Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Wolfgang Halbig: 11,000 page Sandy Hook “script”/ CT State Police gave false affidavits

by Wolfgang Halbig with Jim Fetzer
“[S]ince terrorism entails instilling fear into a population in order to make it more amenable to political manipulation, this was an act of terrorism“–Jim Fetzer

Early photo of front window damage
Early photo of front window damage shows a smaller hole

BREAKING NEWS! Two Connecticut State Troopers have now confirmed to Wolfgang Halbig that an 11,000 page document in his possession was “the script” for the Sandy Hook fake shooting.

The document details virtually every aspect of the staged event that would be presented to the public as though it had been a real shooting where 20 children died. This is “smoking gun” evidence.
The script even includes sworn statements from 16 Connecticut state troopers, including that they had entered the building through the shattered window at the school’s entrance. Those statements appear to be blatantly false.

No one who has seen photos of that window could possibly believe that such a large number could possibly have made an entry through that opening without risking harm to themselves or cutting their clothing. This is not something that trained Connecticut law enforcement officers would have done.

Notice that the hole in the official crime scene photograph (below) is considerably enlarged from that in early video footage (above). Since no one was filming that hole before it was created (officially, during the entry by Adam Lanza), why is it so much larger in the crime scene photograph? The photo above has to be what it looked like after the scene had been secured.

Wolfgang, a former Florida State Trooper, observes that no trained officer would enter through a broken window without breaking it out completely with his metal baton. The difference between the official photo (below) and its original appearance (above) appears to be proof of the destruction of evidence. And that has to have been done by the Connecticut State Police.

[NOTE: Wolfgang and I were featured on "Veterans Today News Report" with Stew Webb between Noon and 1:15 PM/CT, which you can listen to at this link. In my opinion, Sandy Hook is even bigger than Watergate!]

Information that should warrant a Grand Jury Investigation

by Wolfgang Halbig

Here is a sample of the kind of information that I now have in my possession, which ought to justify calling a Grand Jury by the Attorney General of the State of Connecticut. I am providing the text of ten affidavits by Connecticut State Troopers, most of which cannot be true because they describing making their entry into Sandy Hook Elementary School by way of a relatively modest hold in the front of the building.

Official crime scene photograph of the front window access point
Official crime scene photograph of the front window shows a much larger hole

No trained law enforcement officer would have entered that window without first breaking it out using his baton. When you have so many sworn law enforcement willfully and knowingly lying in sworn affidavits regarding the Sandy Hook School “shooting”, it would appear incumbent upon the Governor of Connecticut and the Connecticut State Attorney to open an investigation of the conduct of the investigating authorities.

Moreover, while they may not realize this, but even a dead Adam Lanza deserves his day in court to prove his innocence in light of all the intentional lies by police and their supervisors in their witness statements. [Editor's note: Could anyone have entered the school through the small hole at the top right? For more, see the kind of evidence that has been presented in a series of articles published here at Veterans Today.]

The glass is not ground up from multiple troopers' boots having crushed it
The glass is not ground up from multiple troopers’ boots having crushed it

This photograph (like the one immediately above) was taken by the Connecticut State Police Crime Lab on 14 December 2012 as official crime scene photographs. Ask yourself about the truthfulness of the ten following affidavits, which I have taken from the Sandy Hook script to illustrate why their statements are not credible and appear to be false, which means that those who signed them may have committed perjury. Here is the content of their affidavits with my comments:

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