Thursday, July 24, 2014

Another Great Expose Of The Media & Government Lies of Sandy Hook Massacre - This video shows the evacuation hoax

Sandy Hook-Proof of Evidence Tampering-Based on Their Own Report

 (Side note, watch how fast Officer Keane is able to evacuate children from the school to the firehouse, over and over. But, oh, you don’t see it in the dash cam video, but watch for it in the words displayed right from the report.)

With all the events going on in this world, how could anyone still be talking about Sandy Hook, you may ask? The “Sandy Hook Shooting” is a MAJOR issue of corruption that runs through a whole state’s police departments, its government, mainstream media, and also includes our federal government all the way up to our country’s Attorney General and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The event has brought in, to date, an estimated $100,000,000.00. Yes, you read those numbers correctly! That is one hundred million. And that is only an estimate with a belief it has been even more (and continues). What is their monetary goal? How much money do these people and organizations need? Not all of that money garnered is from donations. Our government keeps pouring in our tax dollars, the latest was a federal grant from the DOJ given this spring of approximately 7-8 million, for families and first responders. With the conflicting reports and news coverage, many were looking forward to the official report from the Connecticut State Police to help answer the many questions that have arisen from this mainstream media event that dominated the news for days, weeks, and months. We still see those parents and families of the slain in ads, being interviewed, giving speeches, and in the news touring the country and Capitol Hill pushing for donations and gun legislation. No lawsuits, not a one, has been filed on behave of the people who lost their lives that day or the surviving victims. Never mind that normal disaster response protocols were not followed although the drills conducted by Homeland Security are going on regularly all over the country. That community had been involved with several drills practicing for just such an event, with one such drill being held in Newtown with the infamous fire station involved, just one to two years prior to December 14, 2012.

So many people researching this highly published shooting event trying to seek answers were and are met with a brick wall when trying to obtain answers from the state of Connecticut. So they waited for the “Official” report seeking answers to those questions. In the meantime it was decided to tear down the school building completely due to “hazardous conditions” of the school since it was riddled with asbestos and other toxic conditions even though it was repeated over and over in the mainstream media that the school was supposedly a Vanguard School and that people moved to the Sandy Hook area just so their children could attend. Post event they decided it best to tear it down, having the construction workers sign nondisclosure agreements and completing this demolition project just prior to the official report being released. Now they are going to build a 50 million dollar school on that same site for the small little area of Newtown, the idyllic New England town, with a population of 1,973 - 938 males, 1035 females according to the city-data report from 2012.

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The official report was finally released to the public domain in November 2013. Many researchers felt that they could finally get some of the many questions related to numerous aspects of this event answered. That didn’t happen. The investigative report included an 11,000 page data dump, the largest such data dump in US history, with no table of contents, no indexes, no references, nothing to help one go to a part of the report in this massive data to find answers. Okay, so our diligent citizen researches/investigators (since the professional investigators and reporters cannot seem to do their job), began the painstaking, time-consuming task of combing the report to answer their questions and try to find even a motivation for Adam Lanza to have committed this crime in the first place. Over the past year and a half anyone asking questions due to the inconsistent reporting of circumstances, or the lack thereof, has been met with the mantra of “you conspiracy nut”. Yet, first responders have had numerous award ceremonies and federal money moved their way, even though their constant drilling in preparation of this type of event did not prepare them well enough to save even one life. Kind of reminds me of US citizens being groped and radiated just to travel by air in this country, while our southern border is wide open for a terrorist to walk right in. IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE! - At least not to me or anyone with at the least an average IQ, or a normal, logical-thinking brain.

What researchers, over the last year and a half, have heard when presenting all the information they have uncovered was what they have found is only circumstantial. “You need hard evidence to prove this mass shooting event did not happen the way we said it did.” Well, not anymore, thanks to the official report. One such researcher, ReviewManify, taking the officers’ reports and the dash cams from the patrol cars at the scene in the official report, shows the “hard evidence”. Hard evidence that can and should be used to open up a true investigation and proceeds to a court of law to indict and convict all the people involved with the falsified incident, as it should be, because this is terrorism under the Patriot Act and racketeering under the RICO Act. For the last year and a half they have instilled FEAR, stolen our hard earned tax dollars, practiced the on-going vamping of our constitution, practiced the on-going forcing of gun legislation all over our country, and are social engineering our society due to its citizens’ trust in their government. The question is - where can we the people go to get some officials to investigate what really happened that day back on December 14, 2012?

Thank you to all those diligent researchers and citizen investigators that have been and are trying to expose this. In my very humble opinion, you truly are heroes for our country.

Sandy Hook Hoax Mass Evacuation Exposed