Saturday, June 20, 2015

FBI Detains Gene Tatum (CIA) Over Illuminati Sacrifice Broadcast! Reported Human Ritual Sacrifice In Denver Colorado Planned For June 20th at 8pm.

By Glenn Canady

FBI Detains Gene Tatum To Stop Illuminati Sacrifice Broadcast!

UPDATE: 6/19/15

Red Alert!  Gene Tatum was detained by the FBI and questioned for hours on June 18th!  FBI personnel illegally stole his cell phone and laptop and hijacked Veterans Truth Network’s special broadcast about the Illuminati Blood Sacrifice in Denver starting at 8:00 pm on Saturday June 20th!  The FBI were waiting for Gene Tatum when he went to purchase a high end server at a US government auction to be used on Veterans Truth Network.  The FBI then detained Gene for hours against his will, questioned him extensively and stole his cell phone and laptop!  Stew Webb of reported they grabbed Gene to shut down his show that was supposed to go on the air at 8:00 pm EST on June 18th.   The FBI questioned Gene Tatum and basically said he and Stew Webb were putting out too much truth and it was a threat against National Security!  The FBI apparently isn’t worried about anybody else in alternative media  because many are on their payroll.   But the FBI is VERY concerned with Stew Webb and Gene Tatum for the truth they are putting out on Veterans Truth Network and   The FBI repeatedly showed deep concern over the broadcasts coming out on the network!

Why is the FBI so concerned and are now covering for their Illuminati masters?  Simple!  For the first time in history, two patriots have created their own totally uncensored and uncontrollable truth network that is 24 hours a day now!  It’s literally driving the demons nuts and they are showing we certainly do not have free speech in America!   Both Stew and Gene have done prison time for exposing the Illuminati and those that serve them!   Nobody else in alternative media has paid the price of going to prison for the truth community!  So why do the fakes and frauds in the alternative media always censor Stew and Gene?  Simple, because they serve evil and have bosses that only allow them to go so far!  They are all cowards helping the Illuminati win the football game by censoring those with real hardcore Intel while they focus on selling health products as our country spirals the toilet bowl!  Will it really matter how much Iodine we take if we lose this battle because the fakes held back, put out half truths and censored the real whistleblowers being questioned and harassed by the FBI?  Who in alternative media that did not have a “boss” or FBI handler to report to would be censoring the truth on the Illuminati sacrifice when it’s been proven now by Anton Lavey, mainstream news, and even the very FBI that detained Gene Tatum?  You’ll hear this proof in the broadcasts below!  If you’re listening to anybody not talking about this story, you’re listing to somebody on the Illuminati payroll PERIOD!

Stew Webb is now putting out a special broadcast that will be up by about 8:00 pm EST on VeteransTruthNetwork in the Radio Archive area to cover over the latest evil by the FBI.  Stew Webb just reported the FBI illegally interfered with the broadcast exposing the Illuminati Sacrifice in Denver at 8pm on June 20th and the FBI are now co-conspirators to Murder if another infant is sacrificed in Denver tomorrow night!

It’s obvious the FBI grabbed Gene Tatum to shut down the information Stew has on the upcoming Illuminati sacrifice starting at 8:00 pm at “The Navarre” in Denver because they told Gene that they would send him his laptop and cell phone sometime in the future!   But FBI personnel accessed this laptop and hijacked Stew’s show on Thursday!  So basically the FBI illegally stole Gene’s laptop that runs Veterans Truth Network accessed it and deliberately sabotaged the Illuminati sacrifice broadcast last night!  This absolutely makes them responsible for murder if they allow the Illuminati Sacrifice to happen and don’t go busting in doors to check out the eyewitnesses who were at these sacrifices!  The FBI constantly busts in doors of teenagers for smoking pot but will they bust in doors to stop murder?  Will they execute a raid on the Illuminati?

Who in the FBI has the guts and courage to actually do something this time or will they fold again like Origami?  I know people in the FBI will read this article and I want them to read it and take action!  Is there a single hero left in the FBI or other agencies who doesn’t serve evil?  Is there anybody in government who would rather lose their job if it meant exposing the biggest crime in history – the Illuminati killing an innocent child?  Is there anybody that wants to meet God himself someday knowing you did something instead of licking Illuminati boots for your paycheck from satan?  Come Saturday night, we’re about to find out!  

I would love to have 500 agents and SWAT storm “The Navarre” in downtown Denver and have massive surveillance going all night looking for the Illuminati kingpins.  I pray to see arrests of these Illuminati demonic scum but that’s going to take somebody with guts who wants to do the right thing!  It’s also going to take lots of prayers against the demons and satan himself!  Lets all say a pray right now for God to show us a miracle and somebody with some guts to do something!  Pray that mistakes are made by the evil ones and something gets exposed for the world to see.  Please say a prayer right now and send this story viral!  I’m asking this because I know this event is REAL and I know that miracles happen when you pray to your Father!   The evil ones pray to satan because they think he will save them and give them more power so why aren’t you praying?  God wants to hear from every person that believes in him!   You know that I don’t post garbage about Niburu wiping us next week and I don’t post things unless I’m very confident they are real.  If I make a mistake I tell you that too.  I’m not perfect and never claim to be but I need all your help on this one!  Please pray and help share the story and don’t stop praying!  Pray through the day on Saturday and into the early morning hours of Sunday in Denver!

Gene was eventually released from FBI custody but of course the FBI had total control over Veterans Truth Network until Gene was able to get back control.  Now of course the FBI is going through his laptop and cell phone, finding every person he’s talked to because of the hard hitting information that only comes out on Veterans Truth Network!  You’ll  never hear these reports on the Tip of the Spear gatekeepers of alternative media who pretend that Stew Webb, Gene Tatum and Veterans Truth Network don’t exist!  Why do they serve evil and censor?   Because only VTN put out the truth about FBI informant promoted by the Tip of the Spear man in Austin!

I just learned from Stew on the phone that the FBI were very concerned about the information only coming out from Gene and Stew on VeteransTruthNetwork and kept mentioning National Security!  National Security!  Oh is it a national security that the US government must serve the devil and protect the most evil group in the history of the planet?  What a joke!

I need all BIN readers to SHARE this story and send it VIRAL.  Help stop the Illuminati killing a kid on Saturday night!  If you know anybody in Denver have them call Stew Webb on the phone number listed on his website and he will do a live show if somebody reports from downtown Denver!  For that to happen, this story must go to #1 so please make it happen!  You never know that one person that might see it and decide to go report from downtown Denver or that rogue Fox Mulder type FBI agent that might just decide to do the right thing too.  Anything is possible if we pray from now until the morning of June 21st!

Two Presidents Were at Illuminati Sacrifice in Denver Says Anthony Lavey!
I’m asking everybody on BIN to SHARE this important article to all social networks and email lists so everybody learns about the Illuminati sacrifice going down in Denver on June 20th – 21st!  This material is always censored from my account but if all of you will share it as much as you can, it can’t be stopped!

I have a two part interview concerning the upcoming Illuminati baby sacrifice in Denver Colorado at “The Navarre” building downtown across from the Brown Palace Hotel starting at 10pm June 20th and ending with the killing of an infant in the early morning hours of the 21st.  Stew Webb has been aware of these sacrifices for decades, they happen on the Summer and Winter solstice every year!  He has been told this information from secret service agents, peoples in various Intel agencies and from eye witnesses like Anthony Lavey who were there!

The Illuminati Council of 13 sacrifice will happen in the basement of this building shown below on the morning of June 21st 2015.  They will kill an infant and drink it’s blood according to Anthony Lavey!  There is a tunnel from the Brown Palace hotel to the basement of this building.  Stew tells you exactly where the door is to the tunnel in the interview!  If you live in Denver or close by I hope you will call Stew Webb on the number on his website and coordinate going down there to film and knock on the door and get video!  If Stew can get people with WeAreChange or Occupy and other concerned citizens to go to downtown Denver on the night of the 20th he will do a live show and get reports from people on the ground!  Please make it happen if you live in Denver!

The Navarre – where Illuminati Council of 13 Sacrifice will happen!

In Part 1 of the interview on VeteransTruthNetwork, Stew plays an exclusive interview he had with Anthony Lavey that is going to blow your mind!  You will not hear this interview on any other radio show in the world.  It’s been censored by ALL the big alternative media outlets!  Stew plays the interview at the beginning of The Illuminati Sacrifice in Denver Part 1!  During the interview, Anthony Lavey tells everything that happens at these disgusting events and names the two US Presidents that participated in them!  He also names a famous FBI agent that married into his satanic family that was heavily promoted by Alex Jones and Jeff Rense!  Alex Jones and Jeff Rense refuse to report the truth on this FBI agent they promoted that arrested patriots and who was a satanist himself!   Why?   After this interview, Anthony was beaten up badly and told Stew he could never talk to him again or they told him he would be killed!   PLEASE share this article so everybody knows what is happening in Denver!