Wednesday, May 21, 2014

COBRA claims to have ridden in super secret hypersonic train?

Benjamin Fulford reports that COBRA told him about traveling to New York to  London in 1 hour using hypersonic trains.


There was also confirmation from China of something that I have read about and heard about for a long time but was unable to fully accept, and that is the existence of railways capable of travelling 2900 kilometers per hour, or enough to get you from New York or London to Tokyo in three hours. The blogger who goes by the name of Cobra told this writer he had once travelled from New York to London in an hour using an underground hypersonic train. Other sources have told me about a whole underground network of such hypersonic trains inside the US. Apparently it is real. The trick is to create a tunnel with a near vacuum in order to stop air-resistance.

“It now seems the pentagon was able to get money from China by selling them this technology.

That seems to be why China has suddenly announced plans to link China to the US and Europe with super-fast trains.

Building an international network of hypersonic trains linking the world would create all sorts of new jobs and opportunities and is exactly the sort of win-win approach favoured by the Chinese. It also fits in with proposals put on the table by Leo Wanta and his backers.