Monday, June 2, 2014

Beautiful Blessed, Powerful…..Mother’s Day…….

Beautiful Blessed, Powerful…..Mother’s Day…….
A day of splendor in which we acknowledge our love for our Mothers,
the precious souls who have birthed humanity.

Inline image 1In gratitude we Honor and Love our Earthly Mother’s always, and especially today for the Loving, Guiding Presence they are in our lives.  And for being the “Chalice” of creation in which our existence was created,
that we sprang forth from in our Birth. Without our Mother’s we would not exist.

As children we are conceived, nurtured and cared for in our Mother’s womb. The keys of creation are held within the Mother. Creation occurs within and through the Great Mother.  Her entourage and co-collaborators in creation are the Elemental Kingdoms, Mother Nature, Mother Earth & the great Elohim Builders of Form.

In the “Realms of Creation & Cause” all creation is birthed forth through the Great Mother’s womb, the “Void of Infinite Possibility” and also in collaboration with our Infinite Heavenly Father, Prime Creator. Without the Great Mother, we would not exist.

Also known as the most potent forces of creation in the Universe, the Yin and the Yang, the Toa and the Dao, permeating all of life. The most potent creative forces in the universe, existing within each one of us.

A Child, a “Presence of Life Force” exists as a result of the coalescence & collaboration in the magical, creational elixir of these great and mighty forces unifying in the dance of life.  Therefore, as above so below……
What exists here within us (Male & Female) (Yin & Yang) springs forth from that which we were perceived, conceived & created from….Infinite, Illuminated God Presence! The Great Mother & Infinite Father.

Due to the Wounded Masculine’s dominion within this paradigm and Earth Plane of existence….in their forgetfulness, attempted to erase & eradicate The Great Mother and her Divine Feminine Principle from the Earth & Humanity. It is not possible to erase The Great Mother.

Although, the potency of Her Mighty Force was held in quarantine in the underworld for 25,000+ years, eons of time. As a result, the Divine Feminine Principle and Yin Force of Power was usurped and held in subservience, servitude & subjugation by the Wounded Masculine Forces & within all their Institutions that have governed this paradigm.

As the tides are now turning and we are entering within the Birth of the New Renaissance “Age of Aquarius” and as a result of the energetic invocations of Women/Goddess’s & Lightworkers around the world, The Great Mother, Goddess, Divine Feminine Principle has firmly anchored and is emerging upon this sweet Mother Earth and fully in this Paradigm as an equal Force of Power through Love once again!!!

It is the Return of our Great Mother’s Infinite Love & Force bathing all of Humanity and our Beautiful Mother Earth that is balancing out the energetic imbalances now within our Lives and all Life on Earth. And today, is an especially important day where her Mighty, Magical Infinite Love is pouring forth activating through Humanity’s Violet Heart Flame, intensifying and expanding the most everlasting Potent Love today permeating all of Life on Earth…..a true game changer!

As we Love our Earthly Mother’s today, Also feel the gratitude for the Return of Our Great Mother and for our Beautiful sweet Mother Earth.

And in Loving Ourselves, receive the abundance of these Magnificent Loving Energies pouring forth from the Heavens, Great Central Sun, Photonic Energy Strata and the Heart and arms of an All Loving Mother and Father, Prime Creator, God/Goddess, Tao/Dao All that Is!

Invoke this Divine Loving Energy into blessing and restoring the Divine Feminine Principle upon Mother Earth and in this paradigm and within Each One of our Lives, as Mighty and Equal Forces of Power for Love & Change For All. Restoring Love as the foundation of Humanity’s Birthright to Create and Creation!

Written through the Grace of the Great Mother,
By Jacquline Heart