Monday, July 20, 2015

DNA Storage and Harvesting by Galactic Travelers

Sphere Alliance Message #21
DNA Storage and Harvesting by Galactic Travelers

This one was unexpectedly candid about the DNA storage to and harvesting from Earth humans. Shades of the movie Jupiter Ascending. Heather Tucci-Jarraf told me privately after I arrived in Morocco in 2013 that DNA was the biggest export from this planet and that the elites had been profiting from it for sometime by exchanging it for technology and other resources.   Kind of makes you rethink all those sperm banks, blood banks, fetal cells, umbilical cord and placenta collections doesn't it?  Not to mention the massive DNA collection going on by police and other law agencies! 

I have to say this is one of the more creepy bits of data from the Sphere Alliance but I did know it was going on prior to 2013 and now there's confirmation it was occurring under those who controlled this planet for 13,000 years.  

There is no more harvesting and no more soul contract enforcement allowed.  Those were included in the OPPT filings by Heather and canceled in the law system that ran this planet.  The reason the documents were written in a non-standard legal language was they were multi-dimensional documents intended for both on planet and off planet audiences. -AK

As received by Denise

I was curious about the answer to your question that included galactic travelers storing DNA in humans, so I asked for some more information.

19 July 2015 additional questions

I cleared my space and declared that only communication of pure and absolute love and truth are welcome here.

Please tell me about DNA storage by galactic travelers.

Yes, well there have been several hundred ‘cases’ of the DNA storage in the human vessel through out the experiment.  Also DNA extraction.  Another story.  

The DNA storage began when other galactic civilizations were ‘burning out’ as it were. Dying for lack of a better word.  [They were] Moving away from home in search of a better place to live.  So many of these groups either knew of the earth experiment by here say (yes there is galactic gossip) other races were part of the founding of the earth experiment.

How is DNA stored in humans?

DNA is injected mostly into the spine of the recipient from the 4D realm into the 3D realm.  The recipient, human never knows about it; there may be some pain associated with it.

How can this happen without the human agreeing to it?

There are many ways of getting around that issue: soul contracts bound humans to the experiment and that allowed much of it to happen, other times it was into direct descendents of the ‘injecting’ race so that claim of descendent policy was in effect. ..Yes there was a clause in the experiment that allowed for the use of our descendents for further experimentation beyond the earth experiment.

Why store DNA in humans? 

DNA is so much more than a string of chemicals that encases the biological data system.  DNA is a computer; it contains ‘spirit’ it is chemical, biological, physical, and ethereal all at the same time. DNA was stored in humans to protect it for future use.

How could it be extracted without harming the recipient?

Again, extraction was from the 4D and into the 3D. The ‘patient’ never knows what is happening.  A pin prick in the spine is all that is felt.

If DNA is watered down by subsequent generations, how can it be retrieved whole?

It is not difficult to manage the circuitous timeline if you have the technology that we have.  One simply sets “cruise control” for the day after the DNA was inplanted yes again we say in-planted.  We retrieve it and no harm comes to the ‘patient.’

What if the DNA is not extracted in a timely manner?

Then it fuses for lack of a better word to the host DNA creating a stronger and fitter specimen.

Has this happened before?

Yes on many occasions DNA has been implanted and then ‘harvested’ generations later when the desired mutations occur.  That is when immunity to disease is accomplished, when brain functions increase.  We are not interested in physical strength improvements, but it is a perk of the DNA owners to add this quality to their genome.  Physical traits have been ‘watered’ down over the aeons.

Is the DNA harvest over?

Yes. For the most part there will be no more DNA harvesting.  However, as humanity wakes up and wishes to participate in benevolent Genome studies, we welcome it.  The DNA mutations of humans over the past 30,000 years (yes 30K) have been remarkable.  With the influence of hundreds of galactic civilizations, the earth human DNA ‘palate’ has more colors than originally thought.

May I ask your name.

Yes, we are a soul collective of scientists aboard the sphere Radiance.  It is good to make your acquaintance. Our names do not transmit well into earth language, but they are indeed like the names of colors you have not yet seen.

With joy and information at your disposal always, we end this delightful transmission.