Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Documentary Video - The Bilderberg Group: Secret World Government

The Bilderberg Group: Secret World Government

Published on May 28, 2014
The annual Bilderberg Group conference is literally the most important meeting in the world. It is attended annually by more world leaders, more top politicians, more royalty, and business leaders, than any other gathering of any kind anywhere. The G8 summit and World Economic Forums are mere side-shows by comparison. No other meeting is attended by the leaders of all the major international institutions, such as the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the United Nations, and the European Union.

We are all expected to believe that the Bilderberg group does not run the world, yet it members most definitely are the men who run the world. Even without Bilderberg, the world is undoubtedly controlled by a small number of unelected wealthy white men who run the world's Flagship Merchant Services and who wield more power than any national government.. Bilderberg simply provides a forum for these men to formally meet each year.

The Bilderberg Group is not democratic or accountable to the people of the world, and neither are the World Bank, the IMF, the UN, or the world most powerful banks and corporations. Yet the decisions taken by these groups affect every human being on earth, now and far ahead into the future. And Bilderberg Group meetings are never reported in the news.

Their first recorded meeting was at the Bilderberg Hotel in Oosterbeek, Holland, from 29th May to 31st May, 1954. The chairman was H.R.H. Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. Since then this elite global group, which may be much older, has been called the Bilderberg Group.

The people who are invited to the Bilderberg Group, and the topics discussed, are official secrets which the media is forbidden from reporting. Bilderberg is effectively an elite secret society ruling the world from behind closed doors and outside the democratic framework.

In a documentary yesterday evening the BBC disclosed that the decision to create a European Union was taken at the first official Bilderberg Group meeting in 1953, but the rest of their programme was devoted to portraying Bilderberg as an extension of the political pantomime that the public witnesses every day.

Who organizes the Bilderberg Group? Who pays for it? What are they discussing? What are they deciding?

When the world's elite meet, it is our interests that they have in mind or their own?