Saturday, September 27, 2014

Veterans Today Radio (9-24-14) Stew Webb, Gordon Duff, Preston James, Gene Chip Tatum, Gwenyth Todd

Published on Sep 26, 2014
This is part two of the incredible Intel dump Gordon Did during the episode of VT Radio on 9-22-14.

Gordon Duff unloaded new shocking Russian Intelligence that ties in with other sources and names those responsible for planning and carrying out 9/11. Gordon tells you WHO did and WHO let go of Israelis caught during that day before they could bomb the tunnels and bridges. Never in history has so much Intel been dumped on 9/11 in one radio show!

Other subjects covered were as follows

The war in Ukraine has gone nuclear! The IEAE says that initial analysis shows that a Lance nuclear missile hit the factory that exploded outside of Donetsk. Lugansk coud have also been hit with a nuclear weapon. Only Israel still uses the Lance missile.

Russians are very upset over the Ukraine situation and have released more intelligence concerning 9/11 that will shock everybody that listens to this interview! US Intelligence wants you to share this information with as many others as possible and bring them to for the truth that nobody else in alternative media will report on.

Gordon also covers project "Able Danger" which is a project started after IEAE put out a report stating that the bombing of the federal building at Oklahoma City was done with a micro nuke. That's what did the damage and they proved it! This project was started to investigate the missing nuclear weapons stolen from the Pentax nuclear facility in Texas that went to Israel! They used the stolen US micronukes at 9/11, OKC, Bali, Khobar Towers in Saudi arabia and in the Bali bombing and others.

Monica Lewinsky was a Mossad asset to blackmail Clinton into stopping investigation of the nuclear weapon that took out federal building in Oklahoma City.

Note by Glenn: It makes sense that Drudge got his start on Lewinsky since US Intel has already reported that Drudge is an Israeli agent and was funded by Mossad agent Rupert Murdoch!

A Tomahawk cruise missile hit the pentagon after a group of investigating the missing nukes "Able Danger" was called into an emergency meeting into the room that was hit by the cruise missile! 35 of 50 of that investigative team was killed!

Special business people in Manhattan were protected on 9/11 by inviting them to a private golf outing by Warren Buffet! But that was only a cover, these CEOs of key firms in the World Trade Center were in reality kept secure at an Air Force base!

The investigation of the Israeli theft of our micro nukes is being investigated by a grand jury in Houston Texas right now.

Remember the fertilizer plant in Texas that blew up spectacularly? That was one of the locations where these stolen nuclear weapons were stored at for awhile. They blew it up to cover their tracks and evidence.

Israelis had planned to blow up Lincoln and Holland tunnels and the George Washington Bridge. Israel planted jammers that jammed the radios of police and firemen in New York City and these jammers have been recovered and are in evidence in Houston.

The Israelis caught trying to blow up George Washington bridge were released to an FBI agent who was a Mossad agent authorized to carry FBI ID! He let them go!

The Israelis caught trying to bomb Lincoln tunnel were released to the police commissioner of NYC and released by him never to be seen again!

Mayor of NYC directly involved with planning of 9/11 attack!

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