Friday, June 20, 2014

Mountain Goat Update - June 20, 2014

UU9945 A Sweeping Storm is Coming

Hi Everyone,

I write this news letter as I sit on my favorite peaceful spot on top of the Alpine mountains. I am now overlooking my village in beautiful Bavaria. I think of what is now happening to Iraq.

I remember past events over these last four years and I now see the beginnings of a fast approaching storm. Yes – it is coming and it will be swift, a sweeping wind. It will be over too just as quick as it came.

Please, please, please go back and re-read my last 8 posts. (LINK to her posts at Recaps)  You will see how my news is  all connected as I tell you the story of what is about to now happen in Iraq. I tried desperately to tell you the truth without any hype. I tried to tell the story we all want to know and some afraid to accept the truth. It is a story of explaining the pieces to the puzzle without any hype or telling you it’s going to RV tonight. I attempt to connect together these pieces to get the larger picture. This amazing puzzle is about to be completed and this wild ride will soon be over. I can assure you of this. I know it all seems lost now and the news in the USA is not very accurate. Also many intel providers too pass on nonsense and this too only adds to the confusion.
I come to you today to give you an updates on the progress of building this new Iraq government  and how it all relates to our revaluation process of the IQD.

Today’s News

First I find a need to clarify an article that came out this week.  This article said

 “Its very clear that the United States is now attempting to overthrow the government in Iraq which it helped set up.  The reason for this is because Iraq has moved away from the American dominance and has started making oil agreements with Iran and Russia, as well as China”

It is obvious this article was written by anti-American segments in Iraq namely the Dawa,, State of law coalition all lead by Maliki. He simply does not want to leave Iraq due  the fact that his immunity will be gone, his terrorist support will end  and his gravy train will be over. He has self declared a “national emergency” something that only parliament can do and they already decided to decline this action. Instead he timed it just right when there was a void in government (parliament charter ended June 14th) then self declared the emergency saying he has a right to since there was no parliament and the crisis worsened. Of curse we all know he orchestrated the crisis in the first place as a further plot to create yet another crisis in order to get a 3rd term. Seems Maliki thrives on crisis after crisis.

So in my opinion the USA is now beginning to do something about this Maliki situation something they should have done years ago like in 2012 when the political leaders i.e Talibani, Allawi, Sadar and Barzani asked the USA to support the no-confidence vote enforcement effort on Maliki. Maybe we would not be experiencing this current chaos now. Why did we have to wait until it comes to this point.

If you carefully look at the current events you can see the Maliki coup taking place in order to attempt to take full control of the country of Iraq. He is a very careful politician since he plots his moves carefully. His goal now is to keep stalling the building of the new government by any means. He does not want the new prime minister to be seated. He knows he is being replaced and does not want to leave. Once he has no other alternative he will resort to plain outright, obvious violence. He will use his security and army for this purpose since he already tried to use his terrorist network and this only backfired on him. Like a cornered animal with nowhere else to go, he will stand his ground and give his final. last, desperate fight to stay in power.

There are now over 4.000 US marines landed in Iraq, What are these forces to be used for? Iraq has asked (begged) the USA to come into Iraq and assist in the current terrorist attacks. Under SOFA they are allowed to assist, if requested by the government.

Do you think in the future these same troops could be made available to overthrow the Maliki government? The plans are now being made for this purpose. We all should now be watchful of the new prime minister being seated. This will be happening very soon.

This will be the spark that will set off a wildfire of activity in Iraq,

This will be the final straw for Maliki as he will try one last very desperate attempt to oust the new prime minister and sabotage  the efforts to establish the new Iraq government. This will be like a drowning man going down for the last time. He will not be successful.
This is the coming storm but it will not last long. I can assure you of this.

Today, as the state Maliki tried to build through a ruthless consolidation of power, and a strong dose of paranoia, crumbles all around him, critics and foes are circling. First among them is the US. Slighted by three years of neglect and stunned by the three-day capitulation of the Iraqi military, Washington is strongly signaling that it has lost faith in Maliki.
Over the past several weeks,  Ahmed Chalabi, has slowly re-emerged as a potential consensus candidate if, as seems increasingly likely, Maliki finds himself adrift. Once a Pentagon favorite, but for the past 10 years a US pariah, Chalabi sat down with the US ambassador to Baghdad this week, according to the New York Times. It is a move that, in such a combustible political climate, is sure to further threaten Maliki's tenure.

Does anyone actually still believe Maliki is going to get a 3rd term?

More Nonsense this week

I want to comment once again on some erroneous news that came out this week. I want to address this nonsense since I have gotten hundreds of emails asking questions on this topic. In this nonsense conference calls  it  was stated that the government is fully seated and Maliki has bargained (once again) to be the prime minister and the RV is to happen on Friday. Ooh wow that’s today and still no RV….do I wonder why?

I will not mention the site that is passing on this nonsense from their “creditable sources” but I will say this – “who does this make sense to?” I hope they can get some better sources.

Passing on this garbage to the general dinar community is irresponsible. Do they not read the articles? Do they not have any common sense of what is really happening in Iraq? Shame, shame on them.

I encourage everyone to please stop listening to this nonsense. I do not know who or why they are passing on this nonsense to the public. I am sure there is a motive by those who pass it on to them but some digressions are necessary before making this nonsense public. This intel group is being used and they have been compromised since they can no longer tell you the  truth. Be careful who you decide to listen.

Progress in building the new government:

As we all should know by now (what the heck…..I said it enough times already! ) the hold up of the RV over these last 6+ months is that Iraq needs to have a stable, international  currency.

In order to go international with their Iraq stock exchange (ISX) on 7/1 they need an internationally traded currency. How else can you do trades with the rest of the world on a public exchange without it?

So by 7/1, when the Iraqi Stock Exchange is scheduled to go live internationally the question I put forward to us is this. Can they meet all their requirements of having a stable government so the USA will pull the trigger on the RV thus they can have an international currency in time for the ISX rollout?  Or are they going to hold up their economy one more time?

Remember too the plan is to use the IQD as the base currency for over 190+ revaluing currencies revaluing over time as part of the GCR. So the IQD must revalue at the same time and be international in order to use it as the base currency.

So how in hell can they do this by June 30th since they will need the first session to vote on the president and then the new prime minister and all the other 30+ ministers to get them seated? The USA is not about to fall into the same trap as in 2010 and be fooled once again when Maliki lied and found every excuse not to seat the most critical ministers (security, defense and interior). We all know what happened over the last 4 years as a result and how he used and controlled these ministries.

Kindly go back and re-read my news letter dated 6/17. (LINK to post)  I talk about all the steps needed to get this new government seated. Iraq needs this first session of parliament to open in order to conduct these steps of seating the government.  Time is not  on their side and we all know how long they take to do anything. Can they do all this in one day? July 1st comes the day after June 30th. Hell no!

So if they leave them to 1 day to do all this it probably not happen considering everything going on.

Huge News

They (meaning the National Alliance) has realized  this and they moved up the date of the first session to June 24th leaving them a week to get all this done. Can they do it? Remember the National Alliance is now calling the shots. It is their responsibility to implement the new government and adhere to the constitution. They have 30 days to do it. They won the election.

I got a call today from my Iraqi contact that told  me  that a  high level meeting was held in Kurdistan today. Those attending the meeting included all the big shots from the National Alliance, Kudistan and of course Maliki. A decision was made to hold the first parliament on the 24th instead of the 30th! This is a triple WOW news today!

It tells me they are concerned and need to push this new government along. This also shows me they need to have the new prime minister seated as soon as possible.

Let's watch and wait for this official announcement to come out on Sunday.


So yesterday’s and today’s news is all very good news. I can see Iraq is trying to progress quickly in the completion of setting up their new government. The pace has been accelerated.

I am still hearing rumors that Maliki is staying for a 3rd term. This is of course just all  rumor and there is no evidence to back it up what so ever.  This is all nonsense and we will continue to get this nonsense right up until the end. We will also continue to get the usual hype that the RV is happening tonight or is set to go on a set time schedule.

If whatever source of intel you are listening to - be careful.  If they are not smart enough to even know that Maliki will never get a 3rd term no matter what he does and to be able to put the pieces together to assist you in finding the truth than something is telling you not to listen them anymore and move on. If it seems too unbelievable to be true…..guess what….it is not true. Stop being so gullible !

I still believe we are not yet out of the chaos since I do believe there is a major storm coming very soon. This storm will involve a final push by Maliki to hold on to his power. This last desperate push will be open, obvious and very violent  but it will not last long since there will be a swift reaction by the “good guys” and this will be the final nail on his coffin. Be aware and watch for this. After this event Maliki will finally be gone since he will finally give the long awaited obvious excuse warranting personal arrest and incarceration for terrorist and treason. It is coming I can assure you.
I  want to emphasize once again this final announcement  of the IQD going international will not happen until the USA feels the Iraq government is stable and is a functional government. This is has been the plan all along. They may have wavered a bit on how the plan was implemented but the overall plan guidelines have not changed.

Peace and Luv To Ya All,
Mnt Goat