Friday, May 23, 2014

Mountain Goat Update - May 23, 2014

UU4678 Roller Coaster Rides

Hi Everyone, my sleepy village we are now seeing the awaking, like a rebirth, of the summer months. We know what lays ahead. The lazy days of sommer. The mountains are now greener, the cool creeks are now flowing. My favorite hiking trails are once again clear of snow.

If you look on the horizon you can still see that some of the cold white snow lingering high on the mountaintops. Those that live here know that this bitterness of winter still exists in the Alpines even throughout the sommer months. As natives we know it will always be with us, as these bitter parts of life never melt away.

Today I come to you to give you a brief update on the news I am hearing about the Iraq dinar revaluation process.
  I have tried to tie some of the other global events to the revaluation process in my last news letter dated 5/20 and so you might want to re-read that first if it is not fresh on your mind.

Many question the validity of what I bring to you and I do understand the many pessimist since this picture is much larger than most can imagine. It is even much larger than I could possible right in this news letter so I condense and attempt to highlight.

However we all keep asking why the stalling? Why have we not already seen the active rates so we can all go exchange?

In this Iraq election process we keep banging our heads against the wall. We get on that roller coaster every weekend. Maliki is out, then Maliki is in. We hear intel from many sources but  we have hope and wish it was correct.

What is the definition of insanity?  Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

Today’s News

In order to help everyone understand what is going on with this election process and thus the connection with our long awaited revaluation process,  I need to bring out a few points that you may find interesting.

Is Maliki going to get a 3rd term as prime minister?

What impact does this have on the revaluation of the IQD?

To decide let up realistically look at all the evidence we have been seeing over the last couple years.

First let us look at the news media in Iraq- we all should know that the Nori Al- Maliki’s and his goons own over 75% of the news media in Iraq. He can pick and choose any news that suits his party’s purpose. This news often travels to the USA via regular news channels or via so called intel sources.

So how accurate is this news?  There are not many media channels in the USA  that will not even challenge the news from Iraq and just report it. So what we hear in USA on the news about Iraq is not always accurate.

All these recent articles coming out of Iraq seem to indicate that no way in hell he could possibly serve a third term. Yet now we are hearing he is prime minister again? So based on this  I kept asking  myself - Did I just miss something or is something wrong with this picture?

 Is someone or some entity from Iraq intentionally lying to us now on the election results?  What is really going on here. Is there a conspiracy going on once again in Iraq? Is Maliki up to his monkey business once again?

Secondly- can we all agree that Maliki is desperate. He is fully aware of his own lack of achievements and corruption in the last 4 years. He knows about he files that document it all and the witnesses that can testify against him. Do you think he might be spreading propaganda about himself to get more support? Do you think he might be a bit overly optimistic in his reporting of the news?

Last week however we heard the news of final results from the high electoral commission of Iraq. This seemed odd since the news came to us so soon. It told us that the voting process went as smooth as silk and was now entirely completed and the results were final.

Maliki’s party had won the election and had the majority of seats in parliament. Seems that Maliki was bound for a third term. But if we paid attention they did say this was preliminary results and not the final results.

Then around Friday/Saturday 5/16-5/17 timeframe the scuttlebutt  from Iraq came across that Maliki did in fact win a third term by being nominated by his own State Law Coalition, and the Islamic Dawa Party. They said it was all over and we would see the revaluation soon.

This could not be farthest from the truth. Actually what did happen is the party offered him possible support for the pm position if he could push the RV and assist in the final part of currency reform project working with the CBI. They gave him a timeline to accomplish these tasks. .

This is all funny news to me since I was just reading for weeks prior, article after article about Maliki’s slim chances of gaining another  third term as prime minister. So what is going on?

Thirdly - I want you to go back in time, to about April 2012. What was going on then?

What was the big news in Iraq at this time. Do you remember ? It was about the no- confidence vote and the effort to get rid of Maliki. This effort did not stop and in fact only has intensified since. The plot to get rid of him is stronger then ever.

 I also know that there has been a long and hard effort by the Sadarist movement combined with the National Islamic Council beginning around April 2012 to see to it that he did not have a third term. Do you remember all the articles about the no-confidence vote?

Does this seem like they wanted Maliki back for a third term even back then? Do you seriously think that they put up with Maliki for 4 years to turnaround and do it all over again? Of course this is just my opinion but see what you think when I give you some more facts.

Fourth - Do you remember the protestors in Iraq ? What was the #1 item of on their list of demands? It was to get rid of Maliki

I remember that in an effort to prevent more riots,  Maliki announced that he will not run for a third term in 2014, and called for a constitutional term limit. This term limit was then written and voted on by his own Shiite  members in parliament and was ratified into law.

Maliki then took an about face and began apposing  the new law as unconstitutional since he never actually thought it would be enacted.

Fifth- What about the recent meeting that Maliki had with the Kurdistan president Massoud Barzani just prior to the elections. The purpose of the meeting was to plea with the Kurds for their support.

 It is my understanding the Kurdistan leader refused to even see Maliki.. Maliki then followed up with a 30 pages request to the Kurdistan president for support. This too was rejected.

So we must remember the past since the 2010 elections edged on the support from the Kurds. This one of the primary reason why Maliki was even allowed a second term.

 This was the final determining factor. So what now will happen in the final conclusion to this election without the support of the Kurdistan region? It does not look good for Maliki.

Six - Let me now go back to the news we heard just prior to the elections on the involvement of the UN in the voting process. I guess they suspected that someone would try fowl play ( I wonder who?) and so they had over 600+ UN reps throughout Iraq monitoring the process. This was not only for security   reasons but also to ensure no monkey business with the ballots.

So in brief here is how the process went.

When someone cast a vote it  actually was cast in triplicate. One copy went to the electoral commission of Iraq and one copy to the UN. I am not sure where the third went.

After the polls closed in each province the UN took their ballot boxes, sealed them and had the Iraq electoral commission certify the seal. The electoral commission of Iraq took their boxes too.

The UN boxes remained sealed until just recently when representatives from the electoral commission of Iraq gathered with the UN representatives present opened the boxes and both parties began to re-count and validate the votes.

 All three ballot boxes from each province should now match….right?  This is the first level of control. Next even if they did match was the ballot legitimate? The second level of control.

Here is why it is taking so long to get the final results of the elections to us, Here is what they found..

1)      they have found over 2 million invalid ballots cast by dead people. Most of these votes were cast for Shiite members

2)      they found that the paper ballot itself  were invalid since they were not legitimate ballots in the first place. Only so many ballots were sent to each province based on the census count. So how could you have more ballots than people voting?

3)      Each ballot was printed on custom paper including a custom “watermark” sent from the maker of the paper. Most did not even know this was done.  Millions of votes were discovered as invalid due to lack of proper watermark. These were again mostly cast for Shiite members.

Is this sounding fishy yet?

Certification of Election Results

So what I am trying to tell you is that the final validation of the ballots is a lengthy process. We were told it would take about 10 days to complete once started. This must be done to certify the results. I am told we are nearing the end of this 10 day period. The final certification is due to be completed on May 25th.

Seven -  In the meantime negotiations between parties are taking place. Unlike the elections in the USA, Iraq has a parliamentary form of election process.

The citizens vote on the a) parliamentary  members and 2) the party that will best represents the new government has the most seats in parliament and thus gets to build the new government

So once the final ballot counts are certified and announced the winning party will then form the new government. This must still be done within the guidelines of the constitution.

Unlike the basic 2 party system in the USA, in Iraq there are many more parties. So after the elections the preliminary results get announced (already done) then the bargaining begins.

The parties form coalitions and combine the votes given to individual parties to form stronger blocks and stronger coalitions.
The end result could be a new coalition taking power made up of many prior coalitions or blocks.

This is now the stage of the process we are in. So we wait for the wheeling and dealing to take place, then formal announcement of the winner next.

What are the next steps?

The next step in the Iraq election process is for the Iraq electoral commission to announce the “formal” election results. But prior  to this the UN lead re-count must take place since there is suspected election fraud. This may be contrary to what the news media has come out and said but then again who controls the new media in Iraq?

After the formal announcement of the election results the winning party will have 30 days to put the new government together and get it properly seated. This must be concluded by June 14th, when the current government’s charter expires.
  This is the step where Maliki in 2010 failed. He did not seat the minister of defense, security or the interior ministers as he was supposed to do according to the constitution. Instead he appointed proxy members into these positions. Each proxy member had to pay Maliki handsomely for these seats.

He also had their staff pay for their positions. So there was corruption right from the start. Then Maliki would use these proxy ministers as his scape goat  anytime something went wrong. He maintains all control yet no responsibility.

 This way he could not be held accountable or to blame for anything, He always had an excuse for the failures and corruption. If needed (once cornered) he simply persecutes the proxy minister (looks like a hero) and then puts the position up for grabs again to the highest bidder. Look at the record of these ministers. He has done this multiple times since 2010.

Is this all beginning to make sense to you now as to what is going on and why they simply can’t  not have Maliki as prime minister once again?

But there is more.

For  2014 election, there is much  fraud regardless of what you are hearing in the news. There is  now an ongoing investigation by the Interpol (UN international police)  to determine who the culprits.

 Iraq has a mandatory 5 year jail sentence for those who are convicted. All members of the Independent High Electoral Commission of Iraq and their staff are suspects. Many are now squealing like baby pigs on fellow parliamentary members.

Many of these so-called re-elected members will not actually be serving another term in parliament. This all has to be sorted out prior to making the formal announcement of the election results. The votes given to each party may change once the certification results come out.

My questions now are- When will they tie all this fraud back to Maliki and if they do what happens to him?  Will he even be allowed to run for PM regardless?

Having said all this then let us go back to the news from last Friday 5/16 (of Maliki be elected for a third term)

How could this possibly be accurate? How can this information spread so quickly and be so easily accepted by so called intel providers here in the USA and yet be so far from the truth? The formal election results have not even been published yet.

Maybe its time we all just to sit and wait for the formal results to be announced before jumping to conclusions and believing this hype.

About the reinstatement announcement from 4/26

Let me now also say that the government of Iraq (GOI) can not announce a reinstatement or a revaluation. This power is the responsibility of the CBI and only the CBI with recommendations from the GOI finance committee.

This is why we do not yet see any rate change and formal global announcement or international implementation of the RV. Maliki’s announcement on April 26 was not that important but only for those of us who are tracking the series of fruitless attempts by Maliki to gain power.

This is yet  another indication of how desperate this man really is. We all however should know better by now since we all should remember the fruitless past attempt of Maliki to take over the CBI in December 2012 and how the UN and USA quickly stepped in to resolve the crisis.

I too have heard of the reinstatement and I believe that it was in fact announced. But the merit of it is to yet be determined.


The moral of this election story is - Don’t count your chickens until the eggs have hatched….lol….

The final certification of the election results is due to be completed and announced to us on or about May 25th. I am hearing it is still on schedule. Will they have a fully formed government by then? No!

They are planning to have a fully functional government seated within 30 days from the May 25th announcement and one might think this would be by June 14th,   sooner than later. This does not mean they will take the entire 30 days.

Technically the coalition or block that can accumulate at least 165 seats in parliament is given the responsibility of putting the government together. This coalition then has 30 days to seat the new government. The counter does not begin until the final election results are certified and published.

This is expected to happen on May 25th.

There is work to be done and it stems from the corruption discovered in recounting the ballots. The UN has discovered this and suspected something.

Due to the situations of voting fraud we might, however, have to wait longer than we expected for this verification to be completed. It all depends just how bad.

Remember that there is also lots going on behind the scenes in Iraq. Sort of like dirty laundry that you don’t want to aired in public. Most of it will never reach the general news media and be known by most.

Why would they want the global community to know about the difficulties they are having with their democracy. They would rather present themselves differently, in a better light. They need and desire the global investors. .

Now we are hearing by some sources that this coming weekend is an excellent window to see the final rollout completion and the RV announcement. They say the USA will not hold it up and we could be at the banks next week exchanging.

However I am skeptical since not all my sources are saying this is likely. They are saying it is possible but not probable.

Possible because everything is in place and signed off. Not probable because there is still a small group of individuals who want to stick to the original plan and see a fully formed, functional, stable government in Iraq as well as a more secure country. After all, they say, this was the original plan. So what has changed?

They can not see the light through the forest. In fact some even want to wait and let the new Iraq government settle in and shake out for an undermined timeframe to decide if they are worthy of moving back into the global arena.

This is of course absolutely ridiculous and these people really have no business making these decisions when thinking like this. Iraq is in fact already on the threshold with one foot in the global community and the other ready to join the WTO. All they need is a global currency to move ahead.

When we look at all the evidence and effort that went into the currency restructuring project so far, we see nothing but progress to the point we have to say that Iraq in now at a cross road.

 There is only 2 ways to go. Either they go down the path of constant struggling or move to a nonsectarian government, get a real currency and join the global economy and move forward.

This plan can not succeed with a prime minister like Maliki and his goons in charge and so we know the path that will follow if this is the case.

It is my personal belief we will more than likely not see any revaluation of the IQD or GCR until just before or just after the fully formed functional government is announced to the world. I hearing they are aggressively moving towards the June 14th timeframe in this manner. So this is their plan.

I have explained all this to you today and in my last news latter so you can also see the bigger picture of the desperate attempts by the USA to try to save the petro dollar and USA fragile economy.

 We know about the attempt by the Russians to circumvent the petro dollar and the impact is has had for a decade now  on the state of the  global  conflicts. These are energy wars. Something that has long been predicted would happen. The two Iraq wars were just the catalyst.

There is a plan for the USA to be the world’s leading oil producer by 2020 and by 2035 to provide 100% of China’s energy needs. It is a very aggressive plan.

It is all about energy and the trillions being made over it. Civilizations have always and will always exist and either flourish or blow away in the wind due to readily available sources of energy.

Someday maybe we can finally let go of this petro madness and allow the new energy technologies to be implemented making the energy crisis a thing of the past.

Maybe then we can move on to more mindful endeavors like cleaning up the environment and truly creating a better, safer, healthier world for our children.

Are you ready to move forward now with a new attitude on what is really going on with the stalling of the revaluation process? Or will you hold on to your “hopium”?
We should all feel relieved now in knowing we will in fact be able to exchange soon but on the terms of a factual timeline, not wishful thinking thus a bigger, brighter future for Iraq and the world.

Peace and Luv To Ya All,   Mnt Goat