Saturday, December 6, 2014

Leo Wanta Update - December 3, 2014

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Leo Wanta has already been vindicated in court and he’s such a threat to the Illuminati that Senator Songstad and Governor Sundquist even got caught on tape lotting to murder him and take the money!   This miracle is what led to Eric Holder being fired because he would not prosecute his masters who were caught red handed plotting to send a hit team to kill Leo Wanta!  That’s an entire other story that was censored by all controlled opposition in alternative media too!

You’re going to really enjoy this interview and learn some new history you’ve never been told!   Spread this interview everywhere and especially post it to the “tip of the spear” gatekeepers in alternative media that have lied to their fan base and said Leo Wanta was “as real as the Easter Bunny”.  Always remember, all lies come from satan!

Leo Wanta Tells All in this Amazing Interview on Veterans Today Radio!

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