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Leo Wanta Update - June 14, 2014

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Iraq Alert! | Preston James And Lee Wanta

Leo fights back!


“A VETERANS TODAY COLUMNIST HAS BEEN ADVISED THAT A CURRENT UNITED STATES SENATOR WILL NOT SUPPORT, NOR DISCUSS THE NEW REPUBLIC HIGH SPEED RAIL (HSR) PROGRAM TO BE MANUFACTURED IN TENNESSEE [USA] UNTIL AMBASSADOR WANTA IS PAID>>>…. Until Ambassador Wanta is fully paid, two million new American jobs will not be immediately implemented.” (19) [This means Two Million new good job opportunities are now in peril because of the lack of support of the U.S. Senate for something that was lawfully determined]

Veterans Today
By Preston James
and Lee Wanta
14 June 2014

Will we soon see the biggest overnight Reversal of our US Foreign Policy since 9/11 as major cities in Iraq fall under attack by Sunni led Islamists?

American Soldiers left Iraq and turned over the nation to Iraq’s Security Forces which are now abandoning many cities as Sunni led forces attack.

Is Iraq is being set up with this Sunni led invasion as another provocation to bring America back into a new Mideast war, or is there another more complex geopolitical game being played out here?

One thing you can bet on, this conflict has be pre-staged and will end up benefiting the Military Industrial Complex and the City of London Zionist Bankers and the major oil companies one way or another. That seems to be the way it always works.

It is now known that the 9/11/01 attack was a sophisticated inside-job, Gladio-style False-Flag covert attack on America involving the use of pre-planted nukes in the Twin Towers and over 70,000 New Yorkers and first responders now suffer from radiation related cancers from the 9/11 nuclear explosions.

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