Sunday, May 31, 2015

GoodETxSG Update - May 30, 2015

Sphere Being Alliance
Dr. Salla from just published this article which is sort of an intro to the article that he will be publishing based on 25 more questions I answered about the ET/AI Threat and detailed info about the ICC and their current leadership who use the human trafficking trade in not only operating their bases but also as commodities in an interstellar bartering system. These bases on the Moon/Mars/Asteroid belt will remain under ICC Control and unfortunately the slave labor will remain operating the facilities until the “Full Disclosure Event” (Just as many will remain slaves here on and below Earth). There is a plan in place to where these traumatized slaves will be sent to an off world base ran by the Mayan Break Away Civilization who are very kind people that have methods and technologies that will rehabilitate them fully. They will then be returned to the “A.D. Civilization of Earth” (After Disclosure). The ICC infrastructure will be kept intact and handed over to the “A.D. Civilization of Earth” as the backbone of what will become a “Star Trek” like Civilization. These are the plans agreed upon between the SSP Alliance Council and the Sphere Being Alliance.