Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Published on Mar 16, 2014
I already have people asking me how they can get funding for worthwhile projects; and others are in dire economic straights, needing money now. I hear you. These things are on my mind every day and night, especially when I'm wanting to sleep. The truth is: the task of distribution is, like the entire project, enormous. A network of distribution has to be set up with people on the ground; and it has to prevent the old establishment from diverting the funds into control and military projects that will subvert the intent of Mr Sugih and the delegates who want to co-create that new world that works for everyone I mention so often. Some have said that Obama will meet with Mr. Sugih next weekend around the Spring Equinox. Others have also suggested that Obama will be announcing NESARA soon. These sources are not related that I know of; but it is interesting. How this whole thing will play out remains to be seen. I certainly hope distribution can begin fairly quickly and will be well underway by the next big SwissIndo meeting in early June. That one is supposed to be covered by worldwide media.