Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Hi Everyone,

I come to you today to write this newsletter and to express an amazement of more information that has come to light. As you know there has been an ongoing investigation on these matters of the USA stalling the rollout of the currency revaluations. Now these corrupt practices could become public in the near future.

Today’s News

If you have been following my recent couple newsletters you know that there are some unethical and now illegal dealings going on with this IQD international rollout process.  The USA has control over the final steps to the process. As I have stated the controllers of this process simply do not want to end the continued bonanza of billions of dollars being made each and every time they stall the process once again. Once again I say it is not easy to give up the goose that is laying the golden eggs……lol….

The big question on everyone’s minds these days seems to be whether or not the IQD and the VND currencies will reset in the same basket (the initial basket) now that the reinstatement is underway. The reinstatement is of course just for the IQD. This is not however the question we should now be asking. They have already been very successful in diverting our attention.

This is how it was all presented to the public so far

Due to the reinstatement of the IQD on 4/26 other issues arose since only the IQD is revaluing to pre-war rate plus maybe 20-25% equity and not the basket of some 190+ other currencies. The USA was preparing to complete the final stages of the GCR rollout but now they have halted the process to rethink a new  process.

This is of course once again is an excuse and so ridiculous of a cover story  that I have to roll over and laugh. If you only knew the truth you too would do the same. …and yes it does hurt to laugh these days……

So let me put this in perspective for you.

First of all if the USA was really ready (and has been ready) to complete the final rollout process for the GCR on 4/26 and promised to do so at that time. However they failed to do it. Why? Stalling again? Then what has really changed between then and now? Nothing!

Why can’t they just run the rate updates (it takes 72 hours) and complete the verification steps  and then activate the rates and let us exchange. How much longer do they have to plan? They did this once already last December for the politicians to exchange. They did this again last February for the bankers to cash in their wealthy clients.

Is the holdup now  the fact that, for the reinstatement, the rate must  now be  much lower than the planned full RV rate? No – any rate for the IQD can be used as the marketrate as long as it coincides with the agreed upon rate by all parties. All the other currencies might have to be adjusted but this is handled in the recalculation step of the process. This has already been completed.

Could the answer be that there are technical glitches in the re-running of the rate process. No – I have heard from reliable source this is not all set and new rates are calculated and ready in all down steam files.

Do they have to renegotiate with China or anyone else? No- the contracts with China or anyone else are now fixed and in fact China waits and wants the international rollout ASAP.

So what could be the hold up? These excuses being used are old and we are all used to hearing them over and over again. They seem to recycle these excuses. Have you noticed this too?

Oh let me tell you about the latest excuse. The reinstatement is done and they are working on the aftermath issues. Really?  Funny how can it be “done” since  when I go to the bank and I am not allowed to exchange like all the politicians and bankers have done. So how can this be “done”.

The real answer simply lies in why did they not complete the rollout as promised in the first place on 4/24 and all the other times prior.

It is because they are making billions off the stalling each and every time they hold this up.

So if the USA did complete the revaluation process then Iraq would never have had to do a reinstatement process to circumvent the constant stalling since December 2013 in the first place. Right?

Please let us not overlook this simple fact and allow them to divert our attention away from  the real cause of why we (the general public) have not  yet been able to yet exchange.

It is because they are making billions off the stalling each and every time they hold this up.

It is time to start answering these questions. ( I am sure you have many questions of your own):

On Dec 1 we were told that this is the official date of the revaluation. Then how could this be since Iraq should also have been notified. No-Yes? How could Iraq then almost five months later do a reinstatement if it already revalued? Could Iraq have been forced to reinstate since the USA was not capable or refused to complete the rollout process?

How could then congressmen, senators and private wealthy banker cliental all be exchanging IQD already back in December 2013 if just now we got the reinstatement?

What legal basis do they have for exchanging so early and why did the United States Treasury allow this to happen and partake in this event?
To make things worst  this was done during a time of many of the  global economic bankingscandals and corruption scams going on?  Is not the UST the watchdog of the banking system? How could they allow this to happen and even assist to orchestrate it ? Who is behind this?

These are all valid questions and like the investigation of the 911 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center   there are just too many questions unanswered and being ignored to the general public.  It is time to bring this story  into the light for all to see the facts.
What I am trying to tell you is the reinstatement does not really matter in the eyes of who is really controlling the rollout. It was an attempt by the IMF and Iraq to bypass the USA in this process but without any success. Remember the IMF has taken control over this rollout process but really how much control do they have? Who is really running this rollout process?

The recent Iraq reinstatement was thought to put a fire under the USA to stop this stalling and complete the process. It was not successful.

The powers in the USA who have control over the final rollout are bent on stalling as long as they can and will continue to stall until legal action is taken against them either by the international community or within the judicial system of the US government. We will not see this RV until this happens.
People – the new rates are at the banks!  They are in the exchange files ready to go international. All we need is one simple word – GO – and it is done. It would be a matter of hours if not minutes to complete the final piece.

There is no need for any more meetings or talks about what actions are needed post –RV.  This is stalling and excuses once again. This all can and will be worked out post-RV and will be worked out since many of the real issues have not yet even been discovered and won’t be until the process is completed.

The real issue now to be most concerned about is why the stalling and to hold those accountable for the stalling. Remember they already conducted their exchanges back in December 2013 and also allowed the banks to sell and exchange IQD to thousands of preferred clients in February 2014. So now no hurry on their part to allow the general public access to the exchange process.  Of course the congressmen and senators are afraid to fight for justice in this situation since they too are guilty and would have to convict themselves. Is this not a conflict of office ? Do these people actually believe they are above the law? When will this corruption end?

Last week I promised that a list of the culprits and files on these crooked dealings   would be revealed. We are now in the process of finalizing this information and are now  setting up a timeframe to forward these files.

We expect the names of the culprits and all their shenanigans and their tactics used will be fully disclosed in the very near future. This action will be necessary unless action is taken to halt the stalling of the rollout process to the general public. This is not a threat since  I am only relaying information told to me by my sources. This is about possible future outcomes of the inability of the USA government to clean house of these culprits and complete the job they are legally responsible to complete in a timely manner.

Iraq Elections Update

For those of you that believe that Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki still has a chance of hanging on to his position for a third term as prime minister,,,, THINK AGAIN. The preliminary results of the elections are done and  the results show that Maliki’s State of Law coalition has not won the majority  in his supporting party that will give him a third term in office.

As I have stated in my last newsletters  I staked my bet on the Citizens Party and the alliances put together by Ammar Al-Hakim (head of the Islamic supreme council) and influential Shi’a cleric Moqtada Al-Sadr to run the next government. This is now all very, very good news.

So how long will it take to form a new Iraq government?

I believe it will not take months but only a matter of weeks to form a new government. The final alliances and negotiations are now underway. However we must realize that the current Parliament and Council of Ministers remain in full control of the government until the June 14 mandate ends. The transition has begun.


So what can we expect in the future?

We have already heard about some election fraud proven to be set up by the State Law Coalition but it will have very little impact on the final results. If the western world now lets the true democratic process work fully in Iraq, they now have a chance of becoming a very strong nation as the focal point of the Middle Eastern countries.

Of course there are those countries like Syria and Iran who would rather not let this happen and so this will be a constant threat in the future. Saudi Arabia too has some issues by the possibility of a very strong Iraq with the wrong leader in charge however they realize it is a choice  between their neighbors and so plan to form a partnership and coexist peacefully to their mutual benefit. Turkey of course has been on board with the notion of a peaceful Iraq and supports all the current efforts to turn the country around.

In the coming weeks we will see on  national news media the changing of the government leaders in Iraq. We will then also see a slow evolution of lessening violence in Iraq and a more peaceful, politically stable country evolve. This will happen  since now honest efforts will be made to eradicate Iraq of the terror and violence that has squashed freedom and unity for so long.  Sectarianism and political division will be lessened too since the new leadership will not tolerate these actions and encourage instead the dream of a united and prosperous Iraq.

The execution of the remaining phase of 5 year reconstruction plan for Iraq is coming to an end after  the last 4 years of stalling. The new 5 year plan is taking root. This last statement may sound funny to some but if you truly have been following Iraq politics over the last 2 terms of the Maliki government (8 years) you know the meaning.

We will see the long awaited revaluation of the IQD (Iraq’s currency). I will tell you now it is the plan of the USA  not to rollout a reinstatement rate but to come out with a revaluation rate sometime. I have heard it could even be as long as mid June 2014. But this is only a date thrown out to us as any date since in their real intention they have to end date.

They will attempt to keep stalling the reinstatement  with more excuses and fooling the American and the international community. They will tell the IMF, Iraq and us lies to keep their cash cow milking. We see evidence of this once or twice a week with statements like – “it looks real good for tonight”. Their plan of course does not coincide with the needs and desires of Iraq and the IMF. This was obvious by the Iraq’s reinstatement maneuver a week and a half ago.

They are doing this so many more billions can be milked from the process before they are forced to finally let go of the goose that lays the golden eggs. They will not let go until forced to do so.  Will they be forced? Who will finally step in and clean up this mess?

This stalling however their plan in total disregard of the needs of Iraq and its people and even international laws.  They may continue moving forward with this stalling plan but in the process of doing so I can assure you they run the risk of paying a very high price for all those involved. In the short and long run many of  these risks will be disastrous for both their personal and political careers. The excuse of “I was only doing what I was told to do” will no longer have any merit since all involved will be exposed from the top down. 

Peace and Luv To Ya All,

Mnt Goat