Saturday, April 5, 2014

Trends Gazette #18 – On the Brink

Father of Israel - Zio-Nazi T. Herzl
Father of Israel – Zio-Nazi T. Herzl
As forecast in TG #1 on 12/27/13, PGM’s are 20% higher in 2014 ans on the brink of hitting $1500/oz for Rh and $850/0z Pd, as I forecast.

Also, the USD is on the brink of 81 as I also predicted and going higher through the year.
Lindsay Williams has failed.

Chip Tatum may have entered a de-programing facility to treat his VT exposure and Gorgon Bluff contamination.

Chip may be on the brink of kicking his third wheel, the crusty Stew Webb, to the curb as he gains the courage to go it alone into the wild blue speculative yonder of the AltMedia.
The World Bank has warned the Iraq government not to interfere with the CBI and Karen Hudes has missed it since she was busy telling everyone it is not the Jews, it the aliens or whatever. Iraq is on the brink of Dinar DV, yes devaluation and the low denoms will not help you.

Even conspiracy new age guru David Wilcock has said the Dinar is not going to do what the hucksters like TNT Tony and DC claim, he opined on the discredited Benjamin Fulford’s blog this week.

Barrett Brown
Barrett Brown
Beware, the World Bank is in control not the IMF as most of the liars out there will tell you and they will pull the rug out from the Dinar any time after the election due to the appointment of Ali al-Allaq to the CBI.

Iraqi Dinar on the brink of collapse and devaluation.

The brave gentile, Barrett Brown who broke the back of Zionist Jew run Stratfor of Austin, TX and Bilderberg member.  A true warrior for truth in the information war against the Zio-Nazis of the NWO.

Alex Jones is on occupational suicide watch after the April Fools Day video post went viral. Speculation mounts as his audience numbers are marginalized as fear porn is on the wane whilst expenses at FSS mount and PJ Watson seeks to break away from the tribe. InfoWares is on the brink of implosion.

Gerald Celente and his toilet paper of AltMedia record, Trends Journal to be displaced by this report as the #1 trends forecast.

As I predicted previously, Putin is a pussycat and instead, Ukraine is on the brink of invading Crimea, now a Russian federated state.

Queen and sister of Nazis to relinquish her grip in 2014
Queen and sister of Nazis to relinquish her grip on the throne to the first Jewish King and Queen of England in 2014, Kate Middleton and William of the Jacobite line and grandmother Frances Shand Kydd.

Eliat, Israel is on the brink of a major terror attack in 2014 as the region becomes a geo-poitical flash point of epic proportions.

Idiot of the year so far in the AltMedia is Dr. Bill Beagle, who is on the brink of achieving quantum theory quackery quizlingdom along with his Lyndon Laraochite cranks and other dipstick guests.

Lastly, extremely likely a huge breakup at the US State Dept over the failed PLO and Zio-Nazi peace folly as the 2 factions fight behind the scenes, according to my unique insights there. Israel on the brink of an Un-Holy Warr!


 Alex Jones not reporting on Austin TX based Stratfor at Bilderberg 2014 due to family.