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Political correctness – all show no substance!
By Franz Mayer Oct-18-2014

First, who are you? You, as a human being, are an eternal spirit created in the image of God by the all loving, all knowing and all creating consciousness. As such you have the sheer power to create, whatever you want or desire, if you do it with love and the right intention for the highest good of all.
What that means is that darkness and evil fear you and therefore will do everything to let you think otherwise by creating all sorts of fear mongering and divide and conquer. They want you to become a host of negative energy that can be drained and harvested for their existence. Look around you! Do you like what you see? If you asked me, what I think of it, I would tell you that nobody in his right mind would come into this world of callousness and horror without wanting to change it. So why do you accept it? Change it! You have the power, use it!

Stop being a couch potato living in a societal induced spiritual coma and waiting for others to do the job! Turn off your 24/7 propaganda and illusion producing fool-box and start giving your life a real value! You can change the world by trusting and following your own intuition as the guidance of your own soul. With a commitment for speaking the truth you get back your own integrity thus deconstructing the prison of lies and rebuilding it into a system of freedom, justice, and honesty. Never ever award someone else the right to be measured by marks and titles; it is like outsourcing your values. You are the value, a unique being in the whole universe, with a special gift that nobody else has, you are perfect just as you are. If you need fancy dresses, a different hair dye or other rocks for your confidence you are a pitiably nitwit lacking self-esteem.

Learn to discern lies from truth and fiction from reality! Learn the true meanings of words and how to use them causing the effect you intended. Cognizant that every thought, word and deed is energy you can become an energy manager of your own values not only for the advantage of yourself but as well as a blessing for the society as a whole.

And that is what the policy of politically correct speaking is all about; disempowering you by tabooing otherwise mighty words of your toolbox for denouncing and vocalizing grievances. It is what it is; an emasculation of language for preventing the system of slavery and lies to become transparent!

Your birth certificate is a certificate of serfdom and slavery arranged in the most perfidious way to imagine. It deprives you of all your unalienable rights and ownership; it steals your right to property and all the idiots drudge from cradle to grave without knowing it; that is what I called the basest form of slavery perpetrated by the crown. Now as we know, how the crime is performed; that the name is the game and the crown is the criminal it renders all contracts null and void you are a free spirit. Try to exercise your freedom and find out what happens next! It is like a sting in a hornet’s nest if you endanger their well organized and profitable business of slavery. I have done it but that’s a different story. 1)

There is a tiny little but very rich country in the heart of Europe, called Austria; a safe haven for criminals as it looks like. That is where I live. It is a member state of the EU; organized and centralized roughly like a blueprint of the former Soviet Union. Meaning a small group of unelected and unaccountable individuals making virtually all decisions and a pretending parliament has to sign it into law in order to make people believe that they have a say in the decision making. Where does all the rich come from? It comes from the back-breaking work of an enslaved and exploited workforce. With these facts in mind we are able to label the EU for what it really is and what politically correct speaking intends to hide: “an open labour camp”.

The same goes with money, think of its birth back in Babylon and for what it is used for! It is a tool for corruption, manipulation and harvesting human energy; it is the root of all evil, it takes everything and buys nothing of real value. Only fools think with money you can buy whatever you want; everything of an illusion but nothing of a real value. The real values are termed and described with abstract words like: love, peace, harmony, friendship, loyalty, truth, honesty, knowledge and the like.

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A policy of tyranny made believe Law.

By Franz Mayer

You are a spirit having a human experience, a fragment of God, who is the eternal all loving, all knowing and all creating consciousness. As such the law is an inherent part of your being. This divine or natural law endows you with unalienable rights; you have the right to live like you want and to experience whatever you want as long as you do not infringe on the rights of others and harm somebody else. It is the expression of the will of God and nothing else.

Now read: “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights” 1) and the odds for you equal zero to prove me otherwise, when I assert that this declaration of human rights is pure fantasy and has nothing to do with the real world wherever you live on this planet. Its purpose is to make you believe that you have all these wonderful rights, when in reality you have none of it; this declaration is a bedtime story for lulling the sheep to sleep in order to be harvested by the predators.

All your laws were hijacked and abrogated by the pirates of the crown and substituted by statutes, codes, rules and regulations, which are all copyrighted, therefore nobody can use it without a licensed member of the BAR 2) with an oath to the BAR. This so-called law which has nothing to do with the real law is consequently called coloured law, a fake law, which I simply call: “a policy of tyranny!” A false flag perpetrated and executed by the crown for enslaving the total population on planet earth.

There are more than 60 million statutes, codes, rules and regulations and one thing for sure they are not necessary and intended for protecting your life, freedom and assets. What else are they good for when people including the members of the bar do not even remember the Ten Commandments? The only logical deduction I can think of for keeping and maintaining such a confusing amount of data is to have something for each individual to criminalize at all time. If you think this way it makes perfectly sense, keeping people in fear and under control is what they want. This kind of system was never ever designed for justice it is creating hell on earth by contriving crimes and writing rules out of nothing for making money.
What makes you alive or dead? 3) 4) 5)
The cestui que trust is the person entitled to an equitable, as opposed to a legal, estate. In order to keep your equitable trust you have to make a sufficient and evident proof in the first seven years of your life while you are beyond sea or elsewhere absent that you are alive, after that time you are declared as naturally dead by the Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666.