Saturday, June 6, 2015

Veritas Radio - Dissecting the Endgame: False Flags, Jade Helm, and the Awakening

Jay Weidner is back after three years to discuss the most important topics affecting humanity:

These are some of the following topics discussed: Jade Helm Why are some Walmarts closing? Revisiting the Boston "Bombing" Revisiting Sandy Hook Revisiting false flag shootings in the United States, their common denominator, and ultimate goal. Cross of Hendaye A brief discussion of Graham Hancock's altercation with Dr. Sawi Hawass What we see in megalithic structures are remnants of who we once were. A432hz vs A440 hz (once again...) What are the chances that what Kubrick tried to tell us and (Christopher Nolan too) will become mainstream knowledge? Do nuclear weapons really exist or is this a ploy to keep the population in fear? Flat Earth A discussion on Walt Disney and what changed him? What is really under the Denver airport and could Denver become the new capital of the North American Union? (Canda, USA, and Mexico) Thoughts on upcoming blood moons Monoatomic Gold Why are there certain ancient sites in Peru guarded at night for no apparent reason? Who are the trustworthy Hollywood directors? Are we experiencing an awakening of the masses? The Billionarie Club and their depopulation plans. What are the overall goals of the leaders in the entertainment industry vs the political establishment and are their goals the same or do they differ? The story of the Bucegi Mountains in central Romania. An update on Fukushima Jay's take on the JFK and RFK assasinations. The relation between the movie Interstellar and Canopus. The Book of Aquarius ...and much more