Thursday, May 8, 2014

MarkZ Update - May 7, 2014

MarkZ Chat Wednesday Evening At Intel4u .....5/7/2014" in forum "INTEL PROVIDERS".  Chat  5/7/2014

[MarkZ] SpecialAgentGibbs It is good to see you again. sananddan24 I have been lurking.


[inwest]  MarkZ. Have there been any auctions since the RI was announced in Iraq and if so what was the rate? Thank you.
[MarkZ] inwest I have been told to ignore the cbi site that said they were still auctioning currency tht they stopped some time ago.

[schaefer3] MARKZ - whattup with CMKX?
[MarkZ] schaefer3 I was told that our settlements will start being delivered the morning after the reset.

[harondaddy] Markz can you please talk about the re-seating of the Republic and the demise of the United States Corporation?
[MarkZ] harondaddy What would like to know? It will not be as drastic as some hope but there is a plan. The hopes are that we will do roughly half the work on the new republic ourselves and actually use our new wealth and information to positively effect the next elections. This fall we can drastically alter the face of congress and the senate

[Joshua2415] In using a football  analogy, we have been told that we have moved from the one yard line to the half inch line...but have NOT been told what down it is. MarkZ, can you help us with this please.
[MarkZ] Joshua2415 lol. I believe it is 3rd and short

[Saved4Eternity] MarkZ could you please tell us what proof is there that a RI did actually happen in Iraq?
[MarkZ] Saved4Eternity   lol

[MarkZ] now The big banks have tried, politicians have tried, world leaders have tried, but......this will happen, no matter what. It is and always has been a matter of when, not if.

[moneyman2] Know is the time to go public.
[MarkZ] moneyman2 and logistics. The combination of the two made tomorrow work better.

[blank256] MarkZ you on the same page as me and thinking the new TRN are about to show for this to happen?
[MarkZ] blank256 I believe it is about to show.

[abbababy] Mar,kZ  hi  LOVE  I have missed you & love you are back. Now we can finally get the good intel byyou & I am sure I speak for everyone when I say that we respect. May Our Heavenly Father Guide you & continue to protect you until the journey is over & we all have continued His work. God Bless U.
[MarkZ] abbababy thank you
[abbababy] Mar,kZ  hi    I have missed you & happy  you are back. Now we can finally get the good intel byyou & I am sure I speak for everyone when I say that we respect. May Our Heavenly Father Guide you & continue to protect you until the journey is over & we all have continued His work. God Bless U.
[MarkZ] abbababy thank you

[AwesomeAaron] If all 5 million of us know who the hold up is, it will difficult for them to threten all 5 million of us to keep quiet
[MarkZ] AwesomeAaron I agree with your reasoning.

[lilypad] MarkZ, so did I read correctly, that we might possibly see this Thur morning?
[MarkZ] lilypad very possible, Iraq is supossed to release it's budget tomorrow which we expect to hold the new rate.

[Saved4Eternity] MarkZ Ok, so what proof do we have the there was actually an RI in Iraq? And, if there was an RI how long can it go one until an  rv  is triggered for us in the US?
[MarkZ] Saved4Eternity Multiple confirmations on RI. The problem is a country can RI or even rv  internally and the rest of the world does not have to acknowledge it. Especially when the currency is not internationally recognized. The key here is for the IQD to become an internationally recognized currency and then the RI or rv  surfaces everywhere. This is going to be a crazy ride here at the end with some crazy, nutty intel.

[harondaddy] MarkZ - Are you aware of any pending arrests of politicians in the United States Corporation who are know to have commited crimes against humanity? Will it be for public display and will there be a world wide tribunal?
[MarkZ] harondaddy yes, I am aware of some arrests, the vast majority will be VERY quiet to avoid public unrest is the plan

[glonadark] MarkZ how big of a domestic/global mass is needed to overtake the current "cabal" controllers of this rv process as some are saying is needed for for forward progress?
[MarkZ] glonadark Our post last week shook things up, caused a tremor/earthquake in the rafters. It let them know that MANY of us know the details and you can't silence us all.

[gatorguy] MarkZ... is Iraq in Article 6? And if the R/I was announced.. 1) Where can we see proof of it online 2) Is today night #10
[MarkZ] glonadark Our post last week shook things up, caused a tremor/earthquake in the rafters. It let them know that MANY of us know the details and you can't silence us all.

[Saved4Eternity] MarkZ Ok , I will ask. What is necessary for the IQD to become int'l currency? Who is ultimately responsible for the approval and final release of a currency release to the international community? IMF, Iraq, US, someone else?
[MarkZ] Saved4Eternity As I understand it the IMF will release it to regional level and once the controller of the north american banking block pulls the trigger then the world will acknowledge the reset.

[dinofan] MarkZ Truthfully, we are never going to know who was holding this back ...are we?
[MarkZ] dinofan we will know. I will DAMN sure make certain you all know it all.

[harondaddy] MarkZ - I am interested to know how the Federal Reserve will be phased out? Will people be educated publically about the illegalities of the Federal Reserve System?
[MarkZ] harondaddy We will know what happened. Most americans will choose to stay in the dark and will accept that we just moved the world to asset backed money to make banking more stable.

[Diane Marie] MarkZ ~ Is there anywhere .. that we can look to find proof that the RI was published? Where can we find in the IMF regulations the protocals for a RI? Thank you
[MarkZ] Diane Marie None that I can find on the net.

[SpecialAgentGibbs] MarkZ if "that" little group can be of any help, just yell
[MarkZ] SpecialAgentGibbs I can always count on you.

[MarkZ] I know I am missing a lot of questions the board is scrolling! :) Digs you asked something?

[gatorguy] MarkZ.. when all this goes down.. what currecies will you have in your multi currency account.
[MarkZ] gatorguy The two central african currencies, some of all the brics, canadian, mongolian, and a couple more I have to think about.

[tc0043] MarkZ Will the IRS be used to monitor the national sales tax ?
[MarkZ] tc0043 that and tariff's as I understand it.

[derosegirl] Markz Have you heard that the   bought the Federal Reserve? Is that the change of power??
[MarkZ] derosegirl no, the FED is just moving it's offices to London and Italy, they will continue as a company but will be changing their business plan bug time.

[Saved4Eternity] MarkZ what do you think of Stanley Fischer? Do you think Janet Yellen is going to end up being a patsy?
[MarkZ] Saved4Eternity yes on yellen

[sananddan24] MarkZ the Zim?
[MarkZ] sananddan24 heck yes.

[speedracer] MarkZ Australian Dollar?
[MarkZ] speedracer yes. I consider it a strong safe currency IMO

[sandytob] MarkZ Will the call be recorded tomorrow night?
[MarkZ] sandytob The plan is to record it.

[Believe13] someone indicated WF was showing dinar, Zim, VND, rupiah at the screens on hold..your thoughts?
[MarkZ] Believe13 Highly likely, I spoke with some other bankers that said they had a rate showing.

[glonadark] MarkZ Will the IRS still be collecting for the UST nnow or will the 26th ammendment be in play still?
[MarkZ] glonadark I am not educated on the 26th but as I understand it they will be collecting for the UST. As it is now 100% of the money they collect goes to the FED. Reagan had the Gracie report to prove it.

[nikki23] Markz what is the end date for this to go? Is it this month?
[MarkZ] nikki23 I believe it to be this month.

[harondaddy] MarkZ - Some of us know about how our Main Stream Media is under control at the moment. Will MSM be allowed to operate freely and disclose the Truth such as the atrocities that happened on 911?
[MarkZ] harondaddy not sure on the 911 stuff but as I understand it we will get a lot of uncomfortable truths. Which we need to hear

[jeff] Markz is the hold up the release of the trn/usn?
[MarkZ] jeff largely yes that is the hold up.

[tc0043] MarkZ Do you think you will NEED to do a call tomorrow like you planned for tonight?
[MarkZ] tc0043 I still want to do the call to educate


[imperium] [..SweetQueen] markz vnd, zim, rupiah all with dinar?
[MarkZ] imperium I believe so. I am looking for them at the same time.

[sharpshooter007] what is USN
[..SweetQueen] sharpshooter007 USN=UNITED STATES NOTE

[gatorguy] Markz.. The TRN notes need to be printed and in circulationrthe   to appear OR does the UST just have to track the exchanged dinar as a TRN note in a digital form for accounting purposes/Basel III compliance?
[MarkZ] gatorguy I have been told by an exceptional source that many are printed but it can be exchanged digitally and tracked digitally. I was told that UST wants a short window on the 1 to 1 exchange to help remove illegal money and soften any devaluation

[socalcutie] SweetQueen wow, that is new to me, thanks very much for that
[MarkZ] socalcutie I am looking forward to getting to name some of the names. I am especially looking forward to naming the people that have been fighting for this to happen. The people who have given their lives to see this done. Those are who I really want to name.

[zaneandres] I heard that there are trillions of dollars that would be removed from the system if we issue TRNs. Many criminals and terrorists would not be able to exchange.
[MarkZ] zaneandres exactly why they want a short window on even exchange


[gatorguy] MarkZ.. what is your opinion of the 5 mini IMF's
[MarkZ] gatorguy I am still playing that out in my head. Part of me likes it, part is hesitant. What are your thoughts. I hadn't heard 5 though.

[SpecialAgentGibbs] MarkZ Maybe between the illegal $$$, and the ill gained $$$ being cut out of the exchange, the offset will compensate?
[MarkZ] SpecialAgentGibbs That is the plan.

[MarkZ] who understands the difference between currency and money?

[LittleBuddha] Money has real value. Currency has belief.
[MarkZ] LittleBuddha Thank you. currency is fiat, money is asset backed.

[SpecialAgentGibbs] Scotch has REAL value...let's all invest in scotch
[MarkZ] SpecialAgentGibbs lol, I am in

[tc0043] MarkZ why does the roll out of USN hold up the release of the 800
[MarkZ] tc0043 When the IQD was tied to the Reset it was decided it had to be paid in asset dollars. You can't pay in asset dollars without the reset aka USN/TRN

[Believe13] u know the back wall date? Tony says he is not allowed to share it there is one
[MarkZ] Believe13 I have been told two different back wall dates. I hate the term after this rollercoaster...

[MarkZ] may 15th and june 15th

[AwesomeAaron] MarkZ Doesn't having 2 dates defeat the purpose of a "backwall"
[MarkZ] AwesomeAaron two different sources. I only believe one of them.

[mango5] do we do a money exchange or a currency exchange?
[MarkZ] mango5 lol, good question. I do not think the terminology will matter. I personally want MONEY!

[gatorguy] Markz.... do you feel they would put 1 of the back wall dates ON the exact day parliment is seated? It just doesn't make sense
[MarkZ] gatorguy Someone could be just reading into it.

[gatorguy] Markz.. with Barzani and Sadr making their moves (and ulitmately wanting to seperate from Iraq) wouldn't it make more sense for them to finally attend parliment and vote through the budget right before the Parliment is seated?
[MarkZ] gatorguy I think they will for appearances sake

[harondaddy] MarkZ - How much money is allocated to the United States Dollar Refunding Project? Are those values associated with the USN?
[MarkZ] harondaddy I hope to get to answer that in an exact dollar amount tomorrow.

[lilypad] MarkZ, do you think the public release of this chat will stall the process even more as some are saying has stalled it previously?
[MarkZ] lilypad no
[MarkZ] lilypad I am not sharing anything here tonight that a reasonable adept person couldn't gleam from a little research. Playing it safe

[TIME4RVNOW] Markz the investors that are not part of the chat rooms or involved in any of the ongoing intel in regards the the iraqi dinar.. And have no clue what is trn/usn that will go to the banks and trade their currency and deposit it in the old fiat money account..are they in any kind of risk? Thank you
[MarkZ] TIME4RVNOW If they exchange in the US they should be safe as I understand it.

[MarkZ] Keep in mind folks I could be totally mis-informed and all of this is just my opinion.... That is my dis-claimer.

[sandytob] MarkZ Will the IQN float up to a higher value in the weeks following the RV?
[MarkZ] sandytob I believe it could. I will have to see the initial rate first though. I am looking for the 'street' rate to climb

[lilypad] MarkZ, you rock
[MarkZ] lilypad blush

[SpecialAgentGibbs] It is indeed mind blowing to dig & discover what is actually available to the general public, IF you look for it
[MarkZ] SpecialAgentGibbs They need to listen to you. You need to spend more time in the room here helping to guide these folks to knowledge on this.
[SpecialAgentGibbs] Did you know that all the money paid into the SS system ends up dedposited into a bank in England, under the Queens control???

[wingnaprayer] MarkZ Will the Banks make arrangements to take care of reserves when we schedule our initial appointment? Are the plans pretty much the same as has been discussed in the past or has the procedures to exchange been reorganized?
[MarkZ] wingnaprayer Some will
[MarkZ] wingnaprayer There is no ONE set plan or bank. There will be good positive competition.

[SpecialAgentGibbs] MarkZ Nah bro, they just want the money   roflmao
[MarkZ] SpecialAgentGibbs True Americans. :) As long as we can afford a six pack, a leather recliner and our cable bill....
[SpecialAgentGibbs] MarkZ sadly, you got it

[gatorguy] MarkZ... notice the Auctions in Iraq are continuing... at what point do you think they will stop the auctions before the RV/RI
[MarkZ] gatorguy I personally do not think they continued. I believe that is smoke from the press.

[wingnaprayer] MarkZ Where will we find the list of those banks?
[MarkZ] wingnaprayer all over the place

[AwesomeAaron] MarkZ Do you konw if the "contract" rates exist for the IQN and VNN?
[MarkZ] AwesomeAaron I am told Banks will offer those

[akjon] I do believe there are major changes coming that's going to be mind blowing.. What we will receive from this blessing is just icing on the cake compared to the changes that are coming.
[MarkZ] akjon Those old systems are being dismantled

[TIME4RVNOW] markz after all this words that been flying up in front of my eyes ..with all the  party beautiful colors.. is it time4rvnow ? Yes or no   better be yes
[MarkZ] TIME4RVNOW I am looking for it soon! I am a glass half full kinda guy

[gatorguy] MarkZ.. thanks for the answer.. do you feel the rate will come out at 1-1 or will the rate be the prewar rate of 3.22 plus inflation
[MarkZ] gatorguy I have been cautioned against giving any kind of rate. I expect higher than a dollar though1

[pursuitoftruth] Markz, Tony has said the time has been set time and again and as close as 10 minutes til time of released was stopped on several occasions. When will the cycle end?
[MarkZ] pursuitoftruth We are nearing the VERY end of our 'Groundhog" day

[gatorguy] MarkZ.. I understand... Iraq has publicly announced many times that their currency will be the highest in the region.. Kuwait being at $3.58 or so may be an indicator...
[MarkZ] gatorguy exactly

[Believe13] u know who DC is from the TNT crew?
[MarkZ] Believe13 no

[dinofan] MarkZ Any ideas on how this may be taxed...special case or normal rates?
[MarkZ] dinofan I have been told special case. I will be hiring a professional though. Better safe than bankrupt...

[sananddan24] MarkZ are rates still showing on the bank screens?
[MarkZ] sananddan24 Three bankers I spoke with today said yes, Two said no. 4 different banks total

[dinofan] MarkZ 55% off to the side for me
[MarkZ] dinofan That would be safe

[dinardiamonds] MarkZ comments on mnt goat and white hat auxiliary
[MarkZ] dinardiamonds I rarely read the boards. I think it clouds the intel and leads to circular intel.

[gatorguy] MarkZ... expanding on the tax question. Do you feel the FATCA law going into effect on July 1 will effect us post C/E
[MarkZ] gatorguy I haven't thought about it. I need to think on it

[geoworld] MarkZ jester said you didn't call him. -- did you?
[MarkZ] geoworld I didn't call him until today.

[possum] MarkZ hi, do u know if any International (Aussie) banks aligned with G64 group exchange...
[MarkZ] possum I have not spoken with G64 group directly yet but I had heard that they had.

[twinnster] markz...this has happened many times...requests going out to "gurus" to not blow the lid off...then nothing happens...YET
[MarkZ] twinnster I honestly believe this time is different. The requests came from a different source this time.

[glonadark] MarkZ With precious metals being needed to make the asset quota for countries, will the availability be scarce since countries will need them too or is the soveriegn buy up done?
[MarkZ] glonadark Yes to some degree but there are other resources and tiers figured in this time. It is not just a 'gold' back thing. Oil is tier one, coal etc, There is a much broader base which should soften the blow to metals markets. IMO

[gatorguy] Markz... understood... With the IMF publicly stating to Iraq to set a reality rate.. and Maliki circumventing the USA by announcing the RI... What group or event do you feel is being an obstacle at this point
[MarkZ] gatorguy Maliki played a great game of chicken and I honestly believe he has helped force a conclusion. Let's face it, the US bankers and politicians would have drug us along as long as they could without motivation and Maliki gave them that. Not that I am a Maliki fan AT ALL!!

[MarkZ] fb look for Mark Zee twitter look for @originalmarkz

[loumat] MarkZ..this president wants to eliminate oil and coal extraction, and any other fossil fuel from the available energy inventory of this will that affect the value of available resources that will valuate the new Basel III USD?
[MarkZ] loumat He nearly ruined me because I was/am in the coal industry. He was not successful in removing it from the B3 tiers as resources that count towards value though.

[glonadark] MarkZ after the GRC is considered public info, how long to you forsee the markets being stable as a whole?
[MarkZ] glonadark I am thinking 6 months myself. what do you think?

[gatorguy] MarkZ.. LOL... Maliki doesn't have any fans! I find little to no independent information on the VND.. its not like their are sites dedicated to it like the Dinar. What really makes Vietnam an Revaluable currency?
[MarkZ] gatorguy cheap labor and they are sitting on a HUGE oil reserve in the middle of the old DMZ. They buried that story to gaurd against speculators. Look for that story to release as soon as the   occurs.

[MarkZ] ..SweetQueen This is organic and good. I like for them to know they can ask anything even if it is uncomfortable to answer sometimes.