Sunday, December 14, 2014


This is from the Occult Scholar which described the whole Satanic Disney system. I always found it chilling that there are three sixes (666) in Walt Disney's signature; that the name "DISNEYLAND, CA" equates to "666" in Sumerian/English Gematria; that the entry to Walt Disney World is exactly 666 nautical miles from the satanic pentagram in Washington D.C. that we call the Pentagon; and that the elitist restaurant at Disneyland is named "Club 33" after the Masonic/Luciferian/Illuminati cryptic number of the 33 Degree Masons. It's very peculiar that everything the Disney franchise manufactures and conjures up deals with the capturing of the impressionable minds of young children, like a modern day Pied Piper; remember in that tale that the children who followed the Pied Piper vanished into the side of a mountain never to be seen again. This is what Disney has done to the children of the world abducted their spiritual hearts away from the One True God and substitute Him with fantasy, an illusory existence, and polluted their minds with witchcraft, sorcery, augury, occult magic,sex,incantations and everything having to do with making one master of one's own will and putting one's will over the Will of Father God. This is a spiritual abomination because it is manipulation and witchcraft of paganism. And promotes in their cartoons Disney merely candy coated it with Pixie Dust and catchy tunes to make palatable what was formerly forbidden in ages past that had more spiritual wisdom and a capability to discern evil for what it truly is. Now, evil is good and good is evil and people are deceived so easily.