Friday, July 10, 2015

Tolec Update - Clarification regarding information from GoodETxSG/Corey

by Tolec of the Andromeda Council

Definitive clarification…
…regarding your many questions about those recent “FAQ” Q&A’rs provided by GoodETxSG/Corey denying Andromeda Council member involvement &/or its participation in the ‘Sphere Being Alliance’.

“GoodETxSG/Corey” is currently providing a great service to humanity as a recent ‘whistleblower’, an ex-MILAB (Military Abduction) soldier, intuitive empath and representative of that group of higher dimensional beings he calls the “Blue Avians”.
However –

1.) GoodETxSG/Corey does not know everything as it relates to the highest levels of certain matters regarding interstellar & interdimensional planetary governance and relations. For that matter, none of us presently living on planet Earth in an Earth human form knows everything. This includes me/Tolec as well. Each of us likely has great knowledge… from the perspective of the ‘group’ of people/beings with whom we are in communication & aligned.  This is understandable.

However, to address this specific issue, the various races of the “Sphere Being Alliance” of 6D-9D beings [which is actually known by the people of the Secret Space Programs (SSP) as the: “Cosmic” [or] “Strategic Alliance” [as stated by my own people] – the SSP would not know of the “Andromeda Council” involvement within the overall ‘Sphere Alliance’… by the name of the ” Andromeda Council.”

As I have said, a couple of times in recent interviews, the Andromeda Council, within this context of the “Sphere Being Alliance” [an alliance of spheres from different benevolent higher dimensional/density races] – it is simply referred to by the Ambassadors, Diplomats & counsels of the Andromeda Council, as the: “Galactic Council”.

2.) GoodETxSG/Corey also does not know… what he does not know.  This means he is not aware of all the elements of this situation. He himself might have very good insight to this concept as an ex-MILAB soldier.  Many times in scenarios like this when considering the ‘big picture”, information is withheld and/or compartmentalized… with only the very highest level people having complete open access to the highest possible information about a given, overall scenario.  Everyone else down in the ‘pecking order’ [below the very top tier] is on a level-by-level, security clearance-by-security clearance, “need to know” basis.

3.) You have also said GoodETxSG/Corey also stated that the “Andromeda Council” has no involvement… because the Sphere Alliance is made up of beings that are “6D – 9D”, inferring the Andromeda Council is comprised of, as GoodETxSG/Corey stated, “…Mostly 4th – 5th Density”, inferring it does not have 6th to 9th dimension/density members.  This idea is baseless and without merit, ignorant of the facts presented on this web site.

The Andromeda Council, aka, the Galactic Council, inclusive of the members of the Galactic Federation, has a relative few junior members that are 3D, much like organic Earth humans. All of the rest of its twelve (12) senior member representatives, lead by the most senior member star system, Arcturus, planet Pitolla, whose beings are 9D, all of the Council members thrive in every single dimension/density… all the way ‘down’ through what we might understand as 6D, 5D & 4D.

This has been stated on the Andromeda Council “About” page for many years now.  Maybe this is a simple matter of GoodETxSG/Corey not reading the “About” page detailing the Council’s makeup & membership. Therefore, this would simply be lack of knowledge on his part.  For the record, I too have not read any other contactee’s web site except for Mark Kimmel’s – Mark Kimmel whose higher dimensional soul essence is originally from the Andromeda galaxy, as have been his primary contact people over many years.


In closing, each of us doing this important work, including GoodETxSG/Corey, knows and contributes many ‘pieces of the puzzle’ to this greater unfolding knowledge about the many higher dimensional life forms across the cosmos… inclusive of the discussions taking place, out in space, on the various “spheres”.   Isn’t this term “sphere” rather close to “biosphere”? For the record, I never said the Andromeda Council biospheres were “physical”, slower dense matter, biospheres.  They are in fact higher density/dimensional.

I have been openly very supportive & applaud all of GoodETxSG/Corey’s efforts. I have also written to him a few times to this effect in support of the work he is doing.  It is an amazing journey he is experiencing.   I only wish he might have ‘checked in’ with me/Tolec, or read the Andromeda Council web site “About” page…

before completely disavowing &/or denying the higher dimensional/density [6D-9D] make-up of the Council’s membership, its major contributions, inclusive of its on-going, multiple biosphere efforts to protect this solar system with its ‘force field’ & ‘ring’ of (bio)spheres around this solar system including this planet… contributing to the overall “Sphere Being Alliance” efforts, as they assist humanity, on planet Earth, during the evolution of this planet on its way to becoming a higher dimensional world.

This is an amazing time to be on this planet in this era of increasing Earth human higher consciousness & awareness, and higher dimensional ET acknowledgment, which I/Tolec have been teaching about in-detail about since 2011.

We each, all of us, have an important role to contribute, none greater than or less than.  And it is the sum of the parts that make a far more complete understanding of the whole, this topic of discovery about advanced sentient life… as we learn more & more about the various life forms that live all throughout the cosmos.

Be assured, the Andromeda Council, aka, Galactic Council, has a very definite role in the Sphere Being Alliance.

Wodakote, peace.