Monday, May 5, 2014

Mountain Goat Update - May 5, 2014 Everyone,

To all who have been following our Maibaum event I will give you an update.

Our event was very successful this past weekend and we concluded   our annual fest on Sunday night with  music and dancing. We had 125 Kinder assist and learn the traditions and over 2,500 attendees overall. Many guests arrived on Thursday and Friday and we began the ceremony early on Saturday morning beginning with the parade to the center of the village then to erect our pole.

What a wonderful time had by all !  If you never experienced this event I encourage you to investigate more, travel over to Germany and come to visit for awhile next mid spring.  The Alpine regions of Bavaria are teaming with new life this time of the year. God has surely blessed this land with its beautiful mountains.

Today’s News

If you have been following my recent last couple news letters you know that there are some unethical and now illegal dealings going on with this IQD international rollout process.

The USA has control over the final steps to the process. As I have stated the controllers of this process simply do not want to end the continued bonanza of billions of dollars being made each and every time they stall the process once again. It is not easy to give up the goose that is laying the golden eggs……lol….

I know for a fact that the process ran last Wednesday night and encountered a technical snag. Once I got notification of this stoppage, once again I waited for the excuse.

I could hardly believe what I was hearing and the cause was so obvious that one has to believe it was intentional and sabotage.

All this was once again documented and those responsible placed in our files. So by Friday the fix was in place the process running again. I truly expected to see the process completed and done by late Sunday or early Monday morning. but here we sit Monday morning and no status as of yet. I am now attempting to get an accurate status. .

From everything I am hearing I fully expect to see the final completion of the process this week and all of us be at the banks and exchanged.

If this is not concluded by the end of the week, I am informed that my organization has no choice but to move forward with all of the documentation and files of the shenanigans and political posturing that has been reflected in the rollout process so far.

All those responsible for these actions will also be listed.
We have already contacted the news media and full disclosure and transparency of these files to the general public will be done.

We will then let the public, meaning you 5 million dinar holders and the rest of the concerned citizens of the USA and the world, decide the next course of action.

 So my office now waits in anticipation to see just what will  transpire this week. We are not to be so hasty as to overlook the obvious in the matter.

The evidence will demonstrate who has been holding up this RV process and why. You will be very surprised when you see the files and the dirty tactics that have been used.

 What amazes me is the notion of stalling for so long (now since December 2013) that I thought the USA wanted Iraq to be democratized government and build their county to a free capitalistic economy.

So just how do these people who are stalling the rollout process think this can happen without an international currency? Just how long do they  think they can stall before the cork is let off the bottle and this sensitive information comes gushing out to the general public? The time is almost here.

Iraq Elections Update

First let me say that if you are an investor in the dinar currency and you actually believe this guy is good for Iraq then you need to study his past tactics and performance as a leader, a humanitarian, and a patriot.

Yes – I can agree that he is a brilliant politician but if he can not and does not want to form a government for the people by the people then what good is he as a leader for this newly formed democray?

 For those of you that still believe that Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki still has a chance of hanging on to his position for a third term, think again. The preliminary results of the elections are done and in any provinces that could have made a significant difference one way or the other the ballot counting is done.

The results show that Maliki’s State of Law coalition has not won the majority that will give him a third term in office. As I have stated in my last news letters that I stake my bet on the citizens party and the alliances put together by Ammar Al-Hakim (head of the Islamic supreme council) and influential Shi’a cleric Moqtada Al-Sadr to run the next government.

This is a very good thing just so you know just in case you have not been following Iraq politics over the last 2 years.

 So how long will it take to form a new government?

I believe it will not take months but only a matter of weeks to form a new government (once the final votes are counted). This is contrary thinking to the rhetoric you may hear about it taking months from the news media.

Most of these journalists  know very little about the real political happenings in Iraq and who the true future leaders of Iraq are.   These men have spend countless hours putting together this new alliances and strategizing ways to bring the country together to form the new government. This new government will be  based on a true political majority because it is a way out of the worsening crisis which faces the government, and a way out of the political crisis and difficulties which face the current parliament.

 We will now finally see the Federation Council enacted, something that Maliki has not supported and ignored for over four years. In spite of his objections this council has been established and is about ready to take center stage in the political process.


I wanted to keep today’s news letter brief and to give you a quick update.

I believe we have been seeing progress in the international rollout. The new rates are calculated and being sent down to the banks and exchanges. This takes time to complete and for some reason was started later than expected.

There has also  been more tactics to stall the process along the way and time will tell what comes next. Either way this rollout will conclude very soon.

I surely hope this week will bring Iraq the conclusion of their monetary reform project as it links up to the rest of the civilized financial world

I fully and firmly believe we all will see a sudden news media broadcasts  on the  forming of the new Iraq government. Finally we will see this happen. We have waited now for 4 long years for this event.

Other announcements will soon follow concerning final implementation of  necessary laws we have all been watching play out.  All the key players will be standing around shaking hands and smiling for the cameras.

I do believe Maliki will not be in this photo since I do not believe he has the guts to admit defeat and shake hands in transition with the new prime minister in front of the world.

My concern now is - What will he do in his transition?  Can we expect hell to break lose on the Iraq people as punishment for his defeat?

I believe this transition will not be an easy one and he may cause yet more damage before it is all over.  .

Peace and Luv To Ya All,

Mnt Goat