answer your questions for you.

Faithfully in service: