Thursday, August 27, 2015

Co-Creating "The Event" & Manifesting Pillars of Light

By: Mozart of Project Avalon Forum

As most of you likely already know, there have been numerous reports of massive beams of light shining straight down to Earth from the skies, beit cloudy, or not.

Massive, pearl-white beams that have been anywhere from dozens of feet wide to hundreds of yards wide.

There have been numerous photos of those beams posted onto the Internet, but most have been scrubbed off by the professional trolls who are paid by the PTB to eff with us, to eff with our awakening.

Some pictures can be camera-generated artifacts, yes; however, far too many people have seen these massive beams of light directly with their own unaided eyes.

There has been a report of a massive beam of light right here in my hometown in the Sierras and I personally know several of the people who witnessed it with their unaided eyes.

They personally told me that it came straight down out of the skies, landed on a street and remained there for around two minutes. WOW.

I know these people and know that they won't BS me.

So this got me thinking -- what if, WHAT IF we co-created an event of having thousands, many tens of thousands of these beams of light appearing all over the world?

Peacefully, beautifully and quietly appearing in nearly every single town/city in the entire world. If this kind of event happens, then this could be "The Event" that changes the world, yes?

The eff'n MSM would NOT be able to hide, obfuscate or diminish this event, as far too many people all over the world will have seen it.

Wouldn't that be awesome? No need for TV, Internet or cameras to spread the news.

It's a fact that the benevolent ETs can do only what we ask them to do.

Would you like the benevolent ETs to put on such a light show as described above?

Can you imagine such an event to happen?

Can you dare to imagine it?

Can you dare dream of this happening?

Are you tired of the endless of the PTB bastards kicking the can down the road and putting our Earth in grave danger in holding off the desperately-needed solutions to flow henceforth in a post-Disclosure world?

It's a fact that the overall level of human consciousness has a direct impact of what happens in the world.

It's a fact that only 7,000 people being together meditating had reduced crime by 72% in a very short period of time.

It's a fact that the PTB bastards have done their utmost to prevent us humans from tapping into the awesome power of our collective consciousness, a power that the PTB bastards fear and envy, as they cannot tap into that power themselves.

It's a fact that, because of our mixed-bag of ET-derived DNA, we humans here on Earth have one of the most-unique, most-coveted and most-desired DNA in this entire Milky Way Galaxy. This fact has been shared with us recently via the disclosures from the Secret Space Program.

I want those beams of light to appear everywhere on Earth for 72 straight hours!

Would you like for that to happen, too?

Imagine that.

Give Peace a chance. Give Light a chance. Give our awesome collective power of positive manifestation a chance.

Call forth those light beams to appear all over the world.

Do so every day, every night every time you think about it.

Put out requests to your Higher Self, Buddha, Gaia, Goddess, whatever, to ask our Blue Avian buddies and the the Secret Space Program Alliance to shine those huge beams of light everywhere on our planet as a gentle, powerful and peaceful way of breaking through the veil of illusion/matrix that the PTB bastards had cleverly created over many years.

Call this forth.

Copy/paste this post into other forums; send copies of this out to others in emails. It's up to you -- will you act on this?

Can you dare to imagine, then act? 


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