Monday, June 2, 2014

David Wilcock Update - June 2, 2014’s quite a challenge to stay focused and positive in the midst of all these sweeping changes. There are so many stories intersecting at the same time that it’s difficult to track them all.

In case you didn’t see this yet there was a major revelation about the government being able to drive your car by remote control if it was made in 2008 or after. They didn’t get into technical details of when this started, but remote-control car hacking was demonstrated in a Motherboard video that went viral on the front page of
There’s much more that needs to be / should be covered. It appeared the US was going to be forced to sign a massive deal to reform the global financial system as of April 10-11th but they refused. The problem, then, was that there was no means to immediately force them to change their minds. Instead, the response is taking more time. Perhaps the Alliance didn’t expect such a blatant move.

Now it appears that the massive equity in the Collateral Accounts is going to be used to create an alternative financial system that will dwarf the IMF and World Bank in size, with the full backing of BRICS and other allies. This will be a gold and commodity-backed currency. Once people start using this for international trade instead of the dollar, it’s curtains for the FRN.

Also, perhaps the single biggest reason we haven’t seen arrests yet is the Cabal will destroy the financial system and thus take the planet down with them. There has been an urgent need all along to figure out “how to pay for it” once the hammer comes down. That’s why this new bank is so significant. The Cabal knows they’re out of time.

It is not clear how this will all manifest and time estimates are inherently risky — but it does appear that the alliance intends to have the bank launched by some time next month. I have other sources independently saying Germany will be a part of it as well as potentially France, right from the start.
It also appears the US is in position to make a switch from Federal Reserve notes to Treasury notes. The new money keeps getting counterfeited by the Iranians almost as soon as they design it, and apparently fully eight different designs have been made and printed only to have to start over yet again — just in the last 2-3 years. This means 1s, 5s, 10s, 20s, 50s and 100s have been made on eight completely different occasions with different designs for each, only to be shredded and to start over yet again.

There was talk that a one-time devaluation of US currency would occur, where if you were stashing cash (and only by amounts up to 10K per day), you could trade in FRNs for TNs if you did it within a week, and not lose any value. The gossip was that after a week the FRNs would be worth 35% less and then after 6 or 8 months they would drop by another 35%.

All money actually held in the bank would just convert from FRNs to TNs with no devaluation whatsoever. This move would convert the “black cash” held by criminals, drug dealers, et cetera into worthless paper and also eliminate what is apparently a massive problem with Iranian counterfeit, of very high quality. Apparently 2/3rds of all 100s in circulation are Iranian counterfeit bills and it’s a huge problem.

The latest gossip I’ve heard is that the FRN to TN conversion will not involve any devaluation — at least for those with their money in the bank. I am not sure about any of this — it’s only what various credible sources are reporting.

The US signing this deal on April 10th and 11th would have been a nice, neat, organized story, and instead what we have is a lot messier — a financial war reaching critical mass, where we really don’t know precisely what will happen or when it will happen. However, I do believe we will see the dam break and a great deal of suppressed knowledge will come out all at once.

It was just revealed that FOX only has 177,000 people watching in the key 25-54 advertising demographic. MSNBC is only getting 103,000 and CNN is down to 99,000.

Literally, some of the articles and videos we are doing in this community are actually surpassing corporate media in terms of visibility. And yet, FOX is still routinely discussed in mainstream media as if it were significant. 177,000 people is such a small number I was gob-smacked.

The “left versus right” paradigm is ridiculous, and was a corporate manipulation from the beginning. As I’ve said before it’s basically Town vs. Country — an archetype that is very ancient and undoubtedly plays out in many societies all throughout time and space.

People in the Town are exposed to a variety of cultures, ideas and philosophies. They see different races routinely, are less likely to have prejudice, and are more likely to depend upon others for a variety of their basic needs.

People in the Country typically live on a private farm, are extremely self-sufficient, and are much more apt to adhere to traditional, old-fashioned beliefs.

Essentially what has happened in America, in the simplest terms, is the coasts have become Town (other than below the Mason-Dixon Line on the EC) and the middle has become Country.

However, it is safe to say that truth journalists like Alex Jones are now being seen by far more people in the Country than Fox. They are waking up very quickly. This is a truly exciting time — if you can handle it!

- David