Friday, June 5, 2015

Dave Schmidt: "TNT Tony has pleaded guilty to fraud charges in the Kansas City US District court, he is on his way to prison"

TNT TONY INFORMATION Starts at 29:04 -

Here are the court documents and guilty plea provided by a stage3alpha member:

This recording includes some very important topics about the RV/GCR and upcoming events.

The Ambassador gives a specific event to watch for regarding when the GCR will take place.  In essence, nothing will happen until then.  He also states to look for upcoming events that lead up to big change around September and he discusses the upcoming economic collapse.

In the last few days the FBI and local police have raided a few currency dealers and TNT Tony has pleaded guilty to fraud charges in the Kansas City US District court, he is on his way to prison.  One particular dinar writer has gone missing and Dinar Gurus who have been misleading the people are called out.  The Ambassador says it is time for them to come clean and tell the truth.

It is time for all misinformation to stop for the sake of all the innocent people involved.  The Ambassador says the Family is patient and forgiving, but there comes a time when enough is enough of people masquerading as being in touch with them.  In time justice will be applied to those who are misleading the people.

This is one Q&A session you will want to listen to........enjoy!!!

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The Ambassador is resuming project presentations.  Funds are being moved and all things are looking good for project funding.  DragonLogoBanner1I would encourage you to consider this opportunity.  All questions and administration of the projects are done by the True Vision of Peace team.  You may go to their website, for more information.

Hopefully in the next week I will have a new comprehensive report on the RV/GCR.  This will summarize the last two years of development and will give an update on potential further developments.

I will also be developing some new directions and actions we can all be taking while we are in the process of waiting for funding development.  This process is about our financial  liberation and freedom from a broken and corrupt worldwide banking system.  




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