Thursday, September 4, 2014

More Fingers Pointing At Neil Keenan & Dark Cabal Relations

Dark connections - Keenan working for the Cabal, not for the people.

- by GrandeLander  (Aug 31, 2014). Updated Sept 2, 2014, nine (9) days to 911.

4 years is a long time to be giving anyone the benefit of a doubt. 2 years and still Keenan has not refiled his case which was withdrawn in June, 2012. Shouldn't we be asking the hard questions, now?

Keenan talked about taking the Cabal down since 2010. How many times had he said we are so close to that objective; only to be let down again? Sounds like a broken record aka Drake Bailey (his trusted friend). Always 2 more weeks. How many 2 more weeks had come and gone? And we are still left waiting for the "rain" long after the "rain dancer" has left. Even a sucker has his limits. Hence, the question asked ......who is he really working for? In our hope for the rain, did we overlook the signs hidden in plain sight? Was really no fire behind the smoke?

JUNE 30, 2012 by STARSHIP EARTH: THE BIG PICTURECurrent Update: Keenan Refiling an Even Stronger Suit Against the CabalNeil Keenan is refiling a new lawsuit with brand new information that is “ten times worse” for the cabal than before. I guess it’s better to withdraw a mediocre suit and come back with a more damning one!

Keenan, guilty of Lèse-majesté?  Evidence caught on tape. Why is Keenan spreading lies about Thailand's royalties and getting away with it?  The answers will shock you. The following is a reader's reply to Neil Keenan unsubstantiated, false accusations about Thailand.

Egbert Sousé
AUGUST 29, 2014 AT 7:21 PM
Double check with regards to the passing of Thai Queen Sirikit, as she just celebrated her 82nd birthday on 12 August, 2014. According to Thai law, you can be subject to imprisonment — even if you are a non-Thai citizen or non-resident regardless of where you are located — if you are charged with disparaging any of the Royals or spreading what proves to be false rumors about them regardless of your good intent. Saying that, I think you are being set up to mention same, as you did within your video. Hence, if not absolutely true and cannot be confirmed by, say, two independent very credible sources, I’d say you should issue text and a video stating that such is non-confirmed, withdraw your statement in its totality, and profusely apologize to the Royals and all Thais. 
As for Thai bullion, the USA tried a few months ago the purchase it, but failed miserably. Ben’s intel, most of the time quite a bit off, was somewhat correct on the Thai gold some months ago. I can add that the USA is pissed that its plans to steal, i.e., buy, the Thai bullion is off the table now, and its puppet Thai gov’t was deposed by the coup. Regardless, most of the Asian bullion resides in Indonesia, with Thailand just a drop in the bucket by comparison, and a great majority percentage of Thai bullion NOT part of the Global Collateral Accounts anyway. 
As for the Pahlavi bullion allegedly in Thailand, I know the principals, wherein the less said the better for fear of provisioning of Islamic Republic Of Iran Intelligence Ministry, A.K.A. VEVAK, information. If anything, we give them misdirection all the time.

Contrary to Keenan's lies, evidence are everywhere HM Queen Sirikit is alive and well. Thailand is on the road to recovery & prosperity under PM Prayuth (with the consent of the revered benevolent Thai King who has had the welfare of the Thais at heart). Taksin was a cabal member and had been plundering Thailand's wealth to the cabal's benefits for more than 2 decades. Is Keenan under the cabal's direction to sow lies about Thailand?

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UPDATE: Is Count Albert of the Neil Keenan team also a con man? Please, please help me research this . . . ~J

UPDATE – In case you don’t see what I see here, this article seems to outline the same sovereignty scam as in the Busted Silva article:
 !. Fake kingdon
2. Fake king and ministers
3. Fake 1 trillion dollar economic scam – oil in this case – people buying into it
4. Fake knights, counts, kings, etc., using an order of the Knights of St. John just like Silva used the Knights of Constantine and St. Helen outlined in the Busted Silva article. . . ~J

* * * * * 
Please note that the links to the articles mentioned here that are supposed to be on my site are inactive, because when I dissociated myself from The Keenan Team I methodically took down everything related to Neil Keenan and ‘trashed’ it. . . ~J

Even though I’m still reeling from the latest Neil Keenan hits. . . for the first time, I began to wonder about Count Albert . . . and I’m virtually stunned at what I’ve found. I’m releasing this to you as information, and I leave it up to you to decide  . . . . . . I can’t deal with saying much more than that right now. I’m in total shock, stunned, and now understand how the rest of the world will feel when they wake up to the scams . . . ~J

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