Saturday, June 20, 2015

GoodETxSG Update - June 20, 2015

The joint SSP Alliance/Sphere Alliance Delegate ("Gonzales", Myself & 2 SSP Security/"IE" members assigned to each of us) and ICC Leadership Conference occurred.

As many guessed would happen it did not go very smoothly. "Gonzales" threw them for a loop from the very beginning when from orbit he chose a colony/facility that the ICC Representative did not expect.

After nearly an hour delay we were cleared to land, went through their security checkpoint and began the problematic process of touring the industrial facility while the base commander scurried to prepare their "Main Hall" for the conference and the people of the colony for the unusual tour of the new arrivals.

We were told not to speak about Earth in this case to not throw off the social dynamics of this colony. Aparently they had been told decades prior that there had been a major incident of some sort on Earth that made it uninhabitable. This became a major problem early in the tour when I responded to a security members question of where I was from as "Texas".

I had a sunburn from the swimming pool and "Gonzales" told me that the products we use (Deodorant/Hair Gel) reek of Earth including the smells released by the pores in our skin from the foods we eat. People on these closed environment/stations can smell these things easily (We looked/smelled very "alien" or out of place to them).

Things went downhill from that point and the conference was a "Dog and Pony Show" that wasn't really meant to achieve much. I will brief DW a little later this morning and will do a write up on the conference and tour on our website and post the link here on Facebook and Twitter.