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As you continue to read below you will realize that the Fryer Tuck article was a sociology/psychology experiment devised by the blog writer Berlin over at the TransformationIsComing website.  
I had received an email this afternoon from someone calling themselves Fryer Tuck.  I posted the email unaware of the intent behind the posting and what the author wanted to accomplish. I did not know it was Berlin as she did not tell me it was her nor did she use her regular email address.  "Fryer Tuck" contacted me via email at .

Apparently this article has now been published on multiple sites and is spreading like wildfire.  Not sure if Berlin sent this out to all these sites or if I was the starting point of all of this.  
Of course there is a lesson to be learned from all of this.
Oh well, live and learn, eat popcorn, and tomorrow is a brand new day. 
05/02/2014 I want EVERYONE reading this including those who know me to understand that nothing in this post or being revealed or actions taken by ME was in no way meant in any negative way!

As always I do have the best intentions of pointing the human psyche out and just how we might actually be deceived. Even by those whom we believe we can TRUST!

In saying this I want to apologize for an emotional drama or what not this might have caused anyone who was involved, reading or strung along in today’s fiasco. This was not meant to make anyone look bad, but only to see the human nature of HOPE!

After this next section I will get on with the RV, Global Reset and the elusive Fryer Tuck.

There is a movie I love called, The Shawshank Redemption and in this, there are two distinctive sections in the move that have always stuck with me. Tim Robbins in the movie was speaking about being in the Hole in prison. Another man said,

 “So they let you tote that record player down there?”

Tim Robbins: “It was in here and in here” as he points to his head and heart, “That’s the beauty of music; they can’t get that from you!”

Then they go on to talk about how music in prison makes the most sense in there and Tim says to Morgan Freeman.

“You need it so you don’t forget. Forget that there are places in the world that are not made out of stone. That there’s something inside that they can’t get to, that they can’t touch, it’s yours!”

Morgan Freeman: “What are you talking about?”

Tim Robbins: “Hope!”

Morgan Freeman: “Hope, let me tell you something my friend. Hope is a dangerous thing. Hope can drive a man insane. It’s got no use on the inside, you better get used to the idea.”

Time Robbins: “Like Brooks did?”

Brooks was older man who was released from years of prison. He was so out of touch with the outside world and himself that he hung himself in the halfway house room he was given to live in. You can see that specific short clip here.

Then at the end of the movie Morgan Freeman is taught a lesson about hope. He opens a letter that was written by Tim Robbins character. Morgan Freeman goes by the name Red in the movie. The letter reads:

Dear Red,

If you’re reading this you’ve gotten out and if you’ve come this far, maybe you’re willing to come a little further. You remember the name of the town don’t you? I could use a good man to help me get my project on wheels. I’ll keep an eye out for you and the chess board ready.

Remember Red, hope is a good thing. Maybe the best of things and no good thing ever dies. I’ll be hoping that this letter finds you and finds you well.

Your friend Andy

You can watch that clip of the movie here:

You can also find the entire movie online on YouTube or Netflix.

Now to the good stuff and maybe the stuff that is going to piss a whole lot of people off. Trust me my intentions were not to do so. It was to write this article in the name of Hope yet also offer some suggestions. If I have helped anyone at all in understand or looking at just how they see things in a better light then my job was done. Those that know me do know that I am far from dishonest. Yes I have acquired my own set of Karma by Free Will choice in doing this exercise. I will pay the price in whatever way it is assumed. If I lose readers or what not, I find the point to this much more important of a discussion then the actual things that led to the article itself. So please do forgive me if you are mad, and if you cannot I completely understand and am not hurt by that in any way. I take my punishment however it may come.

Sometimes in life we hope so much that we become blinded by our own hope. Hope is a wonderful thing yet at the same time it can be so dangerous. Hope becomes dangerous when it is being used by those with hearts of stone and cold blooded minds filled with greed and ego in the hopes of controlling others. This is the type of hope that I hope we can figure out in the end to better discern things that we read, receive, or anything in life no matter what it is. I speak from life experiences myself. Catching people in lies and examining just why it was they did what they did. I have put myself in the place of another to attempt to understand things. Such as the cabal! No doubt they are evil and just punishment should be had. I still don’t understand things but life is school ground to learn to find ourselves!

I am a TRUTHER and aspire to be a freelance writer in hopes of helping others. We all WANT TRUTH and truth seems to be hard to find these day’s anywhere. I hope this Global Reset, NESARA and RV all happen just as much as the next person. This entire exercise was not in any way meant to disprove information from any other sources out there. It was however meant to prove a point. What I do want to do is discuss the ever illusive Fryer Tuck and also Foxyclown Intel that is going around online at the moment.

We all know that the real con-artist would never expose the fact that they are one, let alone expose their lies.

Last night I thought of doing an article to see just how fast a made up Intel story would fly around the internet. It seems:
This is really no different than that show, “What Would You Do” where they stage things to see how people would react. This is why it is most important that we do not fight over who is right, who is wrong, if Intel is real or not real. What we all should be doing is working together to find the source or vet the information as best we can, when we can. When that is not possible then things should be read, retained and set aside instead of getting our emotional heads and hopes dashed by endless dates and promises of things that don’t seem to happen when Intel providers say they will.

If you shared the Fryer Tuck or Foxyclown Intel pieces that emerged last night and today with anyone I would hope you would then share this with them as well that gives the truth behind it!

Here is both supposed Intel pieces that were shared on the internet.

FOXYCLOWN (01May2014 16:42): I can’t tell you all I know as it would release critical information at this important junction. However at this time banks all over the world are closing down. Some for several days, some for more! They are currently re-configuring all systems as they got the go for Basel 3 to be fully implemented. I have the date for mass arrests and announcements but cannot give this either. Things are breaking and it's just a matter of hanging in there. Soon all the fruits of the tree will be yours. Be patient!


And then there is the one from Fryer Tuck

May 2, 2014
13:04 PM

The game of espionage is dangerous. Those at the top of the ladder are unknown to the populace. Their names are never used in public. The closely guarded secrets are no longer secret. It was important that we found who was giving orders and running the show. JP Morgan, Kissinger, Hitler, Queen Elizabeth, Bush clan, The Pope and many more are only pawns in the checker board. They are what the PTW call the “Children in Chains”. Some will look towards the Black Pope as being the head leader, but in fact the head masters are as high up in the ranking as you can get. This way the blame is always kept on those who are only puppets and known in the public’s eye. Very few have ever met the PTW in person including their puppets.

CHECKMATE has been met as the highest ranking members no longer exist. This game of chess has been playing out since 1549. Since 9/11 the team nearly quadrupled in size when many high ranking official’s in the Military Industrial Complex finally saw the forest for the trees.

Mass arrests are not going to happen in the way many think. This will keep the populace from rioting and causing more chaos. Many on Earth are stuck in the MK Ultra programmed matrix and are unwilling to lift the veil. To keep the shock factor down the decision was made to do this in phases. These phases will not be noticed by many as they will be small but life changing. There is not much more these evil groups can do as their power has been taken away. It is kind of like a malfunctioning robot. This is why many weird moves are being made by evil in the public’s eye. Such as missing planes that caused the media to scramble for information when finding out it really was not done by those who own them, and in the end their stories kept getting sillier and sillier.

The GLOBAL RESET: The RV is only part of this. The money releases will come as most all is set into motion. The trigger should be pulled no latter then May 22, 2014. The release of this will be done in phases. If we release money to every person in the world, goods, services and food industries will be overwhelmed. This is why it will be done in phases. The new tech will be released first. This will free up money for many people making life much easier. At the same time Social Security payments will increase as well as welfare, food stamps, disability, wages, retirement and pensions. The increases will be done in slowly while the technology is being released slowly. Humanity will rise above the need for monetary value as it was a concept that was introduced by the PTW for further world domination. Money will phase out and no longer be needed.

Many rumors and made up Intel is floating around. That means about 85% of it is all made up. They are perceptions based on mainstream news and current events in most situations. A story can be viewed your way based on a one track mind. Keep that in mind. It is a tactic used by the puppets that will be rounded up like a thief in the night. You will watch many disappear off the scene. The five biggest controlling factors will be taken down, Government, Military, Big Pharm, Banking, and Schooling. Congress and all pending legislation will be broadcasted for people’s vote on paper ballot. The Governmental body will be reduced by leaps and bounds. Nothing will be introduced to a ballot that has long term ill effects on Humanity or the Earth. The original plan was scrapped and a new one was formed. We have a team of many well trained individuals who want Common Law to be the Universal Law on Earth. Do not harm to others or their property. If you have been paying attention it is by no accident Common Law Grand Juries are popping up everywhere. Free Will is to be respected as well as an individual responsibility. Many emotions are ripe and ready to help stir chaos if things are revealed all at once. This is why they are and have been being revealed slowly in what we call “Soft Disclosure”. You will notice this in many movies, TV shows, and news stations. The script is going to be vamped up for more to be released on May 22, 2014 involving disclosure of corruption and Earth’s past as well as the illusive Global Reset, RV, PP’s, NESARA and much more. The last report I was able to send out was in 2003. Hopefully I can update more in the future. Until then, God Bless you All!


It all sounds great, but they are two very telling pieces! The first one just basically gives the same boring Intel with the hope card telling you that it’s coming and to be patient. The second one consists of most things we have been hearing from other sources, accept it gives a date! Again playing the hope card!

Hope can be a wonderful thing and it can be a dangerous thing. So let’s think of how many people who have ego issues and just want to be popular might be doing these things on purpose? They would never expose the truth, as to expose the truth would expose them and the lie itself!

Let the record show that I BERLIN made both of these Intel pieces up myself! I sat here thinking of just what might make it seem legit. I have no clue why Robin Hood jumped in my head but I chose the name Fryer Tuck. That was no accident. I posted it without the entire admin team in the group Here We Go knowing that I did so. They too have just been miss-lead as well. I just wrote from things I already knew about and swapped a few things here and there and added a date! Yes I know; what a dirty thing to do and it was not nice at all. I will get what’s coming my way. Karma always has a way of playing itself out. I did however do this on purpose to make a very interesting point.

Most all of us have stated this at one time or another. “People could be making things up left and right”. There isn’t any way to VET most of the information people give you either. We have to remember that if this entire Global Reset is happening and these awesome White Knights are behind it, or the good guys or whatever one wants to call them; it is only safe to assume that the cabal’s minions would take advantage of the entire situation in order to confuse. A confusing mess it is and a big one!

We must remember that everything is energy. What we keep our focus on that confuses us and leaves us in doubt or constant up and down emotional roller coasters, is not good for us at all. What is good is to look at all Intel objectively. Taking what you can prove or verify and moving on to the next puzzle piece you come to. I have heard horror stories of people buying things they can’t afford because they thought the RV was coming tomorrow, committing suicide because of the wait, splitting families up over it all. Is it worth it? NO WAY! There is no RV or Global Reset at this specific moment, so what are we fighting over? I have watched too many good people get frustrated and lose themselves in the emotions of the waiting game. If it is happening slowly which what I myself believe is going on, then it is and it will whether we are waiting or watching.

My point to this entire thing was to try and find a place where we could have some common ground. Instead of fighting over who is right or wrong, if it’s legit or not, why don’t we vet the information, find the truth for real and if it’s not available to find; work together to help these changes. One way we can do this is by joining or starting our own local Common Law Grand Jury. I have to say that most of what I wrote in the Fryer Tuck fake Intel piece I believe is how things are happening myself! I might have some things wrong or what not, but in the end as long as it’s happening is all that matters right? Maybe not, because if we sit around and WAIT and do NOTHING, then just how are we contributing to humanity as a whole then? Just how are we contributing to our Freedom?

There are many things we can do to contribute. We can teach people how to grow gardens. Help the elderly and homeless, join our Common Law Grand Juries or get our own started. I for one have watched this for over 2 years now. Many have been doing it for so much longer. So instead of talking about what’s to come or waiting for it to come, how about we step up and start doing things, even if they are small things? Change starts with you and actions speak much louder than words.

You can learn Common Law and find out how to join or create your own for your area here:

I have been spreading information far and wide for far too long. Many have woken up or learned more as a result of what I myself have been sharing to help wake more up. In the end it does a lot of good to help wake people up, but when we are woken up to the lies, deceptions and what not, where do you go from there? Do we sit around and WAIT for things to happen? I do know that arguing over who is right or wrong, or waiting for the latest Intel isn’t changing a thing. So far all it’s done is spread around a bunch of information that hasn’t happened yet, raise people’s blood pressure, and cause endless arguments from what I can see. I am not frustrated at all, I have just come to a point where I feel done with waiting and it’s time to take action in our own lives. Many of us are, in our own ways, either way let’s get our asses up off the couch!

Hope is a wonderful thing, but if all we do is hope for something instead of making it happen, then all we do is hope. I believe hope is the same as faith, and well, “Faith without works is dead!” Is it not? There are many people hanging on to this happening that have forgotten to live. Life is too precious to let it fly by you waiting for things. You are all IMPORTANT and ALL worth a damn, so let’s start doing it instead of waiting and feeling sorry for ourselves while we HOPE it happens when it happens. We can’t change what we read on the Intel or Global Reset behind the scenes, but we can change ourselves and stop living the wait game by joining together and finding ideas to change things ourselves. I for one want to be proactive, I am sick of FB days of waiting. I want to do something, get my hands busy, wake up the world, and make things happen.

So if you all can forgive me for doing this, it would be really nice. For those who are angry and upset or feel betrayed, please understand, that was not my intentions. My intentions with this blog and anything I bring forth is to help us all come together more, find ways of helping each other by putting things to action. Coming together to work together instead of fighting about mundane things! Vet all information and if it can’t be done, let it be after you observe it. It is what it is when you can’t prove, nor disprove it!

In all of that, I do believe we have changes coming. I have listened to all information and because of my personal story with all of this I believe all things happen for a reason. I am not saying that the RV is a lie or the Global Reset or NESARA. I am merely stating, be careful with the Intel that cannot be proven, nor disproven, which at this point is a whole lot of it! Be hopeful and let’s make our dreams happen and come true! So what can we all do? Anyone have any ideas for working together online to better find truth? To better vet information, to better know if something is a lie or not, let’s brainstorm this one?

I am pinning a post in HERE WE GO group on Facebook. No this is not about gaining members or numbers, it’s about working together! I invite all to join and we can discuss ideas of just how we can do these things. If we come together without arguing moot points, maybe we can have the power. As always the people have the power, but only when they are on the same page and join together for the same outcome. We want LIBERTY and PEACE and SOVERIGNTY BACK! We want THOSE LIARS to be exposed. We want a stop to the BS INFORMATION that’s running amuck. We want THE POWER OF THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!! So let’s get it!!! Let's BE THE TRUTH!!!!!!

The link to the group! Join the discussion!