Wednesday, July 16, 2014

BRICS and the Bank for International Settlements

By JC Collins

Let us finally put to the rest the conspiracy theory which stipulates that the BRICS countries are about to overthrow the international banking cabal or elite.  Whether intended or not, those promoting this scenario are propagating the usage of one of the weapons of the weak, namely gossip, utilized by the organized elite in the form of conspiracy theories.

As was covered in the post What Are Conspiracy Theories, the method by which the small organized elite attempt to modify the social and economic practices of the larger disorganized masses is by usurping one of the so-called weapons of the disorganized masses and turn it against them for full socioeconomic manipulation and conditioning.

This of course distracts and causes further disorganization amongst the masses, so that the real machinations behind the evolution and transition of global institutions remains well hidden.  Untold levels of energy and time are spent by the masses chasing after illusions and fallacies instead of understanding the true mechanics of global governance and how institutional systems collude and converge.

Most of these conspiracy sites and personalities can be easily manipulated by the same psyop tactics which they attempt to expose or are in fact utilizing themselves.

Just recently I purposefully tossed a fishing line at one such site, and with the usage of dramatic flare and purposeful emotional and intellectual targeting, they took the bait, and responded as expected.
So exposed were the underlying fallacies of their structured storyline that they even attempted a rebuttal by insinuating that the reason for my “attack” upon them was based on one of the misleading information distracters which I placed into the article, which was a subtly perceived inadequacy of experience and education.

Most readers found the tone of the article was out of place and character based on past interpretations of my writings.  There was a specific reason for that – enflame and misdirect.

This particular site, of which there are many like it, clearly know nothing about the real mechanics of global governance and international development system transitions.   If they did, their response would have consisted of more than an attempt to politely demean my staged emotional character.  I’ve satisfied my curiosity that they are not a psyop but merely the propagators of a senseless conspiracy theory.

I’ve continuously stated that the source of my information is from the global institutions themselves and the full structure of what is being engineered can be discovered by simply taking the time to find and read this information, much of which is in the form of online PDF files.

One such file published by the Institute of Development Studies in March, 2014, is a perfect example of which I reference.  It is loaded with information and evidence which both supports what I have been saying and proves the misdirection from conspiracy sites and personalities.

The IDS is a charity company registered in England and this specific report was funded by the UK government itself.  The report, a part of a “Rising Powers in International Development” series, is titled as Evidence Report#58 and is subtitled The BRICS and the International Development System: Challenge and Convergence.

The report clearly states that the BRICS organization and associated summits, of which there is one this week, are the “broadening” of the global governance structure which was created and implemented after WW2.  The BRICS Summits are, in essence, a new global governance “process”, focusing on both economics and security, with the intent of transitioning a once US dominated world into the multilateral framework of a polycentric global governance system.