Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The £11 billion Government plan to put ’Smart meters’ in every British home

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The UK government plans to put smart meters into British homes, and the costs of this program will naturally be passed on to reluctant customers. Critics of the plan suggest that this would make homes and the national grid vulnerable to terrorists, but as it’s been confirmed that government agents are most often involved in terror plots, it’s not the ’terrorists’ the average citizen needs to fear.

A whole host of other dangers exist from living in a ’smart house’ with ’smart meters’, and having a monitoring presence in your home 24/7.

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’Smart meters’ to be put in every British home despite fears they may not work
From: The Telegraph

The £11 billion Government plan to put ‘smart meters’ into every British home will be launched this week despite fears they may not work and could open the national grid up to cyber-terrorists.

The meters, which are being introduced to meet EU green targets, will cost households £200 each in an effort to cut down energy consumption and reduce bills.

However official documents have shown that the meters save less energy than predicted and five other countries who had been considering the plan have ditched it after deciding it could cost more money than it saves.

Due to complex technology the metres will also not work in a third of British homes including rural houses, high-rise flats and basements.

Energy companies will begin the installation of smart meters next year at a cost of at least £200 per home, and have admitted the expense will be passed on to customers.

Sir Bob Geldof is launching the publicity drive and will be paid for his role in the campaign.

Smart meters work by recording gas and electricity consumption every 30 minutes. The metres are linked up to monitors called In-Home Displays, which show customers how much power they are consuming at any one time and how much it is costing them.

The Government hopes that having access to this real time information will encourage families to alter their energy use accordingly.


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