Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Treasury Reserve Note Updates From PapaJack/Omega Man/Carden - July 23, 2014


Omegaman:intel from PT: a TRN note was sent to him (Photo) from a FAMOUS Dr. in Mexico; the Patient had the TRN a 100.00 note; it DID NOT SAY FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE; AS well; he says the TRN will be live this week; and that the Public X is FRIDAY...believe it or not...we'll find out; but that is from a high source...

this is what PT described, and that he could not send it to me due to classified nature of the subject; as for FRIDAY, we'll see, and you're absolutely right about dates, however, i think it is safe to say, based upon PT's source, that we are at the door step;;

Carden:Sure, I enjoy his comments too! My statement still stands. Please read again. I wrote, THE ROLLOUT IS NOW, THIS WEEK. IT BETTER BE THIS WEEK BECAUSE IF IT DOES NOT APPEAR THIS WEEK WE CAN ALL KNOW SOMETHING IS ROTTEN IN DENMARK! I had to capitalize this because I am that serious.

agreed C, this better be our week, and i believe it is; the PTB has no choice but to release, or face major problems;;;

why is it that i am favoring two upcoming days; wed 7 23; and fri. 7 25; i may have some rumored intel that may imo have some merit that may have you danglin like carrot on a stick; i say that i know not, time alone will tell, so say not i said yea, when that i said not...



7-23-14 Papajack: Good Morning everybody, when I was a new copilot at Allegheny Airlines a grumpy old ex WWII captain told me to remember that nothing stays too good or too bad too long. It seems that might be playing out now. It seems the BRICS are calling the Cabal's bluff and helping things along in our favor. I guess enough is enough and it is starting to show.If what I'm hearing is true it is putting the bad guys between a rock and a hard place and calling their bluff. Some believe that is forcing the hand to making the RV public. If this is true no more stalling tactics will work for them.Just watch the news and it appears many countries are jumping on the bandwagon and dumping the FIAT FRN's which are just paper with nothing backing them AKA smoke and mirrors of the FEDERAL RESERVE bankster system. This is very good for us.The BRICS are moving to RV the currencies without the CABAL controlled system which messes up any stalling tactics they can pull. It forces their hand so to speak.It seems everybody has given up looking to the US to help, they are the problem. There are a lot of politicians bought and paid for by the Cabal. That will be made public soon and the rigged system will become history but they had a 143 year run, now it's our turn. So just remember there are many GOOD people working behind the scenes to set things right. We already WON so just watch things play out.So it's like the monkey said when he got his tail cut off, it won't be long now!!!! I'm thinking we will get a flyby soon. Blessings.HINT, HINT, TRN's are the key, not Iraq.

I was told TRN's are in the banks all wrapped up until announced.