Monday, May 12, 2014

David Wilcock Update Via Fulford Blog - May 12, 2014 I haven’t even read this yet but I just woke up from an incredible dream about this particular post. I expected it to be early, soon after I woke up, and I was right.

Furthermore, I heard an incessant message in the dream saying that Benjamin Fulford is the reincarnation of Benjamin Franklin.

It’s in the faces — though Fulford is thinner. Fulford’s eyes don’t droop as much.
Sure enough, someone else has already seen it, as a quick Google search popped up:,d.cGU&psig=AFQjCNHJGT0YjPlDVf6cEV1tE7AGvss7Mg&ust=1399994346924862

Remember — Dr. Ian Stevenson and Dr. Jim Tucker have investigated well over 3000 cases of children who remember having been someone else before, and then end up having a forensic face-match with that person.

It also makes sense that Fulford would be completing a karmic pattern that was unfinished as Franklin. Though Americans have a tendency to worship the “Founding Fathers,” it is obvious that Franklin had personality distortions — though he did accomplish a great thing by helping lead the way. It’s an amazing thought to see this as a reincarnation case, in my opinion.

Then, since The Synchronicity Key talks about how cycles are always at play in the cases of reincarnation, I said “could there be an American Revolution / BRICS revolution cycle playing out?”
I already saw a Rome / US overlap predicting key events in 2014, but we can’t be sure that it will “all” happen in one year. This is all taking longer than I thought, though there is definite progress along the way.

That led to a quick calculation. The main cycles I identified were the Zodiac cycle of 2,160 years (such as between Rome and the US) and the Zodiac quarter-cycle of 539 years (such as the precise time-lock between the Battle of Swiecino and 9/11, down to a few days.)

Another harmonic cycle is 120 years — though the ‘century’ of 100 years is also cyclical. 120 years divides into the “Great Year” of 25,920 years exactly 216 times, making it perfectly harmonic.

The first 120 years after the American Revolution brings us to 1896, which was the precise year that all the problems began with America turning into a war-making state. This was when McKinley got elected and America immediately started moving into the international arena as an imperial power, starting a chain of events that led to the Federal Reserve being founded.

I already have this in the book, but only equated 1896 to a cross-over with Rome in the Zodiac cycle. I never caught that 1896 is also 120 years after the American Revolution.

So if this first cycle is where the problem got a lot worse, 120 years later it may finally resolve. At the speed things are now going, the cycle equivalent of two 120-year cycles lands on July 4, 2016 — 240 years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

This is an interesting hypothesis and needs more research to confirm. What we would need is more data of key events in Franklin’s life and then see how they overlap with Fulford. For example, I believe Fulford went public with this knowledge to the West as of 2007. Subtract 240 from 2007 and see if noteworthy events took place in Franklin’s life at that time.

All I know is I had a powerful dream urging me to look into this Ben Franklin / Ben Fulford connection and saying that whatever he wrote in this post (which I haven’t read yet) is very important and things are at a pivotal moment.

Since this dream was so intense I look forward to actually reading the post — but not surprisingly there are only two comments as I write this!
- David


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