Saturday, July 5, 2014

Roundtable Discussion: Alien Interference in the Days of Our Lives - Begins July 12, 2014


- Alien Interference In The Days of Our Lives
Part 1: What Is Alien Imposition?

(A two part series)

Saturday, July 12, 2014
6pm New York / 3pm San Francisco / 11pm London / 7:30am Adelaide

Rise Roundtable is an Oasis where we gather to understand and activate the essential power we already possess, to shift upwards into our true sovereignty in community. We are ready to joyously co-create the steps towards building the world we truly desire with you. Your participation matters. It is our time now to break the chains and Rise in Community, supporting one another and building resilience and momentum.

We reveal our latest research on the methods of Alien Imposition in our world. Join us in exploring the current techniques and levels of Alien Imposition and how they affect our lives.
We will explore:
  • Human hybrid programs
  • Alien soul origins
  • Time distortion
  • Military vs. Alien secret programs
  • UFO technology
  • Trans-humanist agenda acceleration
  • Different levels of imposition

Rise is a global education and research project created in response to the challenge of reclaiming what is Sacred with our Mother Planet. By pooling the knowledge, experience, and wisdom of mentors and community members from different countries and backgrounds, we unite in service, personal Sovereignty, human freedom, and Sacred Activism.
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