Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Canauzzie Update - April 1, 2014

What Wanta Wants Soon He Will Get and So Will Patriot Bill B

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One World of Nations
31 March 2014

Why is Leo still a Wanta? 

What he and the Real Patriots want, soon they will get and So Will Patriot Bill B who has been ruthlessly lied to and reneged on for decades. PAY HIM ALSO HIS MONEY! The eyes of the World are watching you in disgust and contempt! What moral compass have you got to betray your own? These Men are owed Trillions - 


Allow the FBI to arrest and Extradite Fraudster Michael Herzog and bring him back to America to stand Trial for Fraud, Theft, Corruption, Racketeering and the attempted murder of the Falcone’s. Arrest the CIA Agents who, acting on George Bush Sr 41’s orders, unlawfully used US Government planes and defrauded the people, to move and criminally Launder Biden’s Bribe money from Bank to Bank to try to evade pursuing Agents who have the records and Bank Affidavits. Allow the Florida FBI to investigate and arrest Romney. Congress, investigate and arrest Bush and the Clintons. Impeach Biden! Clean up this dirt which shames America. Herzog has threatened to reveal all on Bush and the Clintons if he is made to pay back what they stole. Justice on a plate. Is there any Moral Conscience left in Washington? It ONLY got this bad because weak men let it. What happened to Isa’s promises to clean up and expose corruption? Zero charged! President Regan never trusted Bush and left Leo as Lawful Custodian of those funds to help Americans. Not for these crooks to help themselves.

Start by Naming, shaming and exposing not just the Cabal VERMIN who have ruined America, but showing Congressmen and Senators conclusive evidence that they all have been given full copies of the salient facts of the Criminality of these treacherous men who took their rightful money, and have shown the cowardice or duplicity of their own position by not acting to put this great wrong right. History will judge them all accordingly. Congressmen, you all KNOW these are Travesties of justice. Your Job is to defend the Constitution and the Rights of these Patriots who helped America. Not the Varmints who helped themselves to their money. These are the Real Patriots who want to help fund American Jobs, Infrastructure, Rail systems, Community Development, and Education. The Taxes alone on legally paying back what is long owed to them, will clear the annual deficit.

History will show On Record, how badly you failed them and allowed Rotten Men to highjack America. YOUR Weakness has weakened America. Shame and a Plague on Both your Houses.

The eyes of the world are on you. These dirty secrets will not stay buried. If you’re not up to it, Step Aside and let Men of Honor Step In and Step Up.

Never before, in the history of human conflict, have so few, held so much power, to corrupt an entire nation so badly and harm so many, while men of no integrity, stood silently in the shadows as cowards to stain their Souls forever. Their SHAME will be their Book of Life to carry forward with them when they leave this world. So each shall be judged.


This new report features also part of Leo Wanta and Marilyn Barnewalls new book. Note, this report has gone to all named key figures in authority, to the Usurper Con Man masquerading as a Mannequin President of no lawful authority, to the Supremes whose primary roles are to protect the Constitution and Law, and who ignore it in wanton cowardice and corruption.

For students of History, Law, Business and Democracy, this is a stark warning of the Bad Fellas who brought a nation to its knees, because Corruption and Cowardice stalks the land. It is in worldwide circulation, and shames America ever greater. Each of the named parties and more, needs to be in a Nuremberg type dock, on trial for Treason, Rico Racketeering, Fraud,Theft,Larceny and in many cases,Genocide. America is in chaos because of them, their venal greed and collusion. Texans used to hang horse thieves. What is the penalty for stealing a nation?

Interesting times. Just as the US is being forced into releasing the long overdue Private Placements and Dinars, the criminality of the Bushes,Cheney, Paulson and Greenspan breaks in public to expose them again. 

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