Monday, December 15, 2014

David Wilcock Update via Ben Fulford Blog - December 15, 2014
Great report this week. The official release of the torture report is extremely significant, and shows a massive sign of progress. The statement by Lagarde about the IMF seeking an alternative to US stonewalling the implementation of the new financial system (which is now a certainty with a Republican-controlled Congress) is also very significant. Also the drop in oil prices is overwhelmingly unexpected.

There are three big things going on that are not listed in this report, but are definitely part of the puzzle.

1. If Cosby allegations have been floating around for years, why did they go viral now? Although this could have just been a phenomenon of the times, it is also quite possible that there has already been a major shift. The media picked up this story and ran with it — big time. And it keeps getting worse and worse.

The part about the Cosby story that people aren’t talking about yet is media complicity. These crimes are extremely horrifying, particularly to women. If Cosby was a major media figure ever since “I Spy” in the 1960s, the Fat Albert cartoon in the 1970s (which I used to watch,) the Cosby Show and Jello commercials in the 1980s (which again I watched) and on through the 1990s, how in the world did the media not know what he was doing?

Answer: They obviously did. And they were complicit in covering it up. Cosby has become America’s Jimmy Savile. Once again the media are heavily implicated. Given how provably racist the Cabal is, it makes sense that they would only allow a black man to become this powerful of a media figure if they felt they could effortlessly blackmail him. Having some “dirt” on him that is this epic and horrible ensures he will never become a threat to them.

2. A new insider with extremely reliable sources, connected to several other very high-level people, has revealed that a coup has now occurred in the CIA. Fully 60 percent of the CIA is no longer under the control of the Cabal. This has been an ongoing process since Petraeus left. Many people who were supporting the Cabal, to varying degrees, have now flipped. This is how the torture report got out there. This change is extremely significant and unstoppable.

3. The Sony hack. North Korea does not have the technology nor the ability to hack into the official propaganda matrix of the military-industrial complex. This hack, by a group calling itself “The Guardians of Peace,” has nothing whatsoever to do with North Korea — and everything to do with the Alliance.

Look at how neatly this falls in line with the pattern of other recent hacks that have happened. First Wikileaks, then the NSA, then more recently JP Morgan, the White House, and now this. The controlled media obviously wouldn’t dare to point out the similarities, nor the idea that there could be a unified group effort behind it that is quite international in scope.

Much of the Alliance in America leans Republican in spirit, although the members of that party do not now support what they believe whatsoever. They want to restore the Constitution and Christian values. Notice the interesting nod in the name. Guardians of Peace is “GOP.”

I do feel it is a terrible shame that social security numbers and private info of innocent people have been leaked. This was very likely unintentional, and a consequence of leaking a huge mega-file with terabytes of un-encrypted information. It is almost a certainty that the Cabal immediately went through the documents and found the most damaging material it could to make the hacker side look bad. Notice also that no customer information, nothing that would hurt the people, was leaked.

That being said, I do not agree with the method. I think leaking people’s emails is a tremendous breach of privacy. However, what we are seeing here is Snowden 2.0: The Hollywood Hack. The Cabal is doing a “kill two birds with one stone” trick by using this event to promote a major new film, which now everyone will have to see. Simultaneously the Cabal can blame the event on a totally innocuous target.

The GOP / Alliance has said that there will be a “Christmas Gift” of far more damaging information yet to come. In fact, they have acquired so much data that damning information can be leaked for years to come — literally. This came out in a recent FT article.

It should be patently obvious that this hack is intended to reveal the sordid Cabal influence on showbiz, as Amy Berg’s recent documentary about rampant pedophilia revealed. Of course the film has still been blocked from distribution, and thus its revelations haven’t quite become common knowledge yet.

The Alliance could only have done this with one company. You’d better believe all the other media entities are deleting files as fast as they can, and are in a literal panic. Therefore this could only have happened to one company, and they therefore had to have picked the one they felt would be the worst. Yet remember the media is so consolidated there are only a very small number of them.

Lastly, although this may not be big enough to be part of the Big Three, it has significantly rained in California with more on the way. I was recently discussing the idea of HAARP being used to stop it from raining in California, as an effort to destroy the American populace by wiping out its bread basket. The level of heat and dryness has been mercilessly effective.

In my discussion with this person, they said if the Alliance is real, then why haven’t they taken over the HAARP facilities? I said these facilities are worldwide and can also be space-based, but they had a good point. One way we could tell that things were really changing was that it would start raining in California. And not just a little, but a lot.

That is exactly what has happened — barely over a week after I had that conversation. I had a bucket out in the rain when this happened and I dumped it out at about three inches and again at about six. Then another storm happened while I was off filming new episodes of my Wisdom Teachings television show ( We also have another one coming in a few days.

This is unprecedented since the obvious HAARP attack began, creating what meteorologists call the “Ridiculously Resilient Ridge” that is totally unnatural and has absolutely stopped it from raining in California since 2011. It has also screwed up the entire climate around the US, creating the “Polar Vortex” over much of the country that is freezing everyone else out while we fried here. Even into October and November we had intolerably hot days that required you to run the AC — very unusual.

I did hear about the fire in LA and the story is that it was arson, not anything Cabal-related.

I have been keeping very, very busy learning high-end motion graphics software for video production and have made incredible progress. There should be results soon enough. In the meantime I should slow down long enough to post about all of this stuff… it is definitely overdue.

- David