Monday, August 17, 2015


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NY Times: China’s Renminbi Devaluation May Initiate New Phase in Global Currency War


NY Times: As Fire Smolders in Tianjin, Officials Rush to Stanch Criticism

Questions loomed over how the toxic chemicals that exploded in fireballs could be stored so close to congested residential areas.

The timing of what is being described as the largest non-nuclear explosion in history makes for a very interesting “coincidence”. Just one month after the demon George Soros issued a veiled threat of war against China and Russia (here), and at the precise moment in time when China is being accused of “currency manipulation” (i.e. not obeying Globalist dictates on monetary policy) – the massive blast of toxic chemicals and the subsequent fire have killed at least 100 people and injured at least 800 others in the bustling-booming port city of Tianjin.
The ultra-modern city of Tianjin is China’s rival version of New York and London. The tall tower is the 117 story World Financial Center.

The trouble-making Globalist NGO known as Greenpeace wasted no time in adding hysteria fuel to the fire. From the article:

“In a statement on Thursday, Greenpeace warned that the chemicals threatened human health. It said that sodium cyanide, used in mining, is especially toxic, while toluene diisocyanate, used to make polyurethane products, is a carcinogen.

With rain forecast for Friday, Greenpeace also warned about the danger of airborne pollutants seeping into groundwater.”
The pictures do not even begin to do justice to the magnitude of the blasts. The You Tube videos of the Tianjin event will make your jaw drop. 

Of course, this does not constitute smoking-gun evidence of a western space-based energy or missile attack; but boy-oh-boy does it smell fishy. Adding to the funky smell is the lesser known, though still very spectacular “accident” that occurred on the very same day, in Moscow (China’s close ally, as you all know). The Moskva River literally caught fire after an underground oil pipeline ruptured. The thick black smoke rose as high as 600 feet, spooking some panicked Muscovites into spreading rumors that a nuclear attack had taken place. (here) Thick black smoke caused by a river fire in Moscow
The fire in Moscow came out of nowhere and ignited the river within seconds.

Now, as we go to print on Friday night, word has come that another spectacular explosion of house-shaking proportions has occurred at an oil field chemical supply plant in Conroe, Texas. Could we be witnessing a space-based tit-for-tat exchange of “Sicilian messages” among the world’s big boys? “You blow up our oil and chemical infrastructure, and we’ll blow up yours”.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_635/conroe15n-1-web.jpg
Conroe, Texas: “The last explosion … we heard about three or four, but the last one shook the house.”
– Wayne Patterson

Let us hope and pray that your intrepid reporter and his feline sidekick here are just being a tad paranoid by even asking such horrible hypothetical questions. But given what we now know about space-based energy weapons and “missile darts”, as well as what we know about the scum of the earth Globalists and the wicked way in which they operate; nothing, and we mean NOTHING, is beyond the realm of possibility. The space-based blasting of already flammable targets such as oil pipelines and chemical plants makes for an ideal dirty attack because the targets offer built-in plausible denial and cover-up excuses — such as: “insufficient regulation” or “negligence”.
Now if our hypothesis regarding these three mysterious blasts of the past 36 hours is valid – and again, we stress that this is only a hypothesis – then let us redirect our hopes and prayers towards the possibility that the retaliatory blast in Texas was sufficient enough to deter the shadow powers from future attacks on Russia and China.
Space-based laser weapons are no longer the stuff of TV science fiction. They are real! (Here)
FLASHBACK: The Mysterious Sinkholes of Russian Siberia
Just a hypothesis, but something to think about. Note the strangely perfect circles and vertical walls that differentiate these massive craters from regular sinkholes. © Vasily Bogoyavlensky

And this….
9/11/ 2001: Front of car toasted – back of car remains pristine.
“Rods From God”
Nuclear “Darts” From Space  (here)– described by Popular Science Magazine as “Space-launched darts that strike like meteors”.
Recall the Russian “meteor” from 2013 that the Russians apparently intercepted in flight?