Wednesday, July 1, 2015

EMERGENCY APPEAL to the good and smart internet community labelled ‘evil and/or foolish’ by High Court Judge #Pauffley #whistleblowerkids

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EMERGENCY APPEAL to the good and smart internet community labelled ‘evil and/or foolish’ by High Court Judge #Pauffley #whistleblowerkids

Dear WordPress Engineers

I just saw to my great horror that has been closed down. Please allow me to explain the background so that you REVIEW your decision asap. For there will be two hearings on July 15 and 23 to hand two children to their abusive father rather than back to their mother with whom they always lived or their grandparents in Russia.

I am reminded of the first ‘gagging order’ I got from Swansea Council when I first published information about children being taken by local Councils in the UK. That’s when WP closed my most popular website since. I have had such gags from two other councils and I asked at the time whether WP would remain supportive and open, since you are based outside the UK.  [Just in case you don’t believe me, here is this 2 min video that I’ve seen since:]

Since then I have been campaigning against the secrecy in the family courts of the UK, culminating in taking it to the EU Parliament in Brussels with this petition on
In November I began to support the Russian mother of two children who reported what their UK father has been doing to them and 18 other ‘special’ children – in 8 schools and a church – despite his threat of killing them, if they were ever to ‘talk’. Their most popular video is Papa kills babies.

After the mother and children reported the crimes to the Police they were taken from her on 11 September 2014 – typical for many cases we have observed, where the children are given to their abusive fathers.

I published a petition to Return her ‘whistleblower kids’ to their Family. Shortly before 16,000 signatures in 2 months, it got taken down by Here I am telling the story on video. A subsequent petition was taken down with 300 signatures.

Hampstead Research has taken up the case of the whistleblower kids EXTREMELY WELL. I have set my site to private as my own case will have to be heard some time soon. For like the mother and her partner, I am in exile to flee the corrupt UK jurisdiction since 11 February 2015.

I can assure you that whoever alerted you to the legal proceedings is part of the network of abusers who are part of the internet cover-ups. They have closed my Facebook and accounts, got the videos deleted from my Google Drive and closed a site that someone else built. The excellent exposure blog Aangirfan who coined the case as ‘Hampstead Scandal’ had to delete posts, too.

This current petition reminds the judge of the Residence Order that the mother has and the Non-Molestation Orders against the father.

Will you re-open the blog, please?

With many thanks in advance,

Whistleblower of the Hampstead Scandal
Regarding my own Case