Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Clarion Call - A Call For Action and Help for the The Hampstead Whisteblowers & Survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse

Received via email......
Alisa and Gabriel - Hampstead Victims and Whistleblowers


There is a dark rule that is ruling us on the planet. The Hampstead case is a gift to us to realize who is in charge of Us. Now is the time to take action to stand for our soul freedom. We think we have governments, false democracy, religion or demigods to save us… but now we must see the truth that WE ARE THE ONES to take action. Not only has the UK royalty, government and legal system shut down the possibilities of Alisa and Gabriel getting to a safe place, but they have moved the court date forward to July 15th and shut down Sabine’s Wordpress website (which is US based).

Sabine Mc Neill has devoted her life to protect hundreds of children from satanic ritual abuse throughout the court systems of Eastern and Western Europe… all the way to the UN. She is now exiled from the UK and her pension has been cut off from her bank account. We need to ask ourselves WHY? Why do the elite need to torture and molest babies and children so much to keep it hidden from us? The answer is clear. They have an addiction to power to the extent of heinous crimes that they “invisibly in your face” commit against us on a daily basis. Their plans for us include much more. We can set back and eat popcorn while we watch it happen, or we can do something about it. This is a Clarion Call to all souls who feel. Men and women, all of us, are responsible for taking action. WE CAN CHANGE the outcome of this court case and take charge of our freedom. INTENTION AND ACTION DO MANIFEST!

My plea is for you to FEEL. All children that are tortured and raped are OUR children. All souls that are siphoned by the elite are OUR souls… including the elite themselves. And there is no one on the planet that is immune from the elite. For Wordpress (a US based company), to shut down any exposure of the UK cover up is highly suspicious. The Vatican trumps the UK, and the UK trumps the UN and the US legal system. And this is only speaking to Western civilized countries. Much more is on the horizon from the BRIC Nations and the intentions behind the warring tribes of the Midddle East. WE MUST MAKE OUR STAND!!!!!

We ask ourselves, “What action can I take?” Women and men alike need to remember how to FEEL again. Imagine Alisa and Gabriel being YOUR children. How would you feel if they were your children? Then realize that we ARE the children. What has happened to them is happening to Us now. We are all like frogs being slowly boiled in a pot, just waiting for our death or salvation. The action we must take is to begin feeling and caring again and to take back our power that is rightfully ours. Begin with today as you read this and continue everyday to remember who you are, why you are here, and what you are going to to about it. Then everyday take a moment to reflect, feel and contemplate what your contribution is to stand for our sovereignty as a force together. On July 15th, we will light a candle together and stand for what we do not stand for. We do not consent and refuse to allow their agendas to keep us in confinement. Our intention together alone will change the world we live in. After July 15th we will continue to do the same thing each and every day… until we see our intentions manifest.

It takes a great deal of courage to step out of the menagerie of our “sweet” little lives and seek out the truth. Yet, the gift of your awareness is the power of standing in your truth and BEING TRUTH itself. This is the only desirable path for all of Us. Our Creator, The Earth and The Sun are listening and responding to our every deeply felt intention and the care behind it is paramount. Our journey on this path together is our common purpose. Our individual purposes are revealed as each of us demand to contribute our own unique piece.


1. Let us join forces, contribute, and take action

If you can help financially please donate to the Victims Fund.  Victims Fund is managed by Hampstead Whistleblower and Activist Sabine Mcneill. 

With this button you can donate to the Victims Fund

2. Here is the petition - Please click link for more info

Justice Pauffley, please honour the RESIDENCE ORDER put in place in 2011 assigning residence of the children to their MOTHER, and please order a THOROUGH and comprehensive investigation of the original disclosures.

Petition Link - Click Here - or

3.  Watch - View a Huge Archive of Videos of the Hampstead Children Testimony

4. Meetup With Activists in your Area!  

5. Relevant Websites & Links 

6. Research Into Ritual Abuse

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